Episode 169.
          Rita testifies for the prosecution. 
WA:       Today, Rita Jacks takes the stand in the trial of Rodney 
          Harrington on a charge of murder.  To the prosecution, Rita is 
          the motive.  To the defense, Rita is the hope of acquittal.  

Intro:    Steven, Rodney, and Leslie talk in the corridor of the 
Scene 1:  Norman speaks to Leslie and asks Rodney if he is ready for 
          round 3.  Norman talks briefly to Steven.  Steven goes to talk 
          with Rita.  Ada, Elliot and Rita walk up.  Rodney identifies a 
          Mr. Bishop to Leslie.  Steven talks with Rita.  She goes into 
          Fowler's office.  Norman talks with Rita.  He speaks of a 
          necromancer.  It has nothing to do with necks or with romance.  
          He says it is has to do with witchcraft.  He gives her a small 
          box with Mexican jumping beans.  Norman says that it is 
          straight from Chinatown.  He got it from an old Italian who 
          told him they had the luck of the Irish.  One of the beans 
          keeps jumping.  His name is Vladimir.  He has an identity 
          problem.   Elliot comes out and tells Rita to go into Fowler's 
          office.  He escorts her to his office.  Elliot walks past 
          Norman and sits down by Ada to talk.  She says that if she had 
          let Elliot call the police the other night, things would be 
          different.  He talks about fussing at Joe Chernak in front of 
          the Clarion office. 
Scene 2:  Russ Gehring is pushing Allison in a wheelchair.  Dr. Hoyt is 
          paged to report to surgery.  Gehring asks Allison to raise her 
          hand.  She puts it on the door knob.  He puts his hand on hers 
          and turns the knob.  He says progress.  He pushes her into 
          Rossi's office and leaves her with Stella.  [Stella has what
          appears to your humble reviewer as an old Underwood® mechanical
          typewriter.  The typewriter on Leslie Harrington's secretary's 
          desk appears to be an IBM® Selectric®.]  Stella caustically 
          asks Allison what she can do to amuse her.  Allison opines that 
          Rossi is a nice man.  She asks how Stella came to work for Dr. Rossi.  
          Allison then asks about Joey and Stella suggests that they change 
          the subject.  Allison goes over and watches a mouse running in a 
          squirrel cage [cage d'un écureuil]. Stella says that the cage was 
          delivered there by mistake.  Allison thinks she's missing something.  

          Rossi comes into the office and Stella leaves them alone. 
Scene 3:  Rossi goes into the corridor and calls to Stella.  He fusses at 
          her for talking to Allison.  Stella says, "Who am I, the dragon 
          lady?"  Stella tells Rossi that he was right to worry, she was 
          tempted to say to Allison, "Your boyfriend is on trial for 
          murdering my brother."  Mr. Gehring is paged to report 
          to physical therapy.  [This confirms that Russ Gehring is 
          not a doctor].  In a previous episode, Fowler called him a 
Scene 4:  Rossi goes back in his office and talks to Allison.  He tells 
          Allison why she is there in the hospital.  He tells her he 
          thinks that her emotions are part of the problem.  Allison 
          assures Rossi that she is comfortable.  Allison agrees that she 
          is looking forward to going home. 
Scene 5:  In the courtroom, District Attorney John Fowler examines Rita 
          Charmaine Jacks about her relationship with Joe Chernak.  Rita 
          glances down at the box of Mexican jumping beans that Norman 
          gave her and that she is still holding.  [Leslie Harrington was 
          out of the country at the point in time when Joe Chernak was 
          killed.  He returned after Rodney was arrested and charged.] 

Preview:  John Fowler questions Rita.  Gus Chernak shouts in the 
          courtroom.  Judge Chester requests that Gus be removed.  Norman 
          Harrington talks to Steven Cord. 
          JF:   This isn't a guessing game, miss Jacks.  This is a court 
                of law.  Now, were you still scared when I questioned 
          RJ:   Yes, sir. 
          JF:   Of what?

          GC:   They are lying about my boy.  They are lying. 
          JC:   Remove that man from the courtroom. 
          GC:   My boy is in his grave and they are lying.
          NH:   Tearing at her.  Letting her bleed all over the place.  
                You know she's too weak to fight. 
          SC:   I was hired to get Rod acquitted and that's what I intend 
                to do in spite of you.

Russel "Russ" Gehring is a physical therapist.
Rita Charmaine Jacks-Patricia Morrow.
Mexican jumping beans-Vladimir and others.  
Mr. Bishop, a spectator, obscure character.
Dr. Hoyt is paged.
Mr. Gehring is paged.
Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.