Episode 167.
01-11-66                                                           dm
          Betty testifies for the prosecution in Rodney's trial. 

WA:       In the case of "The People vs Rodney Harrington," District 
          Attorney John Fowler has called Betty Anderson to the stand.  
          The District Attorney knows that Betty could be a valuable 
          witness for the defense.  So he has called her first, to head 
          off this possibility. 
Intro:    People going into the courthouse.  People leaving the 
Scene 1:  Betty is called to testify.  She is sworn in.  John Fowler 
          examines her.  Steven Cord cross-examines Betty.  She completes 
          her testimony and is excused. 
Scene 2:  Outside the courthouse, the people are leaving.  Betty is with 
          her mother, Julie.  Rodney calls to Betty.  He asks to talk to 
          her for a few minutes.  Julie leaves them alone.  Steven opines 
          to Leslie, "Fowler has a wonderful assistant in that boy.  
          Tomorrow we buy him a leash and a hobble."  Rodney and Betty 
          drive off in his convertible.  Steven leaves.  Leslie calls to 
          Julie.  They walk and talk. 
Scene 3:  Julie goes into the Book Gallery and calls to Constance.  She 
          answers from upstairs.  Constance asks Julie how Betty is.  
          Julie asks how Elliot is going to handle Betty's testimony in 
          the Clarion. 
Scene 4:  Rodney drives Betty up to the house on the hill.  He thanks her 
          for her support in court.  Betty talks about the house, Rossi, 
          Stella, and other things.  They arrive at the Peyton mansion.  
          Betty gets out and Rodney drives off.  
Scene 5:  Rita is preparing coffee behind the counter at the Pharmacy as 
          Norman comes in.  He says, "Innkeeper, a bale of hay for my 
          horse and I'd like . . ."  Norman tells her he would like to 
          see her that night, but she says she has to stay home because 
          her mother has the flu or something. 
Scene 6:  In the hospital therapy room, Allison asks therapist Russ 
          Gehring for a glass of water.  Allison doesn't want to exercise 
          today.  She wants to go back to her room.  Gehring tells 
          Allison that she is too well mannered.  Too well scrubbed.  He 
          forces her to exercise.  Allison wants his help with her hair.  
          He says help yourself.  She slaps him with her right hand.  
          Allison leaves. 

Scene 7:  John Fowler comes into the therapy room and talks with Russ 
          Gehring.  He asks if Allison has begun to remember about the 
          accident.  They talk about the fact that Marian Fowler was a 
          hospital volunteer in therapy and that Gehring was well 
          acquainted with her.  Gehring goads John to hit him.  John 

Scene 8:  in the Pharmacy, Steven talks with Rita.  Rita says that she 
          got another subpoena.  This one from the District Attorney's 
          office.  She had expected to testify for the defense. 
Preview:  Rodney and Steven talk.  Stella talks to Betty.  Norman talks 
          to Rita. 
          RH:  I said hands off.
          SC:  Get dressed.  We'll go eat.
          RH:  You go.  You get yourself some other company.  Betty. 
          SC:  It must be nice to have so many good friends.
          BA:  It must be unpleasant to have so few.  
          SC:  I didn't know that I had any in this town.
          BA:  Aren't you forgetting Dr. Rossi?
          NH:  What are you going to do, Rita?  Lie again?  Leave town?  
               It's too late for that.  What are you going to do, blow 
               your brains out?

Dorothy Malone returns as Constance Mackenzie.