Episode 180.
          Dr. Rossi orders Martin Peyton to bed.  Peyton gives Rodney 
          $1000 in honor of his 21st birthday. 
WA:       As Betty Anderson walks through the Peyton Place Square this 
          cold winter morning, she wonders if seeing Rodney Harrington 
          today is the right thing for her to do.  Right or wrong, Betty 
          is propelled to this action, propelled toward Rodney. 
Intro:    A man is sweeping the sidewalk in front of the Colonial Post 
          Inn.  Betty Anderson walks by the man and into the Colonial 
          Post Inn. 
Scene 1:  Betty comes in Rodney's room to wish him a happy 21st birthday.  
          She says that she can only stay a minute, that she has been 
          shopping and has brought him a present, a yachting cap.  He 
          mentions the lack of recognition for his birthday.  She says 
          the day is not over yet.  They talk.  They kiss.  Leslie shows 
          up to interrupt the tender moment as the scene ends. 
Scene 2:  A mailman goes into the Colonial Post Inn.  Betty walks 
          outside.  Peyton drives up in his limousine and offers Betty a 
          ride to work at the hospital, a half block away.  Through the 
          passenger window, they visit pleasantly for a moment.  He 
          invites her to get in with him.  Betty gets in and they talk.  
          Thomas is dispatched to the desk to deliver the envelope for 
          Rodney. The envelope contains a check for $1000 which Rodney 
          later gives to Steven to help pay for the legal expenses. 
Scene 3:  Rodney is brushing off the yachting cap that Betty gave him for 
          a birthday gift, as Leslie fusses with him for again getting 
          involved with Betty.  He tells Leslie that he appreciates him 
          coming back from Europe.  The Colonial Post Inn desk clerk 
          knocks on the door and gives Rodney a monetary gift of $1000 
          from Martin Peyton.  Leslie tells Rodney that Martin is trying 
          to buy Rodney's loyalty. 
Scene 4:  Norman and Rita domesticate.  Rita says that Rodney is down in 
          the dumps since he broke up with Allison.  Norman suggests that 
          Rita serve beans and hard tack to their relatives when they 
          come to dinner. 
Scene 5:  At the Chernak house, John Fowler visits Stella Chernak to see 
          if she still wants to testify Monday, in light of her father's 
          death.  A grammaphone is seen.  John tells Stella that he can 
          get a postponemant if she wishes.  She mentions the police 
          report about her father's death.  Fowler tells Stella that 
          Peyton came by the police station to sign the statement.  
          Stella offers him coffee, but he declines.  Stella thanks 
          Fowler for showing concern about her feelings.  Fowler says 
          that he may need for Alma to testify in court.  Stella says 
          that she knows her mother will want to cooperate. 
Scene 6:  Elliot is touch typing with both hands as Eli comes in to tell 
          him the big news.  He asks if he can get a special rate on some 
          newspaper ads.  Eli is going to auction off all the stuff in 
          the Chandlery and will be opening a General Store.  Elliot says 
          that if the Chandlery isn't doing well enough, he will find a 
          way to help him make it do better, or look into finding another 
          business.  Elliot says that the day of the
 general store is out 
          of date.  Old telephones, pot-bellied stoves and the like.  
          Elliot says that his idea is a good one. Eli again asks about a 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi rings the chimes at the Peyton mansion.  Betty admits 
          Dr. Rossi and ushers him into the living room.  Rossi says the 
          roads are bad.  Peyton is playing with a snow globe.  The snow 
          flakes are made of chipped ivory.  He said it belonged to 
          Charles Dickens.  Rossi mentions that Peyton's automobile is 
          worth 20,000.  Rossi asks Betty to allow him be alone with 
          Peyton.  Dr. Rossi prescribes for Peyton.  Rossi orders Peyton 
          to go to bed.  The door chimes sound again.  

          Betty goes to the door and admits Leslie Harrington.  She asks 
          him to wait, that Rossi is with Peyton.  Peyton asks Rossi to 
          sit down.  Leslie asks to see Mr. Peyton.  Rossi turns Peyton 
          over to Leslie.  Leslie fusses at Peyton for giving Rodney 
          $1000.  Peyton tells Leslie that he never belonged in the 
          house.  Peyton holds up and admires the snow globe as Leslie 
Preview:  Stella talks to Leslie.  Betty talks to Allison.  Steven talks 
          to Detective Lawrence in Los Angeles.  
          SC:  For a Chernak, I feel pretty lucky,  I'm alive.  And 
               I'm going to see that Rodney gets what's coming to him. 
          LH:  ...
          BA:  It's like the old fable about the dog and the monkey. 
               You want him, but you won't let him go.  Maybe you are 
               trying to find yourself.  But so am I, Allison.
          AM:  ...
          SC:  Well, then he didn't have any direct access to the 
               formulas he stole? 
          DL:  No.  But Stella Chernak did.
Snow globe.
Rossi mentions that Peyton's limousine is valued at $20,000.