Episode 164.
          Hannah and Peyton plan for the dinner for Norman and Rita. 

WA:       For Martin Peyton, this autumn has been a season of discontent.  
          He has returned to Peyton Place and now he must deal with both 
          his grandsons.  Rodney Harrington on trial for murder and the 
          younger Norman, whom he favors.  But a constant source of 
          contention has always been his long time housekeeper, Hannah 
Intro:    Martin Peyton is pondering his chessboard.  [It appears that 
          the white queen is sitting on a black square and the white king 
          on a white square.  Your humble reviewer is of the opinion that 
          the board is turned 90 degrees from proper.] 
Scene 1:  Hannah asks Peyton if he is winning.  He says it is more 
          important how you play the game.  Peyton says one of the pawns 
          is acting up.  [This line must have been written by someone who 
          doesn't know frijoles about chess.  A pawn might be doubled, in 
          an ineffective position, or vulnerable, but your reviewer has 
          never heard tell of a pawn acting up.]   Hannah is 
          planning dinner with Martin's advice and consent.  Martin 
          allows that Hannah never liked Norman.  She said he was an 
          impossible child.  Willful, disrespectful and spoiled.  Peyton 
          and Hannah discuss the dinner menu.  She has selected Salisbury 
          steak and mashed potatoes.  Hannah reminded Peyton that Norman 
          hated vegetables.  Hannah mentions Rhubarb pie for dessert.  
          Martin says that Norman would prefer ice cream, and so would 
          he.  Hannah asks, one scoop or two.  Peyton doesn't reply to 
          this.  Hannah says, "I'll stop living in the past when I know 
          there is a future.  Peyton says that he is to old to propose.  
          Betty comes in with Peyton's medicine.  He says he'll take it 
          later.  Hannah suggests chocolate ice cream. 
Scene 2:  Leslie comes into Theodore Dowell's office and speaks to miss 
          Ann Nolan.  He goes on in and finds Julie Anderson waiting in 
          the inner office.  She works for David Schuster now.  She has 
          some papers for him.  Leslie asks if she enjoyed her dinner 
          with Shuster.  He says that Schuster is about to be swept away 
          by the undertow. 
Scene 3:  Back at the mansion, Betty rushes down the stairs to get her 
          coat just as the door chimes ring.  She puts her coat on and 
          ushers Norman in.  They have a nice long pleasant chat while 
          Norman awaits dinner.  He asks where the red carpet is.  Norman 
          says that he expected to see Hannah with open arms and a cup of 
Scene 4:  Norman takes notice of the portrait of his mother.  He decides 
          to sit in Peyton's wheelchair.  Norman talks with himself ala 
          Norman Bates.  He drives the motorized wheelchair recklessly 
          and upsets the chessboard.  As he kneels to pick up the 
          chessmen, Peyton and Hannah arrive.  Peyton greets Norman.  
          Peyton allows that they have a few minutes before dinner.  
          Peyton says Norman has turned into a handsome man.  He has his 
          mother's eyes and chin.  Norman allows that he also has his 
          father's sinuses and his brother's socks.  Peyton gives Norman 
          a photo album of his mother and family. 
Scene 5:  In the hospital, Allison is having a restless night.  She 
          phones the therapy room.  Russ Gehring answers.  She asks him 
          to stop by her room on his way out. 
Scene 6:  Gehring goes in to see Allison.  Allison says she gets 
          depressed at night.  She asks him to stay with her for a while.  
          He says that he has a guitar lesson.  [It isn't clear in this 
          episode whether Gehring is teacher or student.  However, in the 
          next episode, Gehring complains that he missed a lesson that he 
          had already paid for.]  She asks him to play just one song. [In 
          the next episode we learn that he gave in to her and played at 
          least one song.  In the next scene we learn something of 
          Gehring's past.] 
Scene 7:  Sgt. Edward Goddard comes in the office of District Attorney 
          John Fowler, to bring him a coffee refill and to visit.  He has 
          brought a report on therapist Russ Gehring.  They chat briefly 
          and he leaves.  John looks at the report.  Fowler telephones 
          the hospital to talk with Russ Gehring, but doesn't get him.  
          John flings the picture of his wife, Marian, breaking the 

Preview:  Michael and Stella have been drinking.  Betty talks to Steven.  
          John Fowler talks to Rodney. 
          MR:  Stella. 
          SC:  Mike.  
          MR:  How about coffee at my place, now.
          SC:  Betty, this is a small town.
          BA:  I am worried about this.
          SC:  I can't perform miracles, Betty.
          JF:  You're an expert at changing the subject.  You're the 
               one who's on trial.  And the charge is murder.