Episode 155.
          Allison cannot remember the past. 

WA:       Martin Peyton has returned to Peyton Place.  He has taken 
          back his house.  And he has begun to manipulate the lives 
          of the people around him.  Tonight he has invited his 
          grandson, Rodney Harrington to dinner.  Rodney Harrington, 
          who is on trial for murder, now faces another trial in this 

Intro:    Rodney Harrington is sitting at the dinner table.  Hannah 
          comes over and lights the candles.  Peyton comes into the 
          room in his wheelchair.

Written by Lionel E. Siegel and Rita Lakin
Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

Scene 1:  Peyton and Rodney have dinner in the Peyton mansion dining 
          room.  They talk about Catherine.  Peyton says that he 
          visited Catherine's grave earlier that day.  He says that 
          Catherine died of a broken heart.  Catherine was lonely.  
          She died from a life of torment.  Peyton says that she died 
          of Leslie's infidelities.  Rodney says that she died in 
          surgery.  That it was not Leslie's fault.  Peyton asks 
          Rodney what he is afraid of.  Peyton says that the only 
          good name in town is Peyton.  Peyton says that the mill is 
          his, the mansion is his, and most of the town is his.  
          Peyton talks about taking sides. 

Scene 2:  Leslie talks with Norman about Peyton and the games he 
          plays.  Leslie tells Norman that he loved Catherine very 
          much.  Leslie says that he is an authority of the games 
          Peyton plays.  He tells Norman not to play Peyton's games.  
          Peyton was a king and Catherine was his princess.
          Catherine was spoiled.  Catherine would call him at the 
          mill and tell him to come home.  She was lonely.  He would 
          come home and she would have a headache and would be 

Scene 3:  Elliot is on the steps of the courthouse as John Fowler 
          walks up.  Fowler asks Elliot how Allison is doing.  He 
          says that we wants to talk with Allison.  Elliot tells 
          Fowler that he will have to get permission from Dr. Rossi.  
          Elliot heads toward the Clarion and Fowler heads toward the 

Scene 4:  Rodney starts in Allison's room and is stopped by Gehring.  
          Gehring tells Rodney that he can't go in.  Rodney asks what 
          is wrong with Allison.  He tells Rodney to go see Dr. Rossi 
          in x-ray. 

          Gehring goes in Allison's room and talks with her.  Allison 
          asks Gehring who he is.  She asks if he is a doctor.  He 
          tells her his name and that he is a physical therapist.  He 
          thanks her for the books that Constance has given him.  
          Anderson, Grimm.  Gehring mentions that, as a boy, he liked 
          Tom Swift.  Allison says that she doesn't want to be a 

Scene 5:  Rodney goes in the x-ray room and talks with Dr. Rossi.  
          Rodney wants to know why he can't go in to see Allison.  
          Rossi explains that the fathers sometimes faint when they 
          see their wives. 

Scene 6:  Rossi takes Rodney in to see Allison.  Rodney talks with 

Scene 7:  Phyllis Sloan drives her station wagon around the square 
          and parks in front of the courthouse.  She goes in to see 
          her brother-in-law, John Fowler.  She tells John that she 
          is worried about Marian.  She wants to know where Marian 
          is.  Phyllis leaves.  John Fowler calls Sgt. Goddard into 
          his office.  He asks Goddard to check up on Russ Gehring 
          who works in the hospital as a therapist.  

Scene 8:  Elliot is ushered into the mansion by Hannah and is introduced 
          to Peyton.  Peyton says he already knows Elliot.  Peyton 
          invites him to sit down.  Elliot asks what the significance of 
          his coming back to Peyton Place.  He is there to see that a 
          memorial is to be built his daughter.  Elliot asks about 
          automating the mill.  Peyton speaks of Elliot's first wife.  
          Peyton asks about Constance.  He speaks of Elizabeth.  Martin 
          says he has a statement to make.  Peyton wants to repeat his 
          firm conviction that Catherine didn't kill Elizabeth.  Peyton 
          says that they don't build monuments to murderers.  Elliot says 
          that Peyton wants to place an ad in the Clarion, he will send 
          him a rate card.  Elliot asks again, "Why did you come back to 
          Peyton Place?"  Peyton glares at Elliot.  Elliot leaves. 

Preview:  Steven talks with Rita.  Elliot talks with Dr. Rossi.  
          Betty talks to Steven. 

          SC:  It's going to be pretty rough on you, Rita. 
          RJ:  I know that. 
          SC:  I don't think you do. 

          EC:  I want to know what can be done, Mike.  Specifically. 
          MR:  With your permission I would like to consult with Dr. 
               Quist.  Get a hold of him, today. 

          BA:  Who do you think you are, telling me what's 
               appropriate and what's not?  You're acting like you're 
               my fiancée or my big brother.  And Steven Cord, 
               you are not. 

Dr. Quist.