Episode 170.
          Rita is cross-examined by the defense.                   [dm]. 

WA:       The People vs Rodney Harrington, third day.  As Rita Jacks 
          undergoes cross-examination, she wishes she could stop this 
          trial and all it will reveal. 
Intro:    Courthouse, John Fowler in the courtroom. 
Scene 1:  In the courtroom of Judge Irwin A. Jessup, District Attorney 
          John Fowler questions Rita Jacks about Norman's beating.  
          Steven asks Rita about Joe's continued unwanted attention.  
          Rita says Joe was very abusive.  She mentions about Joe losing 
          a dime in a pinball machine.  She talks about how violent Joe 
          Chernak was.  John Fowler redirects.  He gets her to admit that 
          she had not been entirely forthcoming with the police. Ada is 
          in the courtroom watching. 
          Steven asks Judge Jessup that the court be cleared, with the 
          exception of Norman.  The court is cleared of minors.  Rita 
          mentions Rick, who she had just met.  Rick introduced her to 
          Joe.  She tried to run away.  But they caught her.  She then 
          belonged to Joe Chernak. 
Scene 2:  Rita is still holding the box with the Mexican jumping beans.  
          Testimony continues.  Rita testifies that she went with Joe 
          Chernak for about 8 months.  She relates that she quit school.  
          Joe Chernak introduced her to Kitch Brunner.  She met Norman 
          next.  Gus Chernak causes a disturbance and is removed from 
          court.  Steven continues his cross-examination of Rita.  Steven 
          asks if part of her really wanted Joe.  Rita says that finally 
          she had no feelings for Joe.  Judge Jessup warns Steven.  
          Steven concludes his cross-examination of Rita.  Judge Irwin A. 
          Jessup adjourns the court until 10:00 a.m. the next morning. 
Scene 3:  Out in the courthouse corridor, Norman calls to Rita, but Ada 
          pulls Rita away and talks with her.  Ada tells Norman to leave 
          her alone.  Norman goes back in the almost empty courtroom. 

          Steven is conferring with Rodney and Leslie Harrington as 
          Norman storms back in.  Norman berates Steven him for the way 
          he treated Rita.  Leslie assures Steven that he understands. 

Scene 4:  John Fowler comes into the courtroom and talks with Steven 
          Cord.  He congratulates Steven on his cross-examination of 
          Rita.  John tells Steven that he'll see him next round.  Steven 
          lifts a drink but doesn't imbibe.  He leaves the courtroom. 

Preview:  Constance talks to Elliot.  Steven Cord talks with Betty.  Gus 
          Chernak talks to Stella Chernak. 
          CM:  Dr. Rossi said it would be some time before she could 
               even face the fact that Mr. Mackenzie doesn't even exist. 
          SC:  I'll send him a copy of Rita's testimony and we'll pour 
               over it tomorrow. 
          BA:  You made your point.  You don't like what you did to 
          SC:  No, I don't.
          GC:  What would your fine doctor think of you then?  You want 
               to keep him, don't you, Stella?  Don't you?

Rick, Joe Chernak-Brunner gang.