Episode 176.
          Gus breaks into the Peyton mansion. 

WA:       Night has come to Doctors Hospital.  And for Gus Chernak, an 
          urgent mission has begun, a matter of life and death.  In the 
          balance, revenge against Martin Peyton.  Revenge for the life 
          he has lived and for the death of his son. 
Intro:    Gus slipping out of Doctors Hospital. [Repeat of a scene in the 
          previous episode.] 
Scene 1:  Steven drives up to the Peyton house, he rings the chimes, and 
          Betty lets him in.  Peyton asks Betty to turn off the music.  
          Betty is in her coat, ready to go out with Steven for the 
          evening.  The old man pontificates that music should never be 
          used as a background.  It dishonors both the composer and the 
          company.  Peyton tells Steven to sit down and take off his coat.  
          He says that Norman has some of Catherine's charm.  Betty 
          fusses at Peyton about Rita and Norman.  Peyton tells them 
          about Gus Chernak breaking into the machine shop the previous 
          evening.  They bid him a good night and go out.  Peyton turns 
          the record player back on and gets a cigar.  
Scene 2:  At the rear of the Peyton mansion, Gus Chernak breaks in.  He 
          finds a bottle of booze and takes a drink.  In the background, 
          Peyton is heard talking to Steven and Betty.  Gus comes in the 
          living room and turns off the record player.  He makes threatening 
          gestures toward Martin Peyton.  He takes one of Peyton's cigars.
          Peyton tells him to get out.  Chernak and Peyton fuss at each 
          other.  Chernak picks up Peyton's cane and starts to hit the 
          old man, but he collapses.  Peyton can only look on in shock. 
Scene 3:  In the Carson beach house, Dr. Rossi is lighting a fire in the 
          fireplace.  He phones Stella's mother, Anna Chernak, and asks 
          to speak with Stella.  He is told that Stella isn't home.  Stella 
          soon arrives at Rossi's door carrying two sacks of groceries.  
          Rossi has the fireplace poker in his hand.  It appears that 
          they are in a dating mood.  She lights the fire and he calls 
          her a witch.  She takes this as a compliment. 

Scene 4:  At the Inn, Leslie Harrington is reading the Clarion, as his 
          son, Rodney, knocks at the door.  Rodney says that he is his 
          father's new neighbor.  Leslie laments Norman's marriage.  
          They soon bgin to quarrel about Norman and Rita.  Leslie assures
          Rodney that he wont go to prison.  Rodney leaves.
Scene 5:  Still at the Inn, Rodney encounters Betty, and inquires where 
          Steven is.  He talks to her about Lawrence, the private detective 
          in California that Steven hired to check up on Stella.  He tells 
          her about fussing with Peyton about Norman and Rita.  Betty
          says she had a similar fuss with Peyton.
Scene 6:  Back at the beach house, Rossi and Stella have been eating, 
          drinking, and talking as the phone rings.  It is the police.  
          Rossi is told of Gus' incident.  Rossi says he will get in 
          touch with Stella and get over to the Peyton house as quickly 
          as possible.  Rossi explains to Stella that her father has been 
          injured at the Peyton house. 
Scene 7:  Rossi and Stella arrive at the Peyton house and she pounds 
          impatiently on the front door. 
Preview:  Rossi talks to Stella.  Steven talks to Leslie.  Stella raises 
          her voice to the paramedic. 
          MR:  You keep those promises.  You hold tight to those lies. 
          SC:  I never should have trusted you.
          SC:  They, the Peyton-Harrington combine, killed his son.
          LH:  Now wait a minute, Steven.
          SC:  And they, the Peyton-Harrington combine, fired him for 
               saying so. 
          SC:  Give him the oxygen.  Give him the oxygen. 

Det. Lawrence-Bert Remsen.
Anna Chernak on the phone.
Paramedics are now called Emergency Medical Technicians.