Episode 182.
          Gus Chernak is buried.  Allison cuts her hair.

WA:       Gus Chernak moves slowly and solemnly to his final resting 
          place.  Perhaps it is only chance that the procession passes 
          directly in front of the courthouse where Rodney Harrington is 
          standing trial for killing Gus Chernak's son, Joe. 
MEL:      Allison cuts her hair on Rodney's 21st birthday.  Stella is 
          recalled in the next episode after Dr. Rossi testifies. 
Intro;    Funeral procession passing the square, the Pillory and the 
          courthouse, on the way to the Peyton Place cemetary. 
Scene 1:  Steven gets out of a car.  Leslie, Rodney and Steven talk 
          outside courthouse.  John Fowler arrives and speaks to them. 
          The triad enter the courthouse together. 
Scene 2:  In the courtroom, with Judge Irwin A. Jessup presiding, John 
          enters peoples exhibit twelve, a voluntary signed statement by 
          Rodney Harrington, witnessed by Sgt. Edward Goddard.  Steven 
          objects and is overruled.  John reads from Rodney's statement.  
          Steven reads the remainder of Rodney's statement.  Stella and 
          Anna enter the courtroom dressed in black. 
Scene 3:  Constance is completing a sale as Eli Carson comes in and 
          invites her to have lunch with him.  He eventually gets her to 
Scene 4:  Russ Gehring is finishing up with another patient, Jordan, as 
          Allison wheels in.  In her wheelchair [fauteuil roulant], 
          Allison casually mentions to Gehring that the driver that 
          hit her was a woman.  Gehring tries to get her to use her 
          crutches, not the wheelchair.  He is rough with her so Allison 
          screams for a nurse.  Her hair is still long at this time.  
          A contract dispute was the real-life reason for Mia Farrow 
          cutting her hair. 

            Allison with     Allison with
            long hair        short hair

Scene 5:  Rossi comes into his office and finds that Allison has cut her 
          hair.  Rossi observes that Allison is back in her wheelchair.  
          Rossi wants her to go outside.  Allison says that she wants to 
          be left alone.    
Scene 6:  Back in the courtroom, John has finished examining Stella.  
          and turns her over to the defense.  Steven cross-examines 
          Stella.  She quotes Rodney as saying, "Tell your brother that 
          I'm going to take care of him."  I said is that a threat.  
          "That's exactly what it is.  When I catch up with your 
          brother, I'm going to finish him off.  I'm going to kill him."  
          Steven points out that the three recitations are identical. 
Preview:  Allison collapses and Dr. Rossi lifts her back in bed.  Marian 
          Fowler talks with John.  Steven examines Rossi concerning Stella. 
          AM:  You see I can't.  I can't.  I can't even walk.  I can't 
               step on it. 
          MF:  You're not making it easier for me.
          JF:  Do you think it's easy for me?  You think that just because 
               I'm willing to make an effort to save our marriage, I have 
               no pride as a man? 
          SC:  You have worked closely with miss Chernak.  Is that correct?  
          MR:  Yes, I have.  
          SC:  Would you say you've had more than just a passing 
               acquaintance with her? 

Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway.
Jordan, a physical therapy patient.
Nurse, miss Dodd-uncredited.