Episode 153.
          Lola Albright assumes the role of Constance Mackenzie.
          Rodney goes home to the mansion. 

WA:       Constance Mackenzie Carson raised her daughter, Allison, 
          alone,  protecting her, guiding her, providing for her.  
          A short time ago Allison was struck down by a hit-run 
          car, and Doctors Hospital has been a place of sadness for 
          Constance ever since.  This evening Constance walks throught 
          the same corridors.  But now there is a setting of hope. 

Intro:    Main entrance to Doctors Hospital.

Written by  Carol Sobieski and John Wilder & Jerry Ziegman
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Constance goes to talk with Dr. Rossi.  Rossi says that 
          Allison was asleep.  She says that Allison was awake for a 
          little while this afternoon.  Rossi asked if she talked 
          with her.  She says no. 

Scene 2:  In the Inn, Leslie talks with Steven about Stella and about 
          detective Lawrence.  Steven says that he had worked with 
          Lawrence while at Kennerly and Wainwright.  Rodney comes 
          over to add what he can.  The phone rings. 

          Detective Lawrence is calling from California.  He reports 
          that she did work in Oakland and at Westover.  St. Marks in 
          San Diego checks out, too. 

Scene 3:  Stella is walking on the wharf.  She speaks to Rita who is 
          washing windows at the Tavern.  Ada tells Stella that there 
          are four other bars in town.  Stella goes outside and tells 
          Rita to give it up.  It looked better before.  Harbor 
          sounds are heard in the background.  Rita asked if Stella 
          knew why Joe stole the car that sent him to the honor farm.  
          Rita says that he wanted to get to California to see 
Scene 4:  Norman comes in the Tavern to talk to Rita.  Rita says that she 
          is going to tell Fowler she didn't see Joe him on the day he 
          died.  Norman advises Rita not to tell. 
Scene 5:  Stella is reading as Gus comes in.  He greets her.  They 
          clasp hands.  Gus asks where Anna is.  Stella tells him 
          that Anna is at church.  Stella sits with Gus as he eats.  
          He spoon feeds her a bite of his grub.  Gus says that 
          Peyton came back because he is scared. 
Scene 6:  Outside the Inn, Leslie and Rodney talk.  Leslie says that 
          Peyton doesn't like to be kept waiting.  Betty gets off the 
          Interstate Bus coach.  She has been to Boston.  Leslie 
          offers to help Betty get a job.  Betty says that Leslie is 
Scene 7:  Julie is in the livingroom sewing as Betty comes in.  Julie 
          asks if Betty talked to anyone at the clinic?  University 
          Hospital?  Betty says no.  She hates nursing.  Betty says 
          that she got three job offers and turned them all down.  
          Betty says that she wants to make it in Peyton Place.  
          Betty says that she wants everything. 
Scene 8:  In her hospital room, Allison is talking with Constance.  
          Allison asks how long it has been.  Constance tells her 
          almost three weeks.  Allison asks what happened.  That Dr. 
          Rossi told her she had been in an accident.  She says that 
          she can't move her arm.  Constance tells her to rest.  

          Elliot knocks and comes in carrying flowers.  He says, 
          "Hello, Allison."  Allison says, "Hello, Mr. Carson.  
          It was very nice of you to come."  Elliot is shocked that 
          Allison doesn't recognize him, but he doesn't show it to 
          her.  Elliot glances at Constance to share the notion. 

Preview:  Elliot talks with Rossi.  Martin talks with Rodney. 
          EC:  But, I'm her father, Mike.  And she knows I'm her 
               father.  Is it brain damage?  
          MR:  It's possible. 
          EC:  Mike, Can I get one answer that doesn't end in a 
               question mark. 
          RH:  You can't keep living in the past.  My mother taught 
               me that. 
          MP:  Tell me Rodney, do you think she was guilty of murder?  
          RH:  Do you think I'm guilty of murder? 

Detective Lawrence-Bert Remsen.
Hit-run car.  We use the phrase hit-and-run.