Episode 166.
          Sgt. Edward Goddard testifies in Rodney's trial. 

WA:       The legal process has grown in sophistication since the days 
          when two subjects brought their dispute before a king.  But 
          the elements of a trial remain the same.  An accusation, an 
          inquiry, a judgment, and if necessary, a penalty.  Today is 
          the second day of Rodney Harrington's trial.  The day when 
          the accusation is made and the inquiry begun. 
Intro:    The courthouse.  People going into the courthouse.  People 
          inside the courtroom.  The clerk going over to his desk and 
          sitting down. 
Scene 1:  Judge Irwin A. Jessup comes into the courtroom and takes the 
          bench.  The clerk calls the court to order.  He asks if the 
          attorneys are ready.  Fowler makes an opening statement.  
          Steven Cord asks to wave its opening statement until the 
          prosecution has finished.  Dr. Clarence L. Healey, medical 
          examiner, is the first witness.  The cause of death was 
          bleeding.  Fowler introduces the gaffing hook into evidence. 
Scene 2:  Elliot comes into the hospital and kisses Constance.  Nurse 
          Phyllis brings Allison's purse.  Constance takes the bracelet 
          out of her purse.  They go in to see Allison. 
Scene 3:  In her hospital room, Allison plays with the bracelet.  It is 
          inscribed in french: 
                         JE VEILLE SUR CEUX QUE J'AIME. 

                           I watch over those I love.  

          Allison asks how Elliot knew the inscription.  She guesses it 
          was for her graduation.  They are trying to get her to 
          remember the past.  Allison wants Constance to stay and eat 
          lunch with her.  Constance says that she promised to have 
          lunch with Elliot that day. 
Scene 4:  Rossi is eating at his office desk as Stella comes in with a 
          picnic basket.  She says it is from her mother.  They talk. 
          Constance comes in. 

Scene 5:  Constance talks to Dr. Rossi about giving Allison her 
          bracelet.  It did not have the desired effect. 
Scene 6:  In the courthouse, a man compliments Elliot on his trial 
          coverage.  Eli meets up with Elliot and they talk about his 
          plans for the nursery and the bracelet.  
Scene 7:  Betty is walking on the street and sees Dr. Rossi drive up.  
          They speak and talk.  Betty asked why he never took her out 
          for a cup of coffee when she worked for him.  [He did offer 
          to buy her a cup of coffee at the festival in episode 10.  
          Matthew Swain had assigned Betty to escort Dr. Rossi 
          around the festival.  Rossi bought her tomato juice at the 
          Inn in episode 49 after the annulment hearing.]  She's 
          obviously angry about Stella.  She calls him Dr. 

Scene 8:  Betty goes in the Peyton Place Town Hall, and into the 
          courtroom.  Steven Cord is in the process of cross-examining 
          Sgt. Edward Goddard who is clad in civilian garb with rubber 
          soled-shoes.  After Steven Cord is finished with him, John 
          Fowler calls Betty Anderson to the stand.  Betty is sworn in 
          by the court clerk [played by Victor Izay].  Betty begins to 
          testify in scene 1 of the following episode. 
Preview:  Leslie talks with Julie.  Russ talks to John.  Betty talks 
          with Rodney. 
          LH:  We've got some sorting out to do too, Julie.
          JA:  I don't know that I'm ready yet, Les.
          LH:  You didn't know before, until it happened.
          RG:  I know from experience, the only legal defense I have 
               for flattening you is if you hit me first.  So come on.

          BA:  Rod it's not last year.  It's not even yesterday.  
               You've got to get used to that.  I have. 
          RH:  Have you?

Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg.    
Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway.
Dr. Clarence L. Healey-John Newton.
Court clerk-Victor Izay.
Nurse Phyllis-Barbara Ranson.