Episode 171.
          Rita completes her testimony.  Gus slaps Stella. 

WA:       Rita Jacks has testified that she became the girl friend of the 
          deceased Joe Chernak in order to get in with an exciting crowd.  
          Her appearance on the stand has helped establish Joe's 
          character.  It has also destroyed her own. 

Writtten by Carol Sobieski and Michael Gleason
Directed by Ted Post
Produced by Everett Chambers
Executive Producer:  Paul Monash
Intro:    After Rita testifies, Elliot Carson drives her and her mother, 
          Ada, through town.  They are in the back seat of his nice 
Scene 1:  Elliot drops Rita and Ada off at the Tavern.  They go back in 
          the living quarters. 
Scene 2:  Steven is lying in bed as the phone rings and he throws a 
          pillow at it.  It falls to the floor.  Betty comes to the door 
          and Steven lets her in.  Betty says that Mr. Peyton wants 
          Steven to call him. 

Scene 3:  Back at Ada Jacks' Tavern, the juke-box is playing.  Ada 
          reaches around and lowers the volume.  Chairs are stacked on 
          the tables to indicate that the bar is closed for business.  
          Gus Chernak storms in and says that he wants to see the liar, 
          Rita.  Ada hollers at Gus.  Gus hollers back at Ada.  Stella 
          runs in and tries to restrain Gus.  Stella takes Gus away.  

          Ada goes to the apartment bedroom in back.  Rita is lying on 
          the bed crying.  Now Ada starts crying.  Rita tries to comfort 
          her.  Ada goes to the kitchen area to fix a meal.  Rita says 
          she is going out for some fresh air.  
Scene 4:  Rita sees Norman sitting on the porch.  They kiss and embrace.  
          Norman says that he has to talk with her.  They go down the 
          street.  Ada opens the door and looks for Rita.  She is gone. 
Scene 5:  Elliot is in Allison's messy room going through the clutter.  
          Constance comes in and tells him that she has just fixed a 
          fresh pot of coffee.  Elliot has been straightening up the 
          room.  Allison is expected back from the hospital soon.  Elliot 
          thanks Constance for what she did with Allison.  Constance says 
          that she hasn't really done anything.  Constance says that Rita 
          was able to face her reality.  Allison can't face the truth.  
          Rossi says that it will be sometime before Allison will be able 
          to face the fact that Mr. Mackenzie doesn't exist. 
Scene 6:  At the Chernak house, Stella comes in and asks Gus where her 
          mother is.  He said that Anna is filling the church with tears 
          and mopping them up with her hair.  Gus says that all kids with 
          guts are wild.  Stella says that Joey was a selfish little rat.  
          She argues with her father.  Stella says that she and her 
          father are two cut-rate frauds.  Gus slaps her.  Gus says that 
          she is not going to change one word of her testimony.  Gus 
          storms out, slamming the door. 
Scene 7:  Out on the beach, Norman and Rita discuss the possibility of 
          having children.  Rita doesn't want any girls.  She wants boys.  
          Norman says that Peyton Place needs a major league baseball 
          team.  Norman asks if she is cold.  He gives her his coat.  
          They snuggle up to each other.  They tell each other that they 
          love each other.  They kiss each other. 
Scene 8:  In the tavern, the patrons are drinking.  Rodney comes in and 
          Ada reminds him that he is old enough to get life, but not to 
          buy a drink.  Ada pours drinks for some of the patrons.  Rodney 
          asks if she knows were Norman is.  She doesn't.  Rodney asks 
          Ada to call him when Norman comes back.  Rodney leaves. 
Scene 9:  Norman walks Rita home.  Rita doesn't want it to be over.  She 
          doesn't want to say goodbye or goodnight.  Norman says, "Let's 
          get married.  Don't you want to."  Rita agrees to get married.  
          Rita says that Ada will worry.  Norman says they'll tell her 
          after it is over.  Rita says, "I'm scared, of being married."  
Preview:  Norman talks with Rev. Dr. Brown.  Rodney talks with Dr. Rossi. 

          NH:  It is forever.  It isn't not a kid thing.
          DB:  Then you shouldn't be afraid to test it by waiting. 
          RH:  What I don't understand is how you can keep her on, after 
               you know. 
          MR:  After I know?  After I know, what?
          RH:  That she lied.
               David Schuster fights with Gus. 

Gus Chernak-Bruce Gordon.
Rev. Dr. Brown-Frederick Downs.
Martha Brown-uncredited.
Gus slaps Stella.