Episode 173.
          Newlyweds Norman and Rita return to Peyton Place. 

WA:       Norman Harrington and Rita Jacks eloped last night.  
          Impulsively perhaps, but also because they are deeply in love.  
          Now they've come back to make a new life for themselves, and 
          they find a new world.  The first snow has fallen on Peyton 

Written by Michael Gleason and Carol Sobieski
Directed by Jeffrey Hayden
Produced by Everett Chambers
Executive Producer:  Paul Monash
Executive Script Consultant:  Richard DeRoy
Intro:    The Peyton Place square.  The two cannons.  Now entering Peyton 
          Place elevation 105 feet.  Traffic sign, Hwy 4 to the left, Hwy 
          12 to the right. 
Scene 1:  In their rag-top convertible coupe, Norman and Rita drive to 
          the square and play in the snow. 
Scene 2:  Norman and Rita run into Eli on the street across from the 
          square and tell him of their marriage.  Eli tells them that he 
          thinks its wonderful.  Eli kisses the bride.  Eli wishes them 
          good luck. 
Scene 3:  Norman and Rita run up to Ada's porch, which seems to be by the 
          Shorline Arcade, and hesitate before going in.  Ada is sitting 
          at a round table seemingly asleep.  Ada is roused and told the 
          news.  She hugs Rita.  Ada offers them her bedroom and says 
          that she will sleep on the couch.  Ada says that she will buy 
          them an electric skillet. [An appropriate gift for the day.] 
Scene 4:  Gus is squirming in his hospital bed.  He calls the nurse.  He 
          wants the thing [the IV] taken out of his arm.   Rossi comes 
          in.  Rossi fusses about Gus' drinking.  Gus wants to know if 
          he's going to die.  Gus has Advanced cirrosis of the liver.  
          The veins in his esophagus ruptured last night. 
Scene 5:  Schuster reports to Peyton in the mansion where the Schusters 
          also live.  He said that Gus did about $500 damage to the 
          machinery.  Schuster tells Peyton that he fired Gus.  Peyton 
          asks if the insurance company has been notified. 
Scene 6:  Norman talks to Rodney.  Rodney fusses at him.  Norman tells 
          Rodney that he and Rita got married.   Rodney says he will move 
          out of the apartment.  Leslie comes in.  Rodney offers him some 
          coffee.  Norman tells his father that he and Rita got married.  
          Leslie says, "Well, what's done is done." 
Scene 7:  Rodney walks down the stairs across the square and stops in 
          front of the Pillory.  Police Ofc. Frank walks up and asks 
          Rodney if Norman is home.  Frank says that he has another 
          subpoena.  Frank climbs the stairs.  Rodney tosses the 
Preview:  Phyllis Sloan talks with her brother-in-law, John Fowler.  
          Rossi talks with Allison.  Norman talks with Leslie. 
          PS:  Just forget that I have a sister.  Just forget that she's 
          JF:  This is a matter between a husband man and wife.  Can you 
               understand that? 
          MR:  When you came out you were in a very distraught state.  It 
               was soon after that you were hit by a car. 
          AM:  No.  No.  It's not true. 
          NH:  Don't you say another word about her.  She's my wife now, 
Officer Frank-Greg Morris.
Phyllis Sloan-Bek Nelson.