Episode 160.

          Hannah Cord interviews Betty for a job with Peyton.

WA:       To the casual observer, Martin Peyton has outlived everything 
          he stands for.  A steadfast tyrant in a world that has outgrown 
          tyrants. But to the more practiced eye of Steven Cord, he is 
          still as effective and lethal as a well aimed dueling pistol. 
          [Peyton was born in 1890.  At this point in time he would be 
          about 75.  George Macready would be about 65 at this point in 
Intro:    The Peyton limousine drives up to the Peyton Place Bank 
          Building.  Thomas, the chauffeur [possibly James Doohan], helps 
          Peyton out of the car, into the building, and up to the office 
          of Theodore Dowell. 

Written by Carol Sobieski and Michael Gleason
Directed by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Steven and lawyer Theodore Dowell come out of the Dowell inner 
          office and greet Martin Peyton.  They go in Steven's office to 
          talk.  Peyton says that he wants the Markham Enterprises' offer 
          for the mill to be checked for validity.  Mr. Fletcher has made 
          the offer on behalf of Kenneth Markham.  Markham wants to 
          automate.  Martin says there will be no more talk of 
          automation.  Automation will cause layoffs and that will cause 
          hostility toward management.  The hearing for Rodney is 
          scheduled for 4:00 pm at the courthouse.  Steven suggests that 
          Martin not go.  Martin says he will consider it.  Steven leaves.  
          Martin tells Dowell that he wants the headstone for his 
          daughter, Catherine changed.  Dowell advises Peyton that Leslie 
          Harrington, as the husband, has first rights.    
Scene 2:  Betty has come to the mansion to interview for a job caring for 
          Mr. Peyton.  Hannah lets her in and explains what her duties 
          would be.  Betty asks Hannah to have Peyton call her.  Betty is 
          just about to leave as Peyton comes home.  Betty gives Peyton 
          some conditions.  She insists on no uniforms.  He agrees to no 
          uniforms.  He then asks Betty if she can do card tricks, yodel, 
          or play chess.  She says No, No, No.  He asks, "You don't play 
          chess?"  He tells Hannah to get the chess set.  
Scene 3:  At the mill, David Schuster is talking to Julie in his inner 
          office.  He complains about Peyton.  He says that Peyton 
          doesn't care about the mill, he cares only about the men.  She 
          explains that she had more than just a business relationship 
          with Leslie Harrington.  She offers to resign.  Schuster says 
          that he doesn't want Julie to resign.  He only wants her 
          honesty and loyalty.  Shuster invites Julie to have dinner with 
          him at the Inn.  At this time, Anna Chernak is working as a 
          maid for the Schusters. 
Scene 4:  Rossi is in his office at the hospital as there is a knock on 
          the door.  He acknowledges it but no one comes in.  There is 
          another knock.  It is Allison.  She has wheeled over in a 
          wheelchair.  Rossi calls for the nurse, Miss Shaw.  Allison is 
          introduced to Stella Chernak who is sharing his office.   
          Allison asks about Stella's mother and brother, Joe.  Allison 
          is unaware that Joe is dead.  Rossi asks Nurse Shaw to take 
          Allison to therapy.  Rossi sits at his desk without 
          discussing this with Stella.
Scene 5:  Eli talks with Elliot.  They discuss the fact that the Clarion 
          is now making money.  Eli says that people are interested in 
          gall stones and garbage collection.  A Mrs. Maloney has given 
          Eli some stew because he gave her an extra month on her bill at 
          the Chandlery.  They agree to eat Mrs. Maloney's stew. 
Scene 6:  At the Colonial Post Inn, lawyer Theodore Dowell comes in to 
          see Leslie Harrington.  Rodney is also there visiting his 
          father.  Dowell tells Leslie that Martin wants to remove the 
          present headstone on Catherine's grave and replace it with a 
          monument.  Leslie says that would be too symbolic.  Rodney and 
          Leslie go downstairs to the restaurant to eat. 
Scene 7:  Rodney and Leslie meet up with Julie Anderson and David 
          Schuster.  Steven comes over and apologizes to Leslie for being 
          late.  Steven talked with Wainwright and Kennerly to check out 
          Judge Irwin A. Jessup, who will be officiating at the trial. 
Preview:  A nurse is contending with a hysterical Allison.  Martin talks 
          to Leslie Harrington. 
          AM:  No.
          N:   Allison.   
          AM:  Don't shut the door.
          MP:  Steven has convinced me not to appear at the 
               trial.  It's just as obvious to me that you should 
               stay away, too.
          LH:  When that trial opens, I'm going to be there with my 

Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway
Attorney Theodore Dowell-Patrick Whyte
Nurse Shaw-
Two actors played the role of Thomas, the chauffeur.  One reportedly was
  James Doohan.