Episode 154.

          Allison has forgotten her parents. 

LA:       "This is Lola Albright.  I will be playing the part of 
          Constance Mackenzie until the return of Dorothy Malone." 

WA:       Elliot Carson waited 18 years to meet and know his 
          daughter,  Allison.  A few weeks ago she was almost taken 
          from him in a critical hit-run auto accident.  Today, 
          he hurries to his second reunion with her.  

Intro:    Elliot comes in the reception area bringing flowers.

Written by Michael Gleason and Rita Lakin
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Elliot knocks and comes in Allison's room.  They greet each 
          other.  Elliot goes out to get a vase. 

Scene 2:  In the hospital lab, Dr. Rossi is looking through a 
          microscope as Elliot knocks and comes in.  Elliot tells 
          Michael about Allison calling him "Mr. Carson."  Elliot 
          asks if it is emotional. 

Scene 3:  Allison is talking with Constance.  Allison says that her 
          arm feels like it is asleep.  She says that she likes Mr. 
          Carson.  Allison says that Norman has visited her.  Allison 
          asks about Kim.  Constance tells her that Doris Schuster 
          took Kim back to New York.  

          Constance leaves the room and talks briefly with Elliot and 
          Dr. Rossi.  Constance tells them that there are a lot of 
          things that Allison doesn't remember. 

Scene 4:  Rodney shows up at the mansion and rings the chimes.  Hannah 
          opens the door.  He says, "Hello, Mrs. Cord."  She says, 
          "Hello, Rodney."  She ushers him in.  Rodney says that it 
          has been a long time.  She asks if he really remembers 
          her.  She tells him that the portrait of Catherine was the 
          first thing that Peyton ordered to be put back since Peyton 
          returned to the mansion.  She says she will tell Peyton that 
          Rodney is there.  

          Hannah helps Peyton walk down the main staircase.  Hannah 
          says, "Dinner will be ready when you are."  Peyton greets 
          Rodney.  He asks Rodney if he is hungry.  Rodney says, "Not 
          really."  Peyton says, "Good."  Peyton tells Rodney he wants 
          a favor.  He unlocks the door to the basement and sends 
          Rodney down.  Peyton indicates the chinese fret [a Chair]
          next to the high boy.  He has Rodney bring it to the bottom of 
          the stairs.  Now great-great-uncle Josiah's bust, the one 
          with the crafty eyes.  Peyton says this will take forever.  
          Peyton asks Rodney to help him down the stairs.  
          Hannah shows up and scolds Peyton.  Rodney asks Peyton if 
          he thinks he is guilty of murder.  They go back upstairs. 

Scene 5:  Russ Gehring comes in the lab to talk with miss Choate.  
          She tells him that she spoke with Mrs. Thompson about 
          replacing Marian Fowler in children's therapy.  Gehring 
          asks about Allison.  And she tells him that Allison is 
          fully conscious.  She asks about Mrs. Thompson.  He says 
          that Mrs. Thompson will do fine. 

Scene 6:  Out in the corridor, therapist Gehring talks with Constance 
          and Elliot.  Constance tells Gehring that he is very kind.  
          Constance says that Allison will be just fine.  Gehring 
          goes to a pay phone and calls 617-HAncock 6-7788.  The 
          operator asks for 65 cents.  He talks with Mrs. Phyllis 
          Sloan in Boston.  He tells her that he is a therapist and 
          that Marian has been helping at the hospital.  He wants to 
          know when she is coming back.  She says that she doesn't 
          know.  He thanks her and hangs p. [Phyllis Sloan and Marian 
          Fowler are sisters, both married.] 

Scene 7:  Allison is responding to Dr. Rossi's math questions.  She 
          speaks about her first grade teacher Mrs. Ena Goswell.  Her 
          husband was the fire chief.  But that was before Rossi's 
          time.  [Claire spoke of the fire chief.]  Allison asks 
          Rossi to have her mother to bring the picture of her 
          father.  [This is in contradiction to scene 2 of 
          episode 1.]  Allison explains that she would keep the 
          picture by her bed when she was sick. 

Preview:  John Fowler talks with Phyllis Sloan.  Leslie talks to 
          Norman. Martin talks with Rodney. 

          JF:  Wherever she is, she's all right.
          PS:  Who's Russ Gehring?  Would he have any idea where 
               Marian might have gone? 

          LH:  Don't let this happen to you.  Don't abandon what you 
               are and who you are to play the old man's game.  Don't 
               let him draw us apart. 

          MP:  Your mother died of a broken heart.
          RH:  That's a lie, a vicious lie.
          MP:  [Shouting] I tell you, she died from a life of 
Peyton and Rodney go down to the cellar of the mansion.
Great-great-great-grandfather Benjamin Peyton.
Uncle Josiah.
Phyllis Sloan-Bek Nelson