Episode 183.

          Dr. Rossi testifies in Rodney's murder trial.  Stella is 
          recalled to testify. 

WA:       A promise to the dead is sometimes more binding than a 
          committment to the living.  Stella Chernak has bound herself to 
          her father.  She has sworn, under oath, that Rodney Harrington 
          threatened to kill her brother.  And now, Dr. Michael Rossi 
          must unwillingly add substance to that lie. 
Intro:    In a heavy overcoat, Norman walking bareheaded across the 
          square to the courthouse.  Stella.  Rossi. 
Scene 1:  In the courtroom, John Fowler asks Rossi what time he arrived 
          at the Peyton house.  Fowler turns the doctor over to the 
          defense.  Steven asks if it was chance that brought him to the 
          Peyton house.  Rossi says that he was Gus Chernak's doctor.  
          Steven asks Rossi to describe Rodney.  Rossi describes Rodney 
          as a bright level-headed young man.  Steven asks Rossi 
          relationship to Stella Chernak.  Rossi completes his testimony.  
          Fowler asks to recall Stella Chernak to the stand.  Steven 
          objects and is overruled.  Stella takes the stand.  Fowler asks 
          Stella to talk some more about Joe Chernak.  Stella talks about 
          Rossi's visit to the Chernak house.  Stella and Rossi exchange 
          dirty looks. 
Scene 2:  Outside the courthouse, John Fowler and Stella help Anna into 
          his car.  She is wearing black and a black veil.  The car is 
          parked directly in front of the courthouse.  John talks with 
          Stella.  She says she'll have to quit her job.  Fowler urges 
          Stella not to quit her job at the hospital.  He says she is on 
          the winning side. 
Scene 3:  Inside the hospital, in Allison's room, Rossi is trying to help 
          Allison to take some steps.  She collapses.  Russ Gehring is 
Scene 4:  In the corridor, Rossi talks with Russ Gehring.  Russ says that 
          Allison screamed, "He is not my father."  Russ says that it is 
          a hysterical paralysis.  Rossi asks Russ what he is trying to 
Scene 5:  Russ Gehring places pay phone call to the District Attorney's 
          office.  He asks to talk with Mr. Fowler.  Fowler isn't in.  
          Russ Gehring leaves his name for Fowler to call. 
Scene 6:  John Fowler talks with Steven Cord.  Steven says he was surprised 
          that the judge allowed Stella to be recalled.  Fowler says, "It's 
          a wise counselor who knows when to throw in the towel."  John says 
          he has a solid case.  Steven says that John is bluffing.  Steven 
          tells John to go back to his office and book himself a ladies club 
Scene 7:  John comes out of the courthouse onto the square.  He goes over 
          and talks with his strange wife Marian.  Elliot and Constance 
          come out of the Clarion and notice that Marian Fowler has come 
Scene 8:  In Rossi's office, Steven continues to ask questions about the 
          trial and about Stella.  Steven advises Rossi not to fire 
          Stella.  Rossi thinks he may not have the choice.  She will 
          probably quit.  Rossi tells Steven that Stella is working on an 
          important research project.  Rossi decides to give Stella the 
          day off. 
Scene 9:  John, back in the courtroom, talks with his wife Marian.  John 
          says that Marian's relationship with Russ Gehring is in the 
          past.  He wants to forget it.  She tells him about driving back 
          on the beach road.  She had broken off the relationship.  It 
          wasn't an affair.  She said she wouldn't see him again, except 
          in the hospital.  [She was a physical therapy volunteer].  The 
          sun was in her eyes.  That is when she hit Allison.  She knew 
          she hit something but she thought it was a rock or a small 
          animal.  John says, "You didn't stop?  Why didn't you come to 
          me?"  She says she has no excuse.  He mentions her calling from 
          California.  He tells her that she will have to tell the 
          police.  Fowler says that the Harrington trial is far from over 
          now.  Fowler is trying to salvage his marriage.  [Later in the 
          series his political ambitions are emphasized]. 
Preview:  Elliot talks with Constance.  Steven talks to David Schuster 
          about Kim testifying.  Russ Gehring asks to talk to John 
          EC:  I can't believe Fowler didn't know anything about it.  
               And if he did, and I can prove it, I'll get him. 
          SC:  I need Kim on that stand again to get at the truth.
          DS:  I'm going to hold you personally responsible for 
               anything that happens to her. 

          RG:  I've got to talk with you.

          John Fowler slugs Russ Gehring with his left hand.  Scene ends. 
Stella Chernak-Lee Grant, guest star.
Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway.
Russ Gehring-David Canary.
Marian Fowler-Joan Blackman.
Anna Chernak-Anna Karen, maid to the Schusters.