Episode 186.
          The jury visits the wharf where Joe Chernak died. 

WA:       For weeks now, the jurors hearing the murder case against 
          Rodney Harrington have listened to testimony and examined 
          evidence.  Today, Judge Irwin Jessup of the Peyton County 
          Superior Court has ordered them to visit the scene of the 
          alleged crime and to see for themselves where Joe Chernak 
          fought, and died. 
Intro:    Stella is walking along observing the jury.  She stops in 
          front of the tavern, and Ada comes out and stands by her. 
Scene 1:  The jury is visiting the wharf.  They ask a few questions 
          then board the school bus waiting to take them back to the 
          courthouse.  [In some states, but certainly not all, jurors 
          are permitted to ask questions].  Stella talks to Ada.  She 
          says, "No matter how you add it up, Rodney killed my brother." 
Scene 2:  Steven leaves Rodney and enters Ada's.  Stella, already there, 
          comes over and begins talking to Steven.  She begins to talk
          about the jury.  Steven tries to ignore her.  She continues
          to annoy him.  He asks if she ever looked into the laws 
          regarding perjury. 
Scene 3:  With cheery Christmas-like music in the background, Betty goes 
          into the Pharmacy to see Rita.  Betty congratulates Rita.  The 
          pharmacist, Mr. Courtney, comes over.  Norman comes in and kisses
          Rita.  Betty greets Norman as "Rita's husband."  As Betty leaves, 
          she runs into Rodney.  Betty does an imitation of Martin Peyton.
Scene 4:  Steven, talking on the phone, looks out of his law office window 
          and sees Rodney talking with Betty. 
Scene 5:  Eli comes into the hospital and greets Dr. Rossi.  Rossi is 
          wearing a suit, who gives him the terrific news that Allison 
          is walking again.  Eli says that is wonderful.  Rossi tells 
          him that the argument between Elliot and Russ Gehring caused 
          Allison to get up. 

Scene 6:  Eli knocks and goes in to see Allison who is painting again 
          with her right hand.  He says he is not going to bring her 
          another thing-a-ma-jig.  Eli says he can't be good old Eli 
          Carson, Allison's friend anymore.  He is Elliot's father.
          He tells her how much he enjoys being her grandfather.  She
          says they can still be friends.       

Scene 7:  Marian comes into the hospital to see Allison and apoligize to 
          her, but runs into Russ Gehring [her amant, or amante].  Allison 
          walks up and asks if she is Mrs. Fowler.  Marian asks to talk 
          with Allison.  Marian goes in Allison's room, and asks for 
          her forgiveness.  Allison asks Marian if she had been coming
          from somewhere else, she would have stopped to help.  Marian
          says she doesn't know.

Scene 8:  Allison comes out of Treatment Room 3 and talks briefly with
          Dr. Rossi.  Rossi talks to Allison about her anger at Marian,
          Rodney, Elliot, Constance, and at him.  Rossi wants her to
          face her anger and get well.

Scene 9:  Steven closes his briefcast puts on his coat.  Leslie comes in
          and they talk about Detective Lawrence.  Steven hopes Lawrence
          finds Jensen in time.  Leslie is angry with Steven.  Steven
          says he has an appointment.
Scene 10: In the Clarion office, Elliot tells Jerry, the composer, to 
          remake page three.  Jerry says, "We've already ...  You're the 
          boss."  Steven asks Elliot to bring Allison to court the next
          day.  Elliot doesn't think he should.  Elliot doesn't want to
          risk Allison's health.  Steven says Rodney needs her help.
          Steven leaves.  Elliot tells Jerry again to remake page three.
Scene 11: Constance goes in to see Allison in her hospital room.  Constance 
          tells her not to continue sleeping or she will be up all night.  
          That sleeping is a form of escape.  Constance talks about watching 
          Allison grow up.  She has always been proud of Allison.  She 
          and Elliot love her.  Constance tells Allison that she and 
          Elliot are going to have a baby.  Constance wants Allison to 
          share their happiness.  Allison says she will be an intruder,
          that her mother and father will finally have a legitimate child. 
Preview:  Stella talks to Rossi.  Elliot talks with Constance.  Betty 
          talks to Martin Peyton. 
          SC:  It sounds like a professional brush-off, doctor.  The 
               medical equivalent of Siberia. 
          MR:  ...
          EC:  She had a father, a real one.  Not a cardboard one.  Why 
               didn't you let her have it. 
          CM:  You are blaming me. 
          BA:  You promised to stay out of the courtroom. 
          MP:  Unlike human beings, promises are made to be broken.
          BA:  Mr. Peyton, don't cheat the clock at Rod's expense. 

Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway.
Ralph Courtney, the new pharmacist-uncredited.