Episode 175.
          Gus sneaks out of Doctors Hospital. 

WA:       For Allison Mackenzie, the recovery from the effects of the hit 
          and run accident have been slow and difficult.  But now she has 
          begun to remember some of the parts of her life she had 
          forgotten.  She remembers the facts but she has yet to discover 
          their ultimate meaning.   
Intro:    The Pillory.  The bandstand.  Snow on the ground.  Two men 
          going into Doctors Hospital.  Allison wheeling around in her 

Scene 1:  Allison is painting with her left hand in the therapy room as 
          Russ Gehring works at his desk.  They are talking as Rodney 
          Harrington knocks.  Allison tells him to come in.  Gehring 
          leaves.  Allison had asked for Rodney to come see her.  They 
          talk about the trial and their love for each other.  Leslie 
          Harrington had gotten Rodney out on bail.  This is a return 
          visit, for Allison had come to visit Rodney in jail.  Rodney 
          told Allison that he could see the square from his cell.  
          Rodney tells Allison he needs her. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi runs into Rodney at the Information Desk and this 
          gives Rodney an opportunity to inquire about Allison.  Rossi 
          tells Rodney that her adjustment may take some time.  Rodney 
          indicates the trial will last about three more weeks.  He may 
          have only three more weeks of freedom.  
Scene 3:  Norman and Rita enter their apartment.  There is a dart board 
          in the background.  They domesticate.  Norman asks for his pipe 
          and slippers, but decides to settle for his tennis shoes.  
          Rodney comes to pick up some belongings.  Rita invites Rodney 
          to dinner.  Rodney declines and leaves. 
Scene 4:  Stella knocks and enters Dr. Rossi's office.  Stella says that 
          she was in the lab all afternoon.  Rossi says he's all out of 
          banter.  They talk about Allison and the trial.  John Fowler 
          comes in to talk to Stella Chernak.  Rossi leaves saying he has 
          a house call to make.  He wants her to testify on Monday.  
          Fowler tells her she is a very important witness.  Stella asks 
          Fowler if he knew that her father was fired by his majesty 
          Martin Peyton's mouthpiece Mr. Schuster.  Fowler tells her he 
          intends to win. 
Scene 5:  Fowler runs into Russ Gehring maneuvering Allison around in her 
          wheelchair.  Fowler talks to Allison about her being hit by the 
          car.  Allison says she remembers that it was a dark bright 
          colored, blue or green car that hit her.  Gehring seems to be 
          opposed to having Allison answer any questions.  Fowler thanks 
          her and leaves. 
Scene 6:  In the hospital, Stella comes to visit her father, Gus Chernak, 
          who is in bed.  Gus says it was a dumb thing he did, and that 
          he is sorry, sorry that he was caught.  Stella chats briefly 
          and leaves. 
Scene 7:  Gus is seen dressing and sneaking out of the hospital. 
Preview:  Betty talks with Steven.  Rodney talks with his father, Leslie 
          Harrington.  Stella talks with Rossi. 
          BA:  Norman isn't Rodney and he needs have someone.  And if 
               he's willing to take on the responsibility of marriage, 
               that's his business. 
          RH:  Nothing's simple anymore, is it?  A man can't even sneeze 
               in this town without everybody wondering how it's going 
               to affect my case. 
          SC:  We lie ourselves right into our graves.  What do you want 
               me to tell you? 
          MR:  The truth. 
Gus Chernak-Bruce Gordon, [Frank Nitty in the TV series Untouchables].