Episode 185.
          Norman and Rita have Eli to dinner.  Eli tells Allison that 
          Elliot is her father. 

WA:       Marian Fowler has confessed that she was the unidentified 
          driver in the hit-run accident that nearly took Allison 
          Mackenzie's life.  Now it remains to be seen what the result of 
          this confession will be on the career of her young husband, 
          District Attorney John Fowler, and what bearing it will have on 
          the murder case he is now trying "The People vs Rodney 

Intro:    John is driving Marian home.  He is driving wildly, squealing 
          the tires on every turn.  They are arguing. 
Scene 1:  Still driving in the car, John says that his mind is on the 
          road, not some beach cottage.  He asks her not to smoke in the 
Scene 2:  In the front office of the Clarion, Eli is talking to Elliot, 
          who is typing a news Item about Marian and John Fowler and the 
          hit-and-run accident.  Constance gives Eli a cup of coffee.  
          Eli tells Constance about a fight that Elliot had when he was 
          young.  It was with Luke Bailey.  Eli looks at Elliots story 
          and is shocked that Elliot wrote facts, with no editorial 
Scene 3:  At the police station, Elliot is talking to Sgt. Edward Goddard 
          as John Fowler shows up.  John explains why there was no 
          investigation about the damage to Marian's car in relation to 
          the hit-and-run accident. 
Scene 4:  In Fowler's office in the Town Hall, John and Elliot talk 
          privately about the accident.  Elliot tells John Fowler that he 
          doesn't belong in a court of law.  Fowler calls Marian.  Fowler 
          says that he is going to the state capitol, and that he doesn't 
          have time to discuss it. 
Scene 5:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Leslie is talking to Rodney as Steven 
          knocks and comes in.  Steven tells them that Marian is the one 
          who hit Allison.  Leslie asks how this will affect Rodney's 
          trial.  Steven says that Fowler is shrewd and will land on his 
Scene 6:  In the hospital, Russ Gehring goes in to visit Allison.  He 
          tells her that Marian Fowler was the one who hit her. 

Scene 7:  Elliot comes into Allison's room and takes Russ Gehring out to 
          the corridor.  They argue.  
Scene 8:  Rossi walks up and Elliot asks to talk with him in his office.  
          Allison is walking with canes again.  Gehring talks to Allison 
Scene 9:  The square.  In the apartment, Rita and Norman are having Eli 
          over for dinner.  Eli gives money advice.  One third of income 
          for rent and utilities.  One third for food and clothing.  Half 
          of the remaining third for emergencies.  The other half for 
          savings.  Rita starts apologizing.  Norman berates her for 
          apologizing.  Eli says that if he is considered "company," he's 
          not coming anymore.  When she got to ten Norman "punished" her. 

                  6. Not enough big spoons.
                  7. Too much salt
                  8. Chili Sauce
                  9. Chili Sauce again
                 10. Dessert, Ice Cream
Scene 10: Brief shot of the cannon.  
          John Fowler pulls up and parks the car.  He lets Marian out.  
          They are observed by Steven and Rodney.  Steven and Rodney 
          going into the courthouse.  Two old ladies that Marian knows 
          from the hospital, give her a dirty look.  Inside the 
          courtroom, Fowler tells Steven and Rodney that he went to see 
          the Massachusetts Attorney General in Boston to ask to be 
          replaced.  Fowler leaves.  Steven talks to Rodney. 
Preview:  At Ada's, Steven is drinking as Stella comes in.  He talks to 
          her.  Eli talks to Allison.  Leslie talks to Steven. 
          SC:  You ever looked into the laws on perjury, Stella?  In some 
               places the convicted purjurer has to serve the identical 
               sentence as the victim was given. 
          Eli: There are certain facts that you just can't wipe away like 
               chalk on a blackboard.  Elliot Carson is your father.
          LH:  I'm not gambling with Rodney's life and freedom any longer.  
               I'm the man who signs your checks and I'm telling you to 
               find something else.