Episode 178.
          Rodney celebrates his 21st birthday.  Rodney breaks up with 

WA:       Tonight, Gus Chernak, father of Stella Chernak, and of the 
          deceased Joe Chernak, died as he had lived, violently and 
          senselessly, leaving his daughter Stella committed to destroy 
          those he could not destroy himself. 
Intro:    Rossi driving Stella to the Chernak home in his car. 

Scene 1:  Rossi and Stella arrive at the Chernak home.  Rossi gets out 
          and goes around to open the passenger door.  At the front door, 
          Rossi asks if she wants him to come inside.  Stella reminds
          Rossi that Monday is her day in court. 

Scene 2:  Leslie phones Norman to tell him Rodney is missing and he is 
          worried.  Leslie tells Norman that Rodney broke up with 
          Allison.  Norman promises to look for and find Rodney.  

Scene 3:  Rodney goes in Ada Jacks' Tavern and is warmly greeted by Ada.  
          He tells her he will be 21 in just a few minutes.  He is then 
          hit upon by an attractive stranger [Karen] who is eventually 
          identified.  He asks her name.  She says, "Try dancing with 
          some one you don't know."  Rodney dances with her.  Norman and 
          Rita come in and find Rodney.  They want to know who the 
          stranger is.  But, Rodney can't tell them.  Ada is serving free 
          champagne in honor of Rodney's birthday. Rita and Norman sing 
          "Happy Birthday" to Rodney. 

Scene 4:  Heavy with child, Constance, lumbers cautiously up the front 
          steps of the hospital.  She talks to Elliot who has been 
          waiting for her to arrive, and then goes in to see her 
          daughter.  Constance is very pleased that Allison is walking.  
          Allison says that she wants to go home, now. 

Scene 5:  Elliot is talking to Rossi and wants a report on Allison.  She 
          walks up on crutches, the first time Elliot has seen her 
          walking since the hit-and-run accident.  Elliot tries to make a 
          lunch date for tomorrow.  She declines.  She excuses herself 
          and goes into Dr. Rossi's office.  Elliot and Rossi talk just a 
          little while longer. 

Scene 6:  In Dr. Rossi's office, Allison is typing with her right hand on 
          what appears to be an old Underwood® typewriter.  Rossi comes in 
          and sits at Stella's desk.  [She was painting with her 
          left hand in a previous episode].  Rassi says that he hopes she 
          is using her left hand.  They talk.  She reads her poem to Dr. 
                   Hi, listen to me, all powerful one.
                   Sitting aloft there high in your chair
                   Higher than I am allowed to dare climb.
                   Listen to me, the answers are child-like
                   You with the high chair should know.
                   Simple, you say as ABC. 
                   But it's you who can't see.
          Rossi says, "Can't see what?"  Rossi asks Allison what 
          frightens her.  Allison says she wants to go home.  She hates 
          it in the hospital.  She says that she is sick of Dr. Rossi 
          asking her questions.  Rossi asks Allison why Elliot bothers 
          her.  Rossi tells Allison that Elliot is her father.  She says 
          stepfather.  Rossi says, no, father.  She is overwhelmed. 
Preview:  Officer Frank is talking on the phone to Marian Fowler in San 
          Francisco.  John Fowler is talking to Martin.  Allison is 
          yelling at her parents.   
          OF:  What about Allison Mackenzie.  Will you give me your name, 
          MF:  "    ".
          OF:  Are you still there?  Miss?
          JF:  I tried the case on the basis of its merit.  
          MP:  A man who can find merit in Stella Chernak's lies, 
               would find it wherever it's most convenient.
          AM:  Please get out.  Out.  Get out of my room.
Ofc. Frank-Greg Morris.
Karen-Joanna Moore--real-life wife of Ryan O'Neal at the time.
Ryan O'Neal's character was hit on by his future ex.