Episode 161.
          Rodney's trial opens. 

WA:       Fittingly, autumn has come with a sudden chill to Peyton Place.  
          At 10:00 o'clock this morning, Rodney Harrington will be tried 
          for the murder of Joe Chernak, brooding and silent in the dawn, 
Intro:    Clock striking.  Leslie leaves the Colonial Post Inn and walks 
          past the police station up to the courthouse.  A truck drives 
          up to the Clarion. 
Scene 1:  Leslie asks Jimmy, a paper delivery boy, "May I buy a paper 
          from you?"  Eli greets Ron, standing by a Clover Dairy truck.  
          Eli offers to buy Leslie a cup of coffee.  Leslie decllnes.  
          Eli suggests that Leslie go talk with his son.  They talk about 
          Rodney and Elliot.  Eli regrets that he never believed his son, 
          Elliot, was innocent. 
Scene 2:  In the apartment, the alarm clock rings.  Rodney asks, What 
          does it say?"  It is 6:00 o'clock.  Norman sits up.  Rodney 
          tries to sleep.  Norman offers Rodney some cold pizza.  He says 
          it is four days old, but that it will last two weeks.  Norman 
          says it is 20 minutes to White River.  And that he'll be back 
          in 20 minutes.  Norman goes down the steps barefooted.  Rodney 
          throws Norman's shoes down to him saying, "Don't you know it's 
          illegal to drive barefooted."  Norman picks up the Clarion 
          which has the headline: 
                          HARRINGTON TRIAL TODAY 
Scene 3:  The white phone rings and Steven answers it.  He says to the 
          man on the other end that it must be 3:00 am.  He is talking to 
          a detective Lawrence in California.  Lawrence says that Stella 
          has a "double A one credit rating, over 5 grand in the bank."  
          The phone rings again. This time it is Martin Peyton.  He 
          orders Steven to bring Leslie over to the Peyton house.  Steven 
          says that he will try.  Peyton ends the conversation by hanging 
          up.  [Dr. Gleason in the Foley Medical Center in Oakland.] 
Scene 4:  Constance wakes up and calls for Elliot.  She doesn't look too 
          good of a morning before she puts her face on.  Elliot selects 
          a tie and puts it on.  He does much better tying it than he did 
          the day he was released from prison.  Referring back to his own 
          ordeal, Elliot says, "Starting today, another twelve strangers 
          will determine Rodney's future." 

Scene 5:  Miss Choate goes into Rossi's office and talks with Stella 
          Chernak.  Stella offers Choate some coffee.  Stella has been 
          working.  Choate seems sympathetic to Stella about her losing 
          her brother, Joe.  She indicates that she is also sympathetic 
          to Betty Anderson.  Miss Choate tells Stella that she may be 
          part of the action.  She has received a jury summons for the 
          jury panel.  Stella says, "See you in court."  Choate replies, 
          "See you in court." 
Scene 6:  Allison is hysterical, she is having a nachtmare.  She screams 
          at the nurse, "Don't shut the door."  The nurse tells miss 
          Choate.  Choate tells the nurse to call Dr. Rossi.  Rossi 
          arrives to calm Allison. 
Scene 7:  Steven and Leslie arrive at the mansion and go in to see 
          Peyton.  Martin asks Steven how he got Leslie there, by telling 
          him that he was dying?  Peyton offers a truce to Leslie.  They 
          talk about the proposed monument for Catherine.  Peyton is 
          concerned about public opinion.  Peyton wants Leslie to stay 
          away from the courtroom.  Peyton offers a bargain.  Leslie 
          stays away from court and Peyton puts the monument on hold.  
          Leslie says that he came back from Europe for the trial.  
          Steven tries to arbitrate the monument question. 
Scene 8:  Eli knocks on Rodney's door and offers Rodney a cup of coffee 
          that he supposedly has made himself and put in a sack.  Eli 
          says Rodney deserves the best.  Rodney says he doesn't need any 
          more moral support.  He is however grateful.  Eli admits that 
          he bought the coffee at the drug store.  Eli says, "The essence 
          of good coffee is a good woman who will get up at the crack of 
          dawn and make it for you." 
Preview:  In the courtroom, the jury panel is being questioned.  Steven 
          questions Charlie Devlin, who identifies himself as a boat 
          builder.  Martin Peyton talks to Dr. Rossi. 
          SC:  Mr. Devlin, do you mind telling me what criminal case did 
               you serve on? 
          CD:  Elizabeth Carson murder case.

          MP:  You came here a stranger.  Will you die here a stranger? 
               Will you always be a spectator?  Instead of, what is the 
               word doctor, "Committed?"

Ralph, the bailiff-Gino De Agustino.
Detective Lawrence-Bert Remsen.
Charlie Devlin-uncredited.