Episode 165.
          Rossi has a date with Stella. 

WA:       Even though his fate is being weighed in a courtroom, tonight 
          Rodney Harrington finds he must come to Doctors Hospital to see 
          Allison Mackenzie.  On the day of his arraignment Allison has 
          told Rodney she loved him.  But now she no longer seems to 
          remember her feelings for him.  Yet he cannot forget his 
          feelings for her. 

Intro:    Doctors Hospital.  Rodney comes to visit Allison.  
Scene 1:  Rodney comes to the Information desk in the waiting room and 
          speaks to miss Choate.  He asks to see Allison.  She says it is 
          okay.  Miss Choate tells Rodney that she is sure he didn't kill 
          Joe Chernak. 
Scene 2:  Inside Allison's room, Rodney finds Russ Gehring singing "Down 
          in the Valley."  Gehring says he missed a guitar lesson that he 
          had already paid for.  And that Allison is spoiled, bored, and 
          lonely.  Gehring appears angry and leaves.  Rodney talks with 
          Allison.  She has forgotten a lot of the past. 
Scene 3:  As Rodney is leaving he sees John Fowler talking with miss 
          Choate.  Fowler had wanted talk to Russ Gehring but he just 
          missed him.  Miss Choate asks Fowler when Marian will return, 
          that they miss her.  Rodney asks Fowler if he can speak to him.  
          He asks about the investigation of the hit-and-run of Allison. 
Scene 4:  At the Chernak house, Stella dumps some ice cubes in a bucket.  
          She writes a note, finds a pin, and attaches the note to the 
          front door [like a spider spinning a web].  Stella receives a 
          phone call D.A. from Fowler who instructs her not to listen to 
          the news or read the newspaper.  He asks how things are going.  
          Rossi walks up and reads the note.  "If it's worth dating, 
          it's worth waiting.  Enter at your own risk."  He goes on 
          in and calls for Stella.  She asks if he found the note.  
          Stella comes in dressed to the IX's.  They talk. 
Scene 5:  Steven comes to collect Betty at the Anderson house.  She shows 
          Steven the subpoena she has just gotten.  She had expected to 
          tesfify for the defense. 

Scene 6:  At the Italian Villa Restaurante, Rossi and Stella are drinking 
          wine and eating (refer to epi 168, 01-13-66).  [Volare 
          is heard in the backbround].  The waiter brings some eel.  
          Stella tastes it before asking what it is.  They have some more 
          wine.  Stella asks Rossi if he had come from a large family.  
          He said they always had a big crowd around the dinner table.  
          He says he always wanted to practice in a small town.  Stella 
          asks Rossi if he likes her.  He replies that he does. 
Scene 7:  Steven and Betty arrive at the Italian Villa Restaurante, and 
          observe Dr. Rossi and Stella Chernak leaving.  Stella wheedles 
          and invitation to go back to the beach house for coffee.  Betty 
          becomes angry because Rossi was not only her friend but he was 
          Rodney's friend. 
Scene 8:  Rossi and Stella return to the beach house and elect to drink 
          some cognac instead of coffee.  Stella observes that there 
          isn't too much of him in the house.  Rossi tells her that the 
          beach house was furnished when he moved in.  He helps her off 
          with her coat.  Rossi lights a fire.  He says that it is the 
          first one of the season.  They talk at great length.  Rossi was 
          within millimeters of kissing her.  She asks why he didn't.  He 
          says, another time and another place.  He says that he can't 
          forget the trial and that Rodney is his friend and she is the 
          chief witness against him. 

Preview:  Stella talks to Dr. Rossi.  Allison talks with Constance.  
          Betty talks to Dr. Rossi. 
          SC:  Mike, once before I told you I was going to resign, 
               because you didn't trust me.  This time it's because I 
               don't want anything to spoil what's good between us. 
          AM:  Please, don't go now.
          CM:  But, I promised Elliot I'd have lunch with him today. 

          BA:  Such a smug Dr. Righteous you are.  When you decide 
               to take sides you really go.
Italian Villa Restaurante.