Episode 162.
          Rodney's afternoon trial opens.  First day.               [dm] 

WA:       Three men, Leslie Harrington, his son Rodney Harrington, and 
          Rodney's attorney, Steven Cord.  On the first day of "The 
          People vs Rodney Harrington," these three form the defense.  
          John Fowler, District Attorney of Peyton County.  This man, 
          backed by the machinery of the law, is the prosecutor. 
Intro:    People walking across the street away from the courthouse.  
          People walking across the street toward the courthouse. 
Scene 1:  Steven enters the courtroom, followed by Rodney, then Leslie.  
          Steven speaks quietly to Rodney at the defense table.  Fowler 
          comes into the courtroom and nods at Steven.  Gus Chernak is 
          standing just inside the courtroom.  Norman bumps into him 
          coming in.  Norman speaks. Gus says, "Surprised?  You didn't 
          think I'd be here."  Norman asks Leslie "where the Chernaks' 
          charming daughter is."  The court clerk announces the honorable 
          Irwin A. Jessup, "All rise.  Department 2 of the Superior 
          Court, County of Peyton, now in session.  The honorable Irwin 
          A. Jessup presiding."  The judge bangs the gavel.  He tells the 
          courtroom to be seated. The judge says, "Bailiff, bring in the 
          prospective jurors." The jury panel files in and sits on the 
          back row to the right of the judge.  There are about 30 seats.  
          The judge warns the courtroom he will allow no disturbances. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi comes into his hospital office and compliments Stella 
          on her paper dolls.  Rossi takes a call from Peyton and is 
          summoned immediately to the Peyton house.  Rossi tells him that 
          his x-ray is more important than Peyton.  He will be over 
          later.  Rossi explains that Peyton, the "Lord of the Manor," is 
          his landlord.  He has his office on the square above the 
          Clarion, the Peyton Place Professional Building. 
Scene 3:  An angry Peyton is sitting at the chessboard.  In this scene 
          the chess board is oriented properly with a white square on the 
          far right of each player.  Peyton tells Betty that she has hurt 
          him.  Betty mentions that he has never explained her duties.  
          Betty asks him if he wants to play chess.  He says that he 
          doesn't feel like playing games today.  A much better game is 
          being played in the courthouse, "Russian Roulette."  Betty 
          starts to leave and Peyton asks her to stay.  Betty sits down 
          at the chess table.  They talk.  

          Dr. Rossi arrives at the Peyton house and rings the door 
          chimes.  Betty gets up and goes to the door.  Dr. Rossi is 
          surprised to encounter Betty answering the door.  Peyton says, 
          "You fired miss Anderson, I hired her.  Your loss is my gain."  
          Betty leaves.  

          Peyton hands Dr. Rossi his medical file.  Peyton tells Rossi 
          that he wants Rossi to be his attending physician.  He doesn't 
          want the incompetant Dr. Morton.  And that as long as Dr. 
          Morton is head of administration, there will be no endowment in 
          Catherine's name.  Peyton mentions Stella Chernak.  Rossi says 
          that Stella's work was above reproach.  Rossi says that he 
          doesn't think Rodney is a murderer but he has no idea what 
          Rodney said to Stella Chernak.  He says he will consider his 
          offer to act as Peyton's attending physician.  Peyton says that 
          Morton stuck by his perjurer, Dr. Bradley.  Peyton tells Rossi 
          came here a stranger.  He asks if he will remain a stranger. 
Scene 4:  Eli is looking at an old book as Rita comes in the Clarion 
          office.  Eli is minding the phone for Elliot.  He expects a 
          call from a wire service in Boston.  The wire service wants 
          background information on Rodney's trial.  Rita has brought Eli 
          a soda water from the Pharmacy.  The old newspaper displayed on 
          the wall which reads as follows: 


          Eli offers Rita a job selling marine engines, sails, life 
          preservers, and such.  Rita says that sort of stuff doesn't 
          sell well in cold weather.  Eli tells Rita he will let her use 
          one of his boats in the spring.  Rita doesn't expect to be 
          there after the winter. 
Scene 5:  Back in the courtroom, the jury panel is being sworn in.  
          Steven Cord asks Rodney if he recognizes anyone on the jury 
          panel.  Rodney says that he recognizes Mr. Androtti and Mrs. 
          Baldwin.  The judge gavels the room to order.  He tells the 
          court that the defendant, Rodney Harrington has been charged 
          with murder.  It is alleged that on July 16, Rodney Harrington 
          killed Joe Chernak.  The judge asks if anyone is aquainted with 
          Rodney or Joe.  
Scene 6:  The first juror questioned is Mrs. Voigt.  Mr. Schiller is on 
          the far right of the front row from the viewpoint of the 
          lawyers.  Mrs. Voigt is sitting on the right hand of Mr. 
          Schiller.  Ther next prospective juror is a lady and the next 
          is miss Choate.  Mr. Devlin is next and another man is on his 
          right at the left end of the front row.   Mrs. Voigt says that 
          she is a housewife.  After questioning, she is preemptorily 
          challenged by the defense.  Judge Jessup excuses her. 
Scene 7:  The second juror questioned is Miss Choate.  Miss Choate says 
          she has been employed at the hospital for 18 years.  She has no 
          family in Peyton Place.  She has discussed the case with her 
          coworkers but has not formed an opinion.  After Steven 
          finishes, John Fowler questions her.  Miss Choate asks to be 
          excused.  She is excused by judge Jessup.  
          The third prospective juror questioned is Charlie Devlin.  He 
          says is a boat builder.  He was born in Peyton County.  Mr. 
          Devlin says he believes that if a man has been indicted, he 
          must have done something.  He says he served on the Elizabeth 
          Carson murder case.  Steven Cord challenges for cause.  Judge 
          Jessup excuses Charlie Devlin. 
Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks with Stella Chernak.  Mr. West, an accountant, 
          and prospective juror is being questioned by Steven Cord. 
          MR: You're desk was a lot neater when you first came to work. 
          SC: So what?
          MR: So what.  So what's wrong?
          SC: Well, You're going to fire me, aren't you?
          W:  I don't take their filthy money like you do.  They're not 
              going to get away with it this time.  You Harringtons are 
              not going to get away with murder.  Not this time. 
Stella cuts out paper dolls.
Ralph, the bailiff-Gino De Agustino.
Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway
Charlie Devlin-uncredited.
Court clerk-Victor Izay, episode 166