Episode 184.
          Marian Fowler gives a statement to the police. 

WA:       For many weeks, Russ Gehring, a physical therapist, has been 
          treating Allison Mackenzie.  During this time he has known the 
          identity of the hit-run driver who caused her injuries.  Now, 
          he can no longer withhold this information. 
Intro:    People walk in the snow.  Russ Gehring gets out of his car and
          walks toward the entrance to the Town Hall.. 

Scene 1:  John Fowler is standing.  Marian Fowler is seated in front or
          Sergeant Edward Goddard answering questions about the hit-and-run.  
          Goddard is taking a formal statement.  
          A police stenographer is seated, transcribing Marian's
          statement.  John continues to interrupt and annoy Goddard.  
          Russ Gehring comes into the room.  He speaks briefly with John
          before getting slugged.  John slugs Russ with his left fist.
          SG:  Just take your time, Mrs. Fowler.
          SG:  Mr. Fowler, perhaps we should put this off until a later time.
          JF:  No.  No.
          Marian takes out a cigarette.
          MF:  I was xxx at the beach.

          Sergeant Goddard offers her a light.

          MF:  Thank you.
          MF:  I was very upset.
          MF:  As I drove down the beach road, the sun was setting.
               The sun was in my eyes.
               I didn't realize I had hit her until after it happened.
          SG:  Well, where did you go after you drove away from the scene?
          MF:  I went home.
          SG:  And was the front of your car damaged as a result of the 
          MF:  Yes.
          SG:  Did you have the dent repaired?
          JF:  (Interrupting) You saw the garage report, Sergeant.  
               We all did.
          SG:  I still have to take a formal statement, you know that.
          MF:  Yes.
          SG:  Here in town?
          MF:  The morning after it happened I deliberately drove the car 
               into the garage post to cover up the damage I made when I 
               hit Allison Mackenzie.
          MF:  Do you have something for the pain in my head?
          SG:  Sure, Mrs. Fowler.
          JF:  That's all right, Sergeant.  I'll get it.

          John goes out into the corridor and meets up with Gehring.
          RG:  Mr. Fowler, I tried to phone you.
               It's about the Allison Mackenzie case.
          JF:  I know.
          RG:  I've got to talk to you.
          Gehring opens the door and sees Marian talking to Goddard.
          John slugs Russ.
          Marian jumps up and runs over as does Goddard.
          Marian looks at John.
          Russ looks at John.

Scene 2:  Steven is in his office working as Rodney knocks and goes 
          in.  Rodney presents Steven with Peyton's check for $1000, 
          a 21st birthday present from his grandfather.  Schuster 
          comes into Steven's office to complain about Steven wanting 
          Kim to testify in court.  He eventually agrees the testimony. 
Scene 3:  Outside the police station, John and Marian talk.  Marian 
          allows that she must see and talk with Allison.  John says 
          he'll take her to the hospital.  He helps her into his car. 
Scene 4:  Betty, Rodney and Steven meet in the lobby of the Inn.  They 
          prepare to eat dinner.  Steven Cord is called to the phone.  
          Betty orders a Rob Roy for Mr. Cord and herself.  Rodney orders 
          a Vodka and Tonic with Lime.  Rodney and Betty talk.  Teasing 
          Betty, Steven threatens to lose Rodney's case. 
Scene 5:  Norman goes in the Pharmacy to see Rita.  He tells her that he 
          has just taken a job with Eli Carson.  Eli is closing out the 
          Ship's Chandlery and opening a general store. 
Scene 6:  In her hospital room, Dr. Rossi tries to get Allison to move
          her limbs.  He tries to talk to her about her relationship with 
          her parents.  Allison says that she wants to sleep.  
Scene 7:  In the hall, Rossi tells Elliot that Allison she doesn't want 
          to see them.  He talks about her cutting her hair.  Rossi tells 
          them that he has given her a sedative.  Rossi leaves.  Norman 
          and Rita walk up and are told that they can't see Allison.  She 
          is sleeping.  Norman thanks Elliot for putting the wedding 
          announcement in the paper.  [They married in episode 171.] 

Scene 8:  John and Marian walk up to where Elliot and Constance are 
          sitting.  Marian talks to Elliot and Constance.  She says that 
          she wants to see Allison.  Elliot tells her that Allison is 
          sleeping.  But Constance and Marian go in.  Constance says that 
          Allison was walking two days ago, but now she can't move her 
          left side at all.  Constance asks Marian what she wanted to 
          tell her.  Marian says that she wanted children.  Marian admits 
          hitting Allison with her car. 

          In the corridor, Elliot and John argue.  Marion comes out of 
          Allison's room.  Elliot asks Marian if John knew that she hit
          Allison.  John and Marian leave. 

          Elliot tells Constance that he will get John if it turns out 
          that he knew Marian hit Allison. 

Preview:  Norman talks to Eli.  Rodney talks with Leslie and Steven.    
          Elliot talks to John while Constance watches. 
          NH:  You don't like to borrow money from strangers.  And I 
               don't like to borrow period.  We're going to make it 
               on our own or we're not going to make it at all. 
          RH:  I'm tired of being on trial for murder.  Can't we just 
               put these other things aside for the time being and get 
               back to the essentials?
          EC:  You don't belong behind that desk.  You don't belong in 
               a court of law. 
          JF:  Right now, I am behind this desk.

Police Stenographer-Melinda Plowman