Episode 159.
          Martin Peyton visits the mill.                            [la]. 
WA:       This is the Peyton Mill.  As it has prospered, so has Peyton 
          Place.  If the mill should fail, the town cannot long survive.  
          And this is Martin Peyton.  The last man living to bear the 
          name.  The town, the mill, the family,  In Martin Peyton's old 
          and ailing hands may very well rest the survival of all three. 
Intro:    Country scene.  The Peyton Mill smokestack.  Martin Peyton 
          arriving at the mill in his limousine.  Mill workers arriving.

Written by Rita Lakin and Sonya Roberts
Directed by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Thomas, the chauffeur [possibly James Doohan], gets out and 
          walks around to assist Mr. Peyton out of the limousine.  Peyton 
          greets one of the workers, a Mr. Prohaska.  Prohaska introduces 
          his son, Danny, to Mr. Peyton.  Mr. Prohaska proudly announces 
          that his son has worked at the mill "going on three years."  A 
          man named Freddy hollers at Mr. Prohaska to complain that 
          "Schuster says that machines can do it better than men."  Mr. 
          Prohaska hollers back at Freddie.  Gus Chernak comes over to 
          complain to Peyton that he went from loom operator, like 
          Prohaska, to night watchman.  That he has Harrington to thank 
          for that.  He mentions his late son, Joey.  The plant whistle 
          sounds. [This particular scene helps to explain another scene 
          between Julie Anderson and David Schuster where Julie is 
          helping Schuster with public relations.  Schuster reluctantly 
          decides to keep Gus Chernak on, since Leslie "kept him on" by 
          moving him from loom operator to night watchman.] 
Scene 2:  Julie Anderson arrives and takes some papers into David 
          Schuster, the current plant manager, who replaced Leslie 
          Harrington.  She is strengthening (girding, buttressing) him 
          for the arrival of Martin Peyton, the chairman of the board.  
          [Anna Chernak, wife of Gus, is currently working as a maid for 
          the Schusters, and had worked briefly for the Harringtons.] 
Scene 3:  In Steven Cord's office, Leslie Harrington is talking with the 
          young lawyer.  Harrington mentions the possibility that a Judge 
          Carter might preside over Rodney's murder trial.  Steven says 
          that he expects it to be either Judge Quigley or Judge 
          Chandler.  Harrington tells Steven that he hired him to defend 
          Rodney because Steven always laid his cards on the table.  
          Leslie asks what are Rodney's chances.  Steven says he can 
          guarantee anything. 
Scene 4:  Steven walks across the square and goes into the Clarion office 
          to talk with Elliot Carson.  Steven asks Elliot if he has been 
          to the hospital to check on Allison.  He asks how Allison is 
          coming along.  Elliot says, "All right."  Steven says its easy 
          to forget what an Editor does.  Elliot says that an editor does 
          both.  He has an attitude and corrects commas.  Steven asks 
          about the incident, some time ago, when Elliot rescued Rita 
          from Joe Chernak and Earl when they tried some time ago, to 
          force her into their car.  Elliot tells him that those hoodlums 
          had her so terrorized that she did not even want Elliot go to 
          the police. 
Scene 5:  At the mill, Julie is typing, then beginning to file a finger 
          nail as Martin Peyton makes his grand entrance.  She talks 
          briefly with him.  She explains that she came back to the mill 
          after, Harrington left, to lend her experience to running the 
          mill.  She goes on to tell Peyton that George is in a state 
          hospital.  [In Massachusetts].  Schuster comes out and welcomes 
          Peyton into his inner office.  Peyton seems pleased that Julie 
          Anderson is back at the mill.  Schuster begins to annoy Peyton 
          by informing him that they are behind the times.  They need to 
          automate.  Peyton counters that the problem is the men.  
          Schuster calls Julie on the intercom to get him the [Howard] 
          Cable report.  She brings him a file folder with papers in it.  
          Schuster tells Peyton that he had a call from a Mr. Fletcher 
          who works for Kenneth Markham.  Peyton makes it crystal clear 
          that does not want any partners. 
Scene 6:  Elliot and Constance are in Dr. Rossi's office to talk about 
          Allison.  Rossi mentions a Dr. Quist, a Boston Memorial 
          psychiatrist.  He thinks the psychiatrist could be of help to 
Scene 7:  A young nurse brings some breakfast in to Allison.  She refuses 
          the orange juice by knocking it out off the tray.  Allison says 
          that she doesn't like strangers asking her personal questions.  
          Constance remains there with Allison. 
Scene 8:  Later, outside Allison's room, Constance and Dr. Rossi prepare 
          to visit Allison. 
Scene 9:  In Allison's room, Rossi and Constance try to calm her down.  
          Allison says that she will never trust him again.  Rossi says 
          he'll help Allison whether she wants him to or not. 
Scene 10: Outside her room, again, Constance tells Rossi and Elliot that 
          Allison is terrified.  That she has locked off herself from 
          reality.  Rossi says that it is a declaration of war. 
Preview:  Julie talks with David Schuster.  Theodore Dowell talks with 
          Martin Peyton.  Betty talks with Hannah Cord. 
          JA:  Up until two minutes ago it was very nice working for 
               you, Mr. Schuster.  I think we will both be a lot more 
               comfortable if I just resign. 
          TD:  Leslie Harrington as Catherine's husband has primary 
               rights.  Papers would have to be signed. 
          MP:  Get them signed.  
          TD:  Just like that?  
          MP:  Just like that.  
          BA:  I haven't made up my mind whether I want the position.   
               I'm not about to be a glorifed servant for Mr. Peyton or 

Mr. Prohaska-uncredited.
Danny Prohaska-uncredited.
Freddie, mill worker-uncredited. [Looks like Mario.]
Gustav "Gus" Chernak-Bruce Gordon.
Anna Chernak, wife of Gus and maid for the Schusters-Anna Karen.
Thomas, the Peyton chauffeur-uncredited.  [Thomas was played by more than 
  one actor.  One of those actors was the previously unknown James Doohan 
  who is reported to have been in some science fiction series or other.] 
Constance Mackenzie faux-Lola Albright.
Julie Anderson, having left Dr. Rossi, has returned to the mill-Kasey 
Howard Cable, an efficiency expert called in by Schuster for his advice.
Dr. Quist, a Boston Memorial psychiatrist, only mentioned see episode 262.
Judge Carter-only mentioned.
Your humble reviewer consulted a contributor and was informed told that 
  Mr. Prohaska was possibly Ukranian, Slovak, or Hungarian.