Episode 179.
         Dr. Rossi informs Allison that Elliot Carson is her father.

WA:      For many weeks Doctors Hospital in Peyton Place has cared for 
         Allison Mackenzie.  Allison, the victim of a hit-run accident 
         has failed to recognize Elliot Carson as her father.  To 
         Allison, Elliot has been Mr. Carson.  But in the view of Dr. 
         Michael Rossi of the hospital staff the time has come to tell 
         the patient Elliot's true identity. 

Intro:   At the Information desk in the hospital, a brunette nurse walks 
         in front of the camera.  A blonde nurse, who is using a manual 
         typewriter, finishes filling in a form, gets up and puts the 
         form in a tray on top of the file cabinet.  Rossi grabs hold 
         of Allison.  They go in Rossi's office. 
Scene 1: Dr. Rossi is talking to Allison.  He tells her that Elliot is 
         her real father.  Allison says he means "step-father."  Rossi 
         says, "No, real father."  Allison becomes hysterical.  Her 
         mother and father were married almost a year ago.  They have 
         all been living together for over six months.  [They were married 
         by Jerry Bedford, who later dated Betty for a while]. 
Scene 2: At the Inn, Rodney comes to see Steven.  Steven complains that
         he had thought that Rodney had jumped bail.  Rodney tells Steven 
         about the girl he met at Ada's.  Rodney says he's tired and is 
         going to his room to get some sleep.  Rodney leaves.  As Rodney 
         leaves, Detective Lawrence calls from California. 
Scene 3: John Fowler goes into the police station to talk to Sgt. Edward 
         Goddard and speaks with Officer Frank.  Fowler starts talking 
         with Sgt. Goddard.  The police receive a strange call from Marian 
         in San Francisco, [the sixth largest city in the country].  The 
         caller, without identifying herself, inquires how Allison 
         Mackenzie is doing.  She asks if they have found the person who 
         hit her.  Sgt. Goddard attempts to trace the call on line 3809.  
         He is told that it came from a Public telephone booth in San 
         Francisco.  Goddard says that he always thought it was a summer 
         tourist.  [This was back in the Clark Kent era when public telephone 
         booths were still fairly common].  Peyton walks in to make a 
         statement.  Peyton says he will sign the statement just as it stands.  
         Peyton argues with John Fowler.  Peyton signs the statement. 
Scene 4: Steven, carrying a suitcase and his briefcase, speaks briefly to 
         Martin Peyton in front of the courthouse.  He tells Peyton that he
         is on his way to Los Angeles, California to see Detective Lawrence, 
         who is checking up on Stella.  Steven gets in a taxi.  The fire 
         station is seen in the background.  Peyton gets in his limousine. 
Scene 5: Eli goes in the therapy room [salle de rééducation] and visits 
         with Russ Gehring.  He wants to know how to talk to Allison.  Will 
         she will be using a cane.  He asks if he will need to build a ramp.  
         Gehring promises to give tham a chart of what she needs and what 
         she should do.  Gehring says that Allison will be coming back to 
         the hospital for treatment.  Gehring assures Eli that Allison will 
         be okay. 
Scene 6: Elliot and Constance visit Allison in her hospital room.  Elliot 
         tells Allison that they had just talked with Rossi and he told 
         them everything.  Constance tells Allison that they will work 
         things out.  Allison says, "Goodbye, and don't slam the door.  
         Please get out.  Get out of my room."  Allison is upset with 
         them both and wants them to leave.  They leave.  Allison lies 
         down on her bed and begins to sob.  [A television set is seen
         in her room.][This is a good scene to shows her beautiful hair.]
Preview: Betty talks with Rodney.  Leslie talks with Martin.
         BA:  You didn't want to be married anyway.
         RH:  Did you?
         BA:  I knew I wanted you.  Maybe that's all it was.
         LH:  We had an agreement.  For the duration of Rodney's 
              trial, there was to be no interference.  That was one 
              of your typical attempts to bribe your way into his 
         MP:  There were no strings attached.
         LH:  There were strings and a hook.
Sgt. Edward Goddard-Gary Walberg.
Officer Frank-Greg Morris.
Detective Lawrence-Bert Remsen.