Episode 172.
          Norman and Rita marry in the Wayside Chapel in Owens Ridge, 
          across the state line. 

WA:       To everything there is a season.  And a time to every purpose 
          under the heavens.  A time to keep silence.  A time to speak, a 
          time to love, and a time to hate.  And for Norman Harrington 
          and Rita Jacks a time to wait. 

Written by
Directed by 
Produced by Everett Chambers
Executive Producer Paul Monash
Intro:    Norman and Rita driving to Owens Ridge across the state line.  
          The two line Clarion headline:  
                             IN HARRINGTON CASE 

          Martha Brown          Dr. Brown

Scene 1:  Dr. Brown and his wife, Martha, in the Wayside Chapel in Owens 
          Ridge.  Dr. Brown tries to talk Rita and Norman out of getting married. 

Scene 2:  David Schuster is in his office at the mill dictating a letter 
          concerning the S-105 computer.  He hears a disturbance down 
          stairs.  He has the operator, ring the night watchman.  Gus 
          Chernak is taking a sledge hammer to some machinery as Schuster 
          comes down the stairs to the factory floor.  Schuster switches 
          the light off.  And Gus says, "Hey, what's going on?"  Schuster 
          invites him into his office.  Gus says you mean Harrington's 
          office.  Gus is angry because Schuster wouldn't hire his son 
          Joe, but he hired Rodney.  [Rodney was offered a job at the 
          mill by David Schuster.]  Gus hits another piece of machinery 
          and Schuster restrains him.  We learn later that $500 damage 
          was done.  Gus collapses and Dr. Rossi is called.  The 
          ambulance crew hauls Gus Chernak away.  Schuster talks with Dr. 

Scene 3:  Norman and Rita are let into the motel room.  When the 
          innkeepress leaves, they go back outside and Norman carries 
          Rita over the threshhold.  He kicks the door shut gently.  
          Norman leaves to get her a nightie.  Rita listens to the radio 
          and looks at her wedding ring. 

Scene 4:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Rodney goes to the bar.  Charlie is 
          bartending.  He orders an orange juice.  He asks the bartender 
          to add just a little booze.  The bartender graciously declines.  
          Rodney says, "Heavy on the ice."  Rossi walks up and orders a 
          martini on the rocks.  He tells Rodney that he has just made 
          an emergency call to the mill for Gus Chernak.  Gus has a liver 
          ailment.  Rodney says he is glad he has an alibi.  He tells 
          Rossi that Rita testified today.  [It is the opinion of your 
          reviewer that Dr. Rossi may have somewhat violated medical 
          ethics by relating this event to Rodney.] Rodney mentions the 
          Collossus of Rhodes. 
Scene 5:  Meanwhile back at the motel, Rita tunes the radio to a 
          different station.  She hears a siren, probably an ambulance.  
          She peeks through the venetian blinds.  Rita calls the operator 
          to ask if she has seen Norman.  She identifies herself as Mrs. 
          Harrington.  Norman knocks on the door and comes in.  Norman 
          has brought her a nightie.  She says it's beautiful.  Norman 
          admits that he pawned his watch at the jewelry store for $25 to 
          buy the nightie.  Rita goes in the other room to put on the 
          nightie.  He opens a shoe box and puts some fuzzy slippers on 
          the bed.  Rita comes out in her nightie and sees the slippers.  
          Norman is peeking out the venetian blinds.  Rita lights a 
          candle.  Norman brings in the chanpagne.  Norman opens it and 
          they drink a toast each other for a lifetime. 

Preview:  Rodney Harrington talks to Leslie Harrington.  David Schuster 
          talks to Martin Peyton.  Gus Chernak talks with Stella. 

          RH:  You can't make him pretend he's not married.  Now his 
               life is his and Rita's.  And I'm going to do everything 
               in my power to see that you stay out of it.
          DS:  Mr. Peyton, as a businessman no one can touch you.  As a 
               human being, I don't think anyone would want to. 
          GC:  You're sittin' on a pat hand.  Just keep your mouth shut 
               and the jackpot's all yours.  Go on being what you are. 
          SC:  The liar you want me to be.

Rev. Dr. Brown-Frederick Downs. 
Martha Brown-not credited. 
S-105 computer.  [This is not 5 upgrades from an S-100.]
It is mentioned in scene 2 that Rodney worked for David Schuster at the 
Peyton mill.