Episode 156.
          Steven takes Betty to meet Hannah. 

WA:       Rita Jacks has looked foward to fall.  A chance to 
          re-enroll in school.  A chance for a fresh start.  But the 
          tragic events of the past weeks have forced her to make a 
          decision which may postpone that chance indefinately. 

Intro:    Rita Jacks walking across the square toward the bank 

Written by Jerry Ziegman & John Wilder and Caorl Sobieski
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  Rita goes in to see Steven Cord in his law office in the 
          bank building.  He is on the phone with a witness.  Steven 
          tells him, "Uh uh.  Uh uh.  No more hints.  You'll find out 
          when you get there.  Just be ready.  Right.  I will."  
          Steven completes his call. 
          Rita says, "Your secretary wasn't here.  I guess I should 
          have made an appointment."  Steven begins to talk with 
          Rita.  Rita admits to Steven that she saw Joe earlier in 
          the day that Joe died.  Steven asks Rita how old she was 
          when she first met Joe.  He asks her if she can testify.  
          She says, "If I have to." 

Scene 2:  Norman is practicing putting as Rodney comes in the 
          apartment.  Rodney asks Norman why he doesn't learn to do 
          something constructive with himself.  Norman says he is 
          listening so Rodney doesn't have to shout.  Norman asks 
          Rodney if he was at the hospital.  Rodney tells Norman that 
          Allison doesn't remember him.  She doesn't remember Elliot 
          as her father.  She remembers Rodney only as Norman's older 
          brother.  Norman tells Rodney that he is jealous.  Norman 
          asks Rodney how long Dr. Rossi thinks she will be this way. 

Scene 3:  In the therapy room of the hospital Russ Gehring is trying 
          to teach Mark, a dark skinned boy, how to play a guitar 
          left-handed.  Allison is wheeled in.  The boy walks over to 
          Allison and tells her expected a boy and he was going to 
          call him Al.  Russ tries to talk with Allison.  Allison 
          asks to be taken back to her room.  Allison asks to see the 
          guitar.  Russ talks a while and hands Allison the guitar.  
          He places her fingers on the strings.  The guitar is to 
          help exercise the fingers.  Constance and Elliot come in 
          and Allison introduces them to Russ Gehring.  Constance 
          asks to speak with Gehring.  They go down the hall 

          Allison strums the guitar as Elliot watches.  They talk.  
          Allison wonders how long it will be before she is better.  
          Allison tells Elliot that she feels like a stranger. 

Scene 4:  Steven Cord is in the Anderson livingroom waiting for Betty 
          to come down.  He does a countdown and Betty finally comes 
          down the stairs.  She runs to him and hugs him.  Betty says 
          that wherever they are going, she looks great.  She says 
          that he is not her fiancée or her brother.  He tells 
          her to put on something different.  They are going to meet 
          Hannah.  He tells her that she has 5 minutes to change.  

Scene 5:  Constance talks with Russ Gehring.  She explains to Gehring 
          that Elliot is Allison's real father.  That there never was 
          a first marriage.  She explains that Elliot couldn't marry 
          her, that he was in prison.  Dr. Rossi comes in and joins 

Scene 6:  Elliot, Constance, and Rossi meet up in the corridor and go 
          in the therapy room where Allison is strumming the guitar.  
          Rossi says that time and patience is on their side.  He 
          says that there is no brain damage.  Elliot wants to know 
          what specifically can be done.  Rossi tells Ellist that he 
          wants to consult with Dr. Quist, a Boston psychiatrist. 

Scene 7:  Steven drives Betty to the mansion to meet Hannah.  Steven 
          says that she looks just right.  Steven rings the chimes.  
          Betty allows that the oil may not be boiling yet. 

          Hannah opens the door.  Steven says, "Mother."  Hannah 
          says, I wish I had known you were coming.  You should have 

Preview:  Stella Chernak talks with Steven Cord.  Peyton talks with 

          SC:  Honesty isn't a soft point in your character.
          SC:  It's your character that is going to be disected when 
               I put you on the witness stand.  Not mine. 

          MP:  What do you think your little crime is worth?
          BA:  Which one?  
          MP:  The only one I'm interested in.  The stealing of those 
          BA:  How much is it worth to you, Mr. Peyton, to humiliate