Episode 168.
          Rita has a flashback.  Betty gets Peyton's prescription 

WA:       Night has come to Peyton Place and to Rita Jacks.  Tomorrow, 
          she will take the stand in the Rodney Harrington murder trial 
          for the specific purpose of detailing her relationship to the 
          deceased Joe Chernak.  These questions torment Rita as she 
          finds herself returning to the place where she had a bitter 
          encounter, a darkened warehouse off the Peyton Place wharf. 

Intro:    Rita walking on the wharf. 

Scene 1:  Rita climbs the steps and goes into a warehouse, where she had 
          had a bad experience some time ago. 
Scene 2:  Norman is talking to Rodney and making a peanut butter 
          sandwich.  Rodney is getting a cup of coffee.  Norman phones 
          Ada ands asks to speak to Rita.  Ada tells him that she will 
          have Rita call when she comes in.  Norman mentions "Patty the 
          Terror" in the 10th grade. 

Scene 3:  Rita is looking around the warehouse.  She is having a 
          flashback.  Joe is harassing her.  He tells her that she is 
          Joe's girl. 
Scene 4:  Stella is standing in Dr. Rossi's office as Allison comes in. 
          Allison wheels over to the squirrel cage.  Dr. Rossi comes in 
          and tells Stella that he has a long standing dinner date with 
          Dr. Morton.  She says it is ok with her.  Dr. Rossi helps 
          Stella on with her coat as she prepares to leave. 

Scene 5:  Steven Cord is working in his law office as Betty comes in.  
          She explains that she is on her way to get one of Mr. Peyton's 
          prescriptions refilled.  Steven tells her she is there seeking 
          sympathy.  Steven is annoyed that Rodney went over to talk to 
          Betty in front of the courthouse. 

Scene 6:  Betty goes to the Pharmacy to get Peyton's medicine.  She hands 
          the prescription to the new pharmacist and asks if it will take 
          very long.  The pharmacist says he doesn't think so.  He asks 
          how Mr. Peyton is.  He'll have it in a few moments.  [the actor 
          playing the pharmacist is not credited].  Stella is sitting at 
          the counter drinking coffee.  She says, "They take care of 
          their own."  She refers to the fact that Rossi fired Betty for 
          snooping personnel files on Stella, and Peyton hired her.  
          Betty mentions the fact that she saw Stella with Rossi at the 
          Italian Villa, episode 163. 

Scene 7:  Inside Ada Jacks' Tavern, Ada is serving two old men who appear 
          to be prospectors from an earlier era.  Norman comes in still 
          looking for Rita.  Ada is not of much help. 
Scene 8:  Norman walks along the wharf still looking for Rita.  He looks 
          down at the water, as though she might have drowned herself. 

Scene 9:  Steven goes upstairs to the apartment over the pharmacy.  He 
          asks Rodney if he would like to go eat dinner.  Rodney tells 
          him to get some other company. 
Scene 10: Still on the wharf, Norman looks for Rita.  She sees him and he 
          turns around.  Norman hugs Rita.  They talk for a moment and 
          then go aboard a boat tied up to the dock.  Rita says that she 
          is disturbed that she has to testify for Mr. Fowler.  They talk 
          some more.  They kiss. 
Preview:  In the courtroom, John Fowler questions Rita about her 
          relationship with Joe Chernak.  In Rossi's office, Allison 
          complains to Rossi that she can't move her arm.  Stella fusses 
          at Rossi. 
          JF:  Now when Joe came back from the honor farm, did you resume 
               your relationship? 
          RJ:  I didn't want to see him anymore.
          JF:  Why?  Were you seeing someone else?
          AM:  My arm won't move.  I can't move my arm anymore.
          SC:  Go on.  Bring back all the dirt.  Go on.

Mr. Ralph Courtney, new pharmacist but not the owner-uncredited