Episode 163.
          Second day of Rodney's trial. 
Ann:      This is the continuing story of Peyton Place ... 

LA:       This is Lola Albright.  I will be playing the part of Constance 
          Mackenzie until the return of Dorothy Malone. 

Ann:      . . . Tonight starring Lola Albright as Constance Mackenzie, Ed 
          Nelson as Michael Rossi, Mia Farrow as Allison Mackenzie, Ryan 
          O'Neal as Rodney Harrington, Barbara Parkins as Betty Anderson, 
          Tim O'Connor as Elliot Carson, Christopher Connelly as Norman 
WA:       The difficult job of empanelling impartial, unprejudiced jurors 
          for Rodney Harrington's trial continues.  The unnerving process 
          has been grinding along since the court convened several hours 
Intro:    Car driving up in front of the courthouse.  People milling 
          around in the square.  People finding seats in the courtroom. 
Scene 1:  In the courtroom, District Attorney John Fowler questions Mr. 
          Schiller who is a safety inspector for the railroad.  He has 
          lived in Peyton Place almost 15 years.  He has a 21 year-old 
          son.  Norman tells Leslie that he has to get some air.  
          Standing in front of Mr. Schiller, Steven Cord says, "You 
          understand that an indictment is merely a piece of paper, 
          constituting an accusation."  Rodney tells Steven that he knows 
          Schiller's son."  Rodney indicates to Steven that he doesn't 
          want him on the jury.  The defense preemptorily challenges.  
          Mr. Schiller asks if he can know why he was excused.  The judge 
          says no. 
Scene 2:  Outside in the courthouse corridor, Norman tells Rita that the 
          court is a hoax.  Norman is angry.  Rita tries to calm him.  He 
          says that college people don't want to be jurors for $5.00 a 
          day.  Norman talks to George Washington and Ben Franklin.  He 
          then rings the bell. 
Scene 3:  The phone rings in Rossi's hospital office and Stella answers 
          it.  At this time, they have two black phones, not the 15 line 
          phone like Dr. Rossi and Leslie Harrington had later.  It is 
          Harry Olsen, an x-ray technician.  She promises to give the 
          message to Dr. Rossi.  Rossi comes in and tells Stella that her 
          desk is not as neat as when she first started.  She tells Rossi 
          that she expects to be fired at the behest of Martin Peyton.  
          He says he is not going to fire her.  She asks for a rain check 
          on the date he once offered.  They agree to a date that night. 
Scene 4:  In Allison's hospital room, Constance is taking dictation as 
          Allison thinks about going home.  They are writing thankyou 
          notes.  Eli comes in to visit.  He has a large package.  
          Constance leaves them alone to talk.  Kathy Seawall broke her 
          arm riding a motor-scooter. 
Scene 5:  As Constance goes out into the hall, Rossi comes over to talk.  
          Allison says that she wants a radio.  Allison can be heard 
          laughing.  Rossi and Constance talk about Allison's condition 
          and about telling her of her birth. 

Scene 6:  Back in Allison's room, Allison is playing with the 
          contraption, a thing-a-ma-jig, that Eli had built for her.  She 
          says, "It's beautiful.  I love it."  Unfortunately she lets it 
          falls to the floor.  Allison says, "I broke it."  Eli says, "I 
          can put it back in an hour.  There is nothing to worry about."  
          He says that he will be back tomorrow.  She thanks him again.  
          He leaves.  Constance kisses Elliot. 
Scene 7:  Outside, Eli tells Constance he had built a thing-a-ma-jig for 
          Allison and it had gotten broken.  Eli and Constance leave. 
Scene 8:  In the courtroom, accountant West is being questioned by John 
          Fowler.  He has lived in Peyton Place 41 years, all his life.  
          After Fowler finishes, Steven Cord questions him.  He is on 
          vacation.  He is married with two children.   Mr. West says 
          that he has a modest business and is in excellent health. He 
          appears to want to be on the jury.  He says, "I don't take 
          their filthy money, like you do.  They're not going to get away 
          with murder this time."  Ralph, the bailiff, is instructed to 
          remove Mr. West, immediately. 
Scene 9:  The judge entertains a motion that the jury be dismissed 
          because of the regrettable outburst.  Rodney tells Steven he 
          doesn't want the jury dismissed.  The jury is instructed to 
          disregard what was heard.  The court is adjourned until the 
          next day. 
Scene 10: Outside, the three confer.  John greets Steven.  Rodney walks 
          over and talks to Norman.  He says that Judge Irwin A. Jessup 
          is probably going to the big dance at the Vagabond club 
          tonight.  Norman whistled and the Peyton limousine comes over.  
          Norman is invited by Thomas, the chauffeur [James Doohan], to 
          dinner that night at the Peyton house.  Norman has wheels.  
          They go up to the apartment.  [view of fire station in the 
Preview:  Julie Anderson, who is waiting for Schuster, talks with Leslie 
          Harrington.  Russ Gehring talks to Allison.  Norman talks to 
          his grandfather. 

          JA:  Some papers for Mr. Schuster. 
          LH:  Well, don't worry Julie.  I'm not going to grab them out 
               of your hand and read them under the nearest street lamp. 

          RG:  All your life you expected people to bend over backwards 
               for you.  You're used to getting your way. 
          AM:  That's not true.

          MP:  Why do you continue to defend your father, Norman?  He 
               has nothing left. 
          NH:  He has us.
Ralph, the bailiff-Gino De Agustino.
Mr. West, accountant.
Mr. Schiller.
Harry Olsen.
Vagabond club, big dance at the Inn tonight.
Thomas,the chauffeur-James Doohan [Scotty, Star Trek].