Episode 174.
          Norman testifies for the prosecution. 

WA:       For Allison Mackenzie, each day is a day of hope.  A hope for 
          the future.  A day when she will fit together the pieces of 
          truth from her past. 
Intro:    Two men are going into Doctors Hospital.  Allison, in her wheel 
          chair is going into Rossi's office. 

Scene 1:  Allison begins to chat with Rossi's project assistant, Stella 
          Chernak.  Allison asks Stella what she was listening to as she 
          came in.  Stella says she was listening to the news. 

          Allison turns the radio on.  Stella grabs the radio from her 
          and turns it off.  Stella says that the radio isn't hers and 
          she doesn't want it getting broken.  

          When Stella leaves, Allison turns the radio back on and catches 
          a newscast telling about Rodney's trial.  

          Dr. Rossi comes in and realizes that Allison knows about 
          Rodney.  Rossi tells Allison that she can't hide everytime 
          something upsets her.  Rossi opens the door for her and she 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi goes into the lab to fuss at Stella.  He blames 
          Stella for leaving a newspaper out where Allison would see the 
          article about Rodney Harrington's trial and Joe Chernak's 
          death.  He asks her if she did it on purpose. 

Scene 3:  In the Book Gallery, Constance, Elliot, and Ada discuss the 
          newspaper item announcing the marriage of Rita Charmaine Jacks 
          to Norman Harrington.  Elliot offers to print wedding 
          announcements for them. 

Scene 4:  Rodney tells Steven that Norman and Rita Jacks got married the 
          previous night. 

Scene 5:  Norman talks with Leslie and Rodney in the apartment. 

Scene 6:  Phyllis Sloan fusses at John Fowler about the disappearance of 
          her sister, Marian.  Fowler says that he doesn't know where his 
          wife is. 

Scene 7:  Back in the courtroom, Norman, as a hostile witness, is 
          examined by John Fowler about the fight, and asks if Joe 
          Chernak had challenged Norman's manhood.  Norman is 18.  Steven 
          cross-examines Norman.  Norman is excused. 

Preview:  Rodney talks to Dr. Rossi.  Stella Chernak talks with John 
          Fowler.  Rodney talks to Allison. 

          RH:  I don't have time, doctor.  I may have about 3 more weeks 
               of freedom left.  I'm on trial for murder right now. 
          SC:  You don't trust anybody or anything, do you, Mr. Fowler?
          JF:  I intend to win, miss Chernak.

          RH:  I don't think I can come back here anymore.  No treatment 
               in the world is going to make you love me again. 

Phyllis Sloan, Marian Fowler's married sister in Boston-Bek Nelson.