Episode 158.
          Allison has a visitor.

WA:       To Allison Mackenzie, now out of her comatose state, Rodney 
          Harrington is just a casual friend.  She has asked to see 
          Norman Harrington.  It is Norman she remembers and the 
          closeness they once had. 

Intro:    Square.  Pillory.  Courthouse in the distance.  Rodney 
          drives up in his car. 

Written by Carol Sobieski and John Wilder & Jerry Ziegman
Directed by Jeffrey Hayden 

Scene 1:  Norman is looking for the shoe polish.  Rodney tells him 
          that it is in the medicine cabinet.  Norman says that he is 
          nervous.  He is whistling.  Norman says that he is sorry 
          that Allison forgot Rodney and remembered him.  Rodney asks 
          Norman why he didn't ask what happened with him at the 
          dinner with Peyton.  Rodney tells Norman to be careful with 

Scene 2:  Officer Frank hands a subpoena to Rita in the Pharmacy.  
          Norman comes in as Frank is leaving.  Rita tells Norman 
          that he looks nice.  She asks Norman if he is going to see 
          Allison.  He calls Allison, "Smudge."  He used to call her 
          that in grade school.  Rita sees a book that Norman has and 
          he tells her it is for Allison.  Norman says that Allison 
          doesn't remember Rodney, she remembers him.  He leaves. 

Scene 3:  A nurse is cranking Allison's bed.  She thanks the nurse.  
          Norman comes in.  He sits on her bed.  Allison says that 
          there things and people she can't remember.  Allison says 
          that Norman needs a special girl.  Norman tells Allison 
          that he is seeing Rita Jacks.  Allison asks if he is 
          serious about Rita.  Norman gives her a present and says, 
          "Merry Christmas."  Dr. Rossi comes in as Norman is 
          leaving.  Allison reminds Norman about the time when she 
          put a bucket of frogs in the bass drum.  Allison asks Rossi 
          if Mr. Harrington knows that Norman is going with Rita 
          Jacks.  She says that Norman called her smudge because she 
          couldn't get through a day with getting pencil marks all 
          over herself. 

Scene 4:  As Rossi goes into the corridor he runs into Elliot and 
          Constance. [Lola Albright].  Rossi says that Allison always 
          lived in a sort of shell.  Constance says that Allison 
          thought that Kim would have cleared Rodney.  Rossi says to 
          wait until Dr. Quist examines Allison the next day.  

Scene 5:  The limo pulls up in front of the Anderson house and Thomas 
          goes to the door.  He has a message from Peyton which he 
          hands to Betty.  Julie says that Betty made up her mind a 
          long time ago that she wanted to lead her own life.  Julie 
          shouts, "Don't go to work for Martin Peyton."  Betty says 
          she will pick up some of Peyton's wisdom.  Betty tells 
          Julie that they are different. 

Scene 6:  Steven is in his office looking at crime photos as Hannah 
          comes in.  He is almost startled.  Hannah says she has 
          tried to stay out of Steven's affairs.  She says she hopes 
          the trial goes well.  Hannah says she came to give him a 
          warning.  Steven says he is ready for the trial.  Hannah 
          tells him that he tends to be arrogant.  She warns him 
          about Fowler.  He shouts.  He mentions that she didn't 
          attend his graduation.  Hannah tells him goodnight, and 
          leaves.  She leaves the building and gets back in the 
          limousine.  They drive off. 

Scene 7:  Rodney goes in the law office over the bank to see Steven.  
          He says he saw Hannah outside.  Steven gives Rodney a 
          drink.  Rodney asks how Steven stands the stuff.  Steven 
          says it is customary to sip it.  Rodney is anxious for his 
          trial to start.  Steven says the detective agency in 
          California is checking up on Stella.  Steven invites him to 
          a movie.  They leave. 

Preview:  Rossi talks to Allison.  Elliot talks to Steven.  Peyton 
          talks to Schuster. 

          MR:  Allison, don't play this game.  I'm going to help you, 
               really help you, whether you want me to or not. 

          EC:  Your only concern is yourself, Steven.  You want to 
               win this case because its a big step forward for you, 
               isn't it? 

          MP:  Don't try to fight with me, Schuster.  If there's 
               going to be any fighting, I'll pick the arena and the 

Constance tells Ada about Allison and the bucket of frogs in episode