Episode 177.
          Gus expires in the Peyton house. 

WA:       A desperate emergency call brings Dr. Michael Rossi and Stella 
          Chernak to the Peyton house.  For one of the men inside the 
          Peyton house, every second, every breath, could bring death. 
Intro:    Rossi and Stella drive up to the Peyton house. 
Scene 1:  The police are there.  Stella pounds impatiently on the door 
          and they are let in.  Hanna is explaining to the police that 
          Gus forced his way in at the french doors at the back of the 
          house.  Hanna wants Dr. Rossi to do something for Peyton as his 
          pulse is much too high.  Gus is still alive and he speaks to 
          Stella.  He said he only wanted his job back.  The ambulance is 
          heard arriving.  Stella tells Gus she loves him.  Gus tells 
          Stella to make Rodney pay for killing Joe.  Stella says, "Don't 
          go to sleep, papa."  Two paramedics come in and prepare to give
          oxygen to Gus.  Gus expires.  Stella insists on more oxygen.  
          Rossi nods, even though he knows Gus has expired.  Gus is 
          uselessly given oxygen by the paramedics.  Stella is 
          distressed.  The paramedics withdraw.
Scene 2:  Gus is carted out the front door on a stretcher.  Dr. Rossi 
          asks Martin how he feels.  Peyton had not met Sgt. Edward 
          Goddard before.  With Rossi's permission, Martin gives his 
          story to Sgt. Goddard.  Peyton opines that it is a pity that 
          Chernak was so self destructive.  Peyton asks Hannah for a 
          glass of water.  Peyton quotes an old Latin phrase, "Speak 
          only good of the dead."  Goddard wants Peyton to tell him
          the truth.  Peyton relates what happened.  Stella says, 
          "Liar, Liar."  She imposes her side of the story.  Peyton 
          begins to unload on Stella.  Peyton tells Hannan to "get rid
          of these people." 
Scene 3:  Stella and Rossi go outside.  The attendant has Rossi sign 
          on a clipboard, then Rossi and Stella get in the back of 
          the ambulance, leaving Rossi's car at the Peyton house.  
          Even though Gus has been pronounced dead, the ambulance 
          drives off with its siren blaring.

Scene 4:  In their apartment, Norman and Rita hear the ambulance.  Rita 
          poses the possibility that it is a lady going to the hospital 
          to have a baby.  Norman suggests twins.  Rita says, "No, 
          quadruplets."  Norman and Rita rush down the steps and, even 
          though it is still nighttime, have a brief snowball fight.  Rita 
          runs into the Clarion office followed by Norman, who slips and 
          falls before he makes it through the door.  Eli offers the 
          playful newlyweds some hot coffee.  He offers to help them 
          whenever they need him.  They hear the ambulance again.  
Scene 5:  Rossi and Stella are riding in the ambulance.  Rossi is quite 
          annoyed with Stella.  Rossi tells Stella that her mother will 
          really need her now.  Rossi explains the implications of a 
          death certificate.  And he asks Stella what her father's dying 
          words were.  Stella says that dying words are private.   Rossi 
          asks if Rodney really threatened Joe or if Stella had lied.  
          He asks what she is going to say on the stand Monday.
Scene 6:  Steven Cord is talking with Leslie Harrington in room 8 at the 
          Inn.  They discuss the implications of the passing of Gus Chernak.  
          Leslie places a telephone call to Rodney's room.  Steven asks the 
          desk to see whether Rodney's car is in the lot.  He is told that 
          the car is not there.  They wonder out loud where Rodney could be 
          and whether he could have jumped bail. 
Preview:  Rossi talks roughly to Stella about Rodney's difficulty.  
          Leslie talks to Norman.  Allison tells Rossi that she wants 
          out of the hospital. 
          MR:  You could be sending Rodney Harrington to prison for the 
               rest of his life.  Think that over.
          LH:  Rodney's not here.  And his car is not here.
          NH:  You're kidding.
          LH:  He broke up with Allison, today.
          NH:  Do you think he skipped bail?
          AM:  I want to go home, because I hate it here.  I want out.  
               How many ways do I have to put it?  I'm sick of you 
               asking questions, questions.