Episode 152.
          Rodney makes a difficult decision.

WA:       David Schuster is moving today.  Moving to a small room at 
          the Inn.  Moving away from the house built by Samuel Peyton, 
          and now occupied by Martin Peyton.  But David Schuster, 
          a skilled tactician, in his mind he is simply retreating to 
          a more advantageous position.  As Schuster makes his move, 
          Rodney Harrington awaits another resident of the Inn, his 
          father and Schuster's predecessor at the mill, Leslie Harrington. 

MEL:      With Steven handling Rodney's trial, Peyton pays him a little 
          more respect. 

Intro:    Pond.  Mansion.  Main staircase of the mansion.

Written by Lionel E. Siegel and Michael Gleason
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  Rodney is sitting in the lobby of the Inn.  Rodney says he has 
          been waiting for Leslie.  Leslie asks the desk clerk if he has 
          any messages.  Rodney says, "I thought you said he was on his 
          deathbed."  Leslie says, "He is getting confused in his dotage.  
          I'm the one he's supposed to hate."  Rodney says, "I need you now." 

Scene 2:  Leslie and Rodney walk over and talk with David Schuster.  
          Shuster tells Rodney that he can have his job back.  The 
          desk clerk checks Schuster in.  Leslie invites Schuster to 
          dinner.  Schuster says later in the week.  Schuster is 
          given room 201.  He asks for his luggage to be sent up.  
          Schuster has been at the mill for 6 months. 

Scene 3:  Closeup of brass plate on the front door of the mansion.  Hannah 
          comes to the door and lets Steven in.  Steven says, "In with new, 
          out with the old."  Hannah ushers Steven into the livingroom to 
          see Peyton.  Peyton says the picture of Catherine is crooked.  
          Peyton asks when the movers will be there.  Hannah says first 
          thing in the morning.  Steven says, "Nothing has really changed, 
          only the furniture."  Steven says that he had been to a dinner 
          in the mansion recently.  Peyton asks Hannah to bring them 
          coffee.  Hannah leaves.  

          Peyton asks what Steven is doing about Stella Chernak.  
          What is he doing to discredit her?  Steven respectfully 
          declines to divulge that info.  Peyton tells Steven to 
          adjust the portrait of Catherine. Steven says, "The game is 
          called ethics, Mr. Peyton."  Martin tells Steven to have 
          Rodney come to dinner that night at 7:00 o'clock sharp.  
          Peyton wheels away. 

Scene 4:  Julie is typing in the outer office as Schuster comes in.  
          He removes his hat and tells her to have his luggage taken 
          from the mansion to room 201 of the Inn.  He asks her to 
          send his wife some flowers.  He asks if she has distributed
          the "Cable" report.  She says she has.  And to tell him about 
          the small town speculation, rumors, or gossip.  Why is Peyton 
          there.  Peyton has a new chauffeur.  Julie tells Schuster 
          that he is not at all like that gold plated migratory worker 
          who hired her.  She says, "I think you would be a lot safer 
          on that fast freight to New York." 

Scene 5:  Back at the mansion, Peyton is wearing his black horn 
          rimmed glasses, sitting in the livingroom as the phone 
          rings.  Hannah answers.  It is Elliot Carson wanting to 
          interview Peyton for the Clarion.  Peyton decides to allow 
          the interview.  Hannah tells Elliot that he will be called 
          and informed of the time.  [We don't think Peyton was ever
          seen with those glasses again in the series.]

Scene 6:  Fowler is in the reception area of the hospital as Russ 
          Gehring comes over to tell him that he sent some drawings 
          from the children to Marian in Boston.  

          Fowler goes in to talk with Rossi about Stella and the 
          stolen personnel file.  Fowler asks Rossi's opinion of 
          Stella.  Rossi says he thinks highly of her.  Rossi 
          mentions that while is at a convention, he is a standby 
          hospital administrator.  

          Fowler leaves and speaks to Stella who is standing at the 
          Information Desk.  They chat briefly.  Stella asks if she 
          passed or failed.  Fowler says that she passed, 100 per 
          cent.  He says that he has to check.  Fowler asks her to 
          continue to trust him.  He leaves. 

Scene 7:  At the apartment, Steven quotes Peyton's invitation to 
          Rodney.  Leslie and Norman are there also.  Leslie tells 
          Rodney that it is his decision.  Rodney tells Steven to 
          decline.  Steven says, "If it weren't for Martin Peyton, 
          you would still be playing tic-tac-toe on a cell wall."  
          Rodney agrees to have dinner with Peyton.  Steven leaves.  
          Leslie says, "It is still your decision, Rod."  Steven 
          tells Rodney that he has a private detective on the west
          coast checking up on Stella at $50.00 a day.  Rodney
          says, "I'm ready for a trial.  I'm not going to testify.
          But I'm not about to let myself be tried by Martin Peyton." 

Preview:  Stella talks with Gus.  Ada talks with Norman.  Betty talks 
          with Julie. 

          SC:  Joey didn't want a settlement.  Joey wanted to live.
          GC:  Stella, things are going to change.
          SC:  Papa, you're not going to get any settlement.

          AJ:  You haven't really thought this thing through, at all, 
               have you Norman? 
          NH:  Yes.

          BA:  Empty words.  Well talk specific.  You like Mr. 
               Harrington because he is successful.  I don't blame 
               you.  So stop pretending that I do. 

The mansion was built by Samuel Peyton.