Episode 187.
          Allison visits the courtroom. 

WA:       In four hours, Rodney Harrington will take the witness stand in 
          his own defense in his trial for the murder of Joe Chernak. 
Intro:    The cannon on a snow-covered Peyton Place square.  Colonial 
          Post Inn sign.  At the Inn, Rodney looks at his watch and 
Scene 1:  Rodney opens the door and walks into the Restaurant at the
          Colonial Posta Inn, even though it is closed.  In just a few 
          moments, Steven joins him.  A waitress offers to bring them 
          coffee.  Rodney talks about a football game his senior year 
          in high school.  Rodney allows that he made the second string 
          football team, but never got in the game.  Norman comes in 
          and joins them.  Norman say he found out that Rita is a heavy 
          sleeper and a light shopper.  Radney says that Stella is 
          convincing with her lies.
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi is in his office as Stella comes in.  Stella makes 
          small talk about the strain they are both under.  She suggests 
          that they get a screen to put up so they won't have to spend 
          their time ignoring each other.  Rossi says he is not going to 
          fire her because he was told not to because firing her might 
          damage his testimony.  She was told not to quit because doing 
          so might damage her testimony.  They agree to "devil's 
          bargain."  Rossi won't fire her and she won't quit. 
Scene 3:  Peyton is in his livingroom, staring at the pendulum of a 
          large clock as Betty comes in early.  Peyton mentions that she 
          has been seeing her ex-husband Rodney.  Peyton asks why Betty
          is seeing Rodney.  Peyton calls Thomas.  Peyton has decided to 
          put in an appearance at the courthouse.  Betty says that he had
          promised not to got to the courtroom.  Peyton says, "Unlike 
          people, promises are made to be broken."  Betty says, "Don't 
          cheat the clock at Rod's expense." 
Scene 4:  Constance is making toast as Elliot comes into the kitchen
          in his bathrobe.  Elliot says court convenes in an hour.  
          Elliot suggests sending Allison away to Boston.  He wants 
          to discuss it with Constance first.  They argue.

Scene 5:  Eli goes in to visit Allison.  Allison smiles broadly.  Allison 
          tells Eli she needs cheering up.  She wonders about the rooming
          house.  Dr. Rossi had told her she must leave the hospital.  
          Eli tells her that there are two elderly ladies playing gin rummy 
          at the rooming house.   She says she she wants to move into the 
          rooming house when she leaves the hospital.  Allison says she can 
          borrow a sewing machine and make curtains.  Eli tells her he is 
          closing the Chandlery and opening a General Store.  He tells 
          Allison that Rodney is taking the stand that day.  Eli leaves.
Scene 6:  Norman is standing in front of the Peyton County Courthouse as 
          Steven, Rodney, and Leslie walk up.  Allison arrives, wearing a 
          scarf and a beret, being driven by Dr. Rossi.  Rodney wonders 
          aloud, whose idea that was.  Rodney and Allison look pensively 
          at each other.  Allison wonders if she should have come.  Rossi 
          reassures her.  The cannon and the bandstand in the background.  
          Elliot calls to them and comes over.  Elliot offers to help but 
          Allison declines.  Rossi okays his help.  And using crutches, 
          Allison walks unsteadily with Rossi on her left and Elliot on 
          her right, ready to give help when necessary.  Allison gets to 
          a bench in the corridor and sits.  Elliot and Rossi talk.  
          Elliot tells Rossi that he isn't sure that Allison should be 
          there.  Rodney walks up and gets permission to speak with Allison. 
Scene 7:  Rodney talks with Allison.  He asks her why she came.  She says 
          she came because she wanted to.  Allison smiles broadly at Rodney.
          He lightly brushes her hair and tells Allison he likes it.  Rodney 
          escorts her to the courtroom. 
Scene 8:  Allison comes into the courtroom and sits next to Dr. Rossi on 
          the left side and next to Elliot.  Judge Irwin Jessup asks Ralph, 
          the bailiff, who the girl is.  The bailiff tells the judge that 
          it is Allison Mackenzie.  The judge asks if she is the one hit by 
          John Fowler's wife.  The bailiff confirms that.  Judge Jessup 
          admonishes the lawyers before the the trial reconvened.  John Fowler 
          rests the case for the prosecution.  Steven indicates he is ready.  
          Rodney is sworn in.  Rodney exchanges glances with Allison. 
Preview:  On the steps to the apartment, Dr. Rossi talks to Allison.  In 
          cross-examination, John asks Rodney, if he still thinks Joe's 
          death was an accident. 
          MR:  What's wrong?          
          AM:  I'm frightened.
          MR:  Of what?

          JF:  In view of the answers you have given, is it still your 
               honest testimony that Joe Chernak's death was an accident?   
               Mr. Harrington, is it still your honest testimony that Joe 
               Chernak's death was an accident?

Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway.
The five pans in the Carson kitchen have been replaced by a "What-not shelf."