Episode 157.
          Betty visits the Peyton house. 

WA:       Steven Cord has brought Betty Anderson to the Peyton house 
          where they both have lived under different circumstances.  
          The stated purpose, to meet his mother, Martin Peyton's 
          longtime housekeeper.  For Steven and Betty, this house has 
          played an important role in their lives.  It will continue 
          to be important. 

Intro:    Steven and Betty drive up to the Peyton mansion.

Written by Michael Gleason and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by Walter Doniger  

Scene 1:  Hannah opens the front door and Steven greets her saying, 
          "Mother."  Hannah invites them in and says she wishes that 
          they had phoned before coming.  Peyton calls to Hannah from 
          the livingroom.  Hannah returns and says that Peyton will 
          see Steven for a moment.  Hannah offers Betty tea. 

Scene 2:  Steven opines that Peyton that he has exposed his king.  
          Peyton asks Steven why he brought Betty to the mansion.  
          Steven moves a chess piece.  Steven says that Betty was 
          asked to resign from the hospital for borrowing Stella 
          Chernak's personnel file.  Peyton says that Betty's job 
          loss is Leslie's problem not his.  Steven says that Betty 
          doesn't like Leslie.  Peyton Asks Steven to bring Betty in 
          to talk with him.  Betty comes to the doorway and Peyton 
          invites her in.  He says that he has something to say to 

Scene 3:  Peyton wheels around and thanks Betty for helping his 
          grandson.  Peyton tells Steven not to hover, to go drink 
          some of Hannah's tea.  Peyton tells Betty that she is 
          pretty.  She allows that she knows she is.  Peyton asks 
          about her marriage to Rodney.  Betty almost upsets the 
          chess set.  Peyton says that each figure is worth $100.  
          Betty asks if the value of the pieces improves his game.  
          Peyton asks what she thinks of Leslie.  And he asks what 
          she thinks her little crime is worth.  He asks if she likes 
          working in the hospital.  She says that she doesn't like 
          sick people.  She pours him a drink and leaves.  Peyton 
          shouts at her. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi is talking on the phone to Dr. Quist, the Boston 
          psychiatrist, about Allison.  Stella comes back in the 
          office bringing Rossi a cup of coffee.  Rossi explains to 
          Stella about Allison's loss of memory.  Then Rossi allows 
          that they should call it a day.  Stella offers to by Rossi 
          a hamburger.  Rossi says that he will buy her a 

Scene 5:  Rossi and Stella walk out to the parking lot to the 
          roach coach.  The chef is expounding on the ball 
          game.  Rossi orders two hamburgers.  He mentions Dr. Quist 
          whom he had just spoken to on the phone.  Stella asks if 
          they could not talk about Allison.  He asks if she would 
          rather talk about baseball.  Stella talks about her first 
          job at Foley Medical Center.  She was doing a vitamin study 
          with a young doctor.  Stella laughs.  She left the door 
          open to 20 white mice.  The mice ended up in the maternity 
          ward.  Rossi laughs.  Stella says it took til 7:00 the next 
          morning to round up all the mice. 

Scene 6:  The jukebox is playing as Stella comes in Ada Jacks Tavern.  
          Stella goes over and puts a coin in the Satellite pin-
          ball machine.  A regular customer [seen in a number of 
          other episodes] comes over and hits on her.  He offers to 
          buy her a drink.  She goes over to the bar and tells Ada 
          that she wants a drink, a private drink.  

          Rita appears and Ada tells the customers that she will be 
          right back.  Steven is there to question Ada and Rita.  
          Steven reassures Rita about her testimony and talks about 
          John Fowler.  Steven promises to help her in any he can 
          after the trial is over.  Rita leaves.  Ada talks privately 
          with Steven. 

Scene 7:  Steven goes back in the bar and talks with Stella.  She 
          asks what he was doing back there.  Steven orders a scotch 
          and water.  Stella says that Betty probably enjoyed playing 
          spy.  She asks if Steven was the one who sent Betty to 
          steal her personnel records.  She said that she would have 
          told him.  Stella says that honesty isn't a strong point in 
          his character.  He talks about her character.  Steven pays 
          and leaves.  Stella picks up a paper and throws it over 
          toward the pin ball machine.  She symbolically washes her 
          hands and sits again at the bar. 

Preview:  Steven talks to Hannah.  Julie talks with Betty.  Rodney 
          talks to Steven Cord. 

          SC:  Did it ever occur to you that maybe I'm expecting 
               something from you? 

          JA:  Steven Cord tricked you into meeting Martin Peyton.
          BA:  If Steven tries to make me do something wrong, I'll 
               handle it. 
          JA:  Don't go to work for Martin Peyton.

          RH:  What does some pool-side Sherlock Holmes in Hollywood 
               care about me? 
          SC:  He doesn't have to care about you, he's looking out 
               for himself. 

Dr. Quist, Boston psychiatrist.