Episode 181.
          Rodney celebrates his 21st birthday with friends and family.  
          Steven flies to California.  

MEL:      Ryan O'Neal was born 4-20-41 in Los Angeles.  He was 
          24 when this episode aired.  Barbara Parkins was born 
          05-22-42 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She was 23 
          when this episode aired. 

WA:       During the many weeks of preparation for Rodney Harrington's 
          trial, Steven Cord has worked diligently and earnestly in 
          Rodnay's behalf.  Now, midway into the trial, Steven has flown 
          to California in pursuit of further information.  Information 
          that will help him defend Rodney.  Information that will break 
          down Stella Chernak's testimony.  Facts about Stella only a 
          private detective could find out. 
Intro:    Plane landing in California, probably the Los Angeles area.  
          Cab pulls up in front of a tall office building and Steven gets 
          out of the back right hand door.  He walks up to the building, 
          carrying his briefcase and overcoat. 
Scene 1:  In detective Lawrence's office, Steven learns that Richard 
          Jensen was a shipping clerk.  Stella was a bio-chemist.  Jensen 
          was released from Chino [SHEE-NO], a minimum security prison.  
          He was arrested just one month before Stella quit at the 
          Westover Research Institute.  He was arrested as a result of a 
          phone tip from an unidentified woman.  Lawrence tells Steven 
          about the luggage that Stella had ordered as a gift for Richard 
Scene 2:  Back in Peyton Place on the wharf, Stella calls to Leslie and 
          is sarcastic about Leslie and Rodney giving their condolences.  
          Leslie tells her that she should quit feeling sorry for 
          herself.  She says that Rodney will get what's coming to him. 
Scene 3:  Leslie goes into the Cider Barrel diner and is greeted by 
          Charlie.  He gets a cup of cider and a cinnamon stick from 
          Charlie.  He sits at a table to wait for Julie.  Julie comes in 
          and sits with him.  She mentioned that Leslie remembered about 
          the cinnamon stick.  He asks if Betty has said anything lately 
          about Rodney.  Leslie said he visited Rodney who said Betty had 
          dropped by this morning.  He thinks that Rodney and Betty have 
          gotten back together.  Julie says that she can not control 
          Betty.  Julie reminds Leslie that he left the country without 
          saying goodbye to her.  Julie says goodbye, gets up, and 
Scene 4:  At the hospital in civies, Betty is talking to Allison in her 
          room.  Betty is real nice and shows concern for Allison.  
          Allison tells Betty that she had forgotten that Elliot was her 
          father.  Betty reminds Allison that she was told a year ago 
          that Elliot was her father.  Allison tells Betty that she 
          wishes that Elliot had died.
Scene 5:  Elliot drives up, takes a look around, and pensively goes in 
          the Mackenzie-Carson house.  He finds Constance in a 
          darkened livingroom sleeping.  They talk about going back to 
          the hospital.  Constance wants to go and Elliot doesn't think 
          that there is any point in it. 
Scene 6:  Steven goes into a classy department store and asks Mr. Scott.  
          about Stella Chernak's gift purchases.  Stella bought and 
          then cancelled the order for three pieces of top-of-the-line 
          men's luggage monogrammed R. J., for Richard Jensen.  The 
          luggage was eventually sold to the mother of Robert Jordan who 
          was graduating from USC.  Steven thanks him and tells him that 
          he was very helpful to a young man, 3000 miles away, who is 
          standing trial for murder. 
Scene 7:  Rodney comes to the apartment to a surprise birthday party.  
          The guests include Eli, Leslie, Ada, Norman, and Rita.  Betty 
          isn't there.  Ada hugs Rodney.  Rodney sits down at his cake.  
          Eli's pants split.  Rita allows that they should have 
          borrowed some chairs instead of using orange crates.  Rodney 
          opens his presents and everyone was a sweater.  They open the 
          champagne.  Leslie tells Rodney that Steven is pursuing 
          something in California.  Norman starts to make a toast.  Eli 
          makes a speech and a toast: 
               Rodney, at my age, I speak from the other end 
               of the telescope.  But from that end I get a 
               very clear perspective.  You're going through 
               a rough time.  I'm not that much for speechifying,
               I'd like to quote a few favorite lines. 
               Since life is short, we need to make it broad. 
               Since life is brief, we need to make it bright.
               Then keep the old kings' motto well in sight
               And let its meaning, permeate each day.
               Whatever comes, this too, shall pass away.
               Rodney, Happy Birthday.
          They clink glasses with each other and drink the toast.
Preview:  In court, Stella talks to Steven about her brother Joe Chernak.  
          Allison argues with Russ Gehring. 
          SC:  You can ask me anything you like about my brother.  He was 
               nobody's candidate for leading citizen.  But it's also true 
               that on the day that Joey died, Rodney Harrington came to my 
               house and told me that he was going to kill him.  [A lie]. 
          AM:  You think I'm ready to go home.  You see I'm not.
          RG:  Yes you are.  Now walk.  Walk.
          AM:  I'm not ready.

Detective Lawrence-Bert Remsen.        
Mr. Scott, department store clerk salesman-Bill Douglas.
Robert Jordan-mentioned, same initials as Richard Jensen.
Westover Research Institute.
Orange crate.