Episode 188.
          Rodney testifies in his own defense.  Allison visits the 

WA:       There are many in Peyton Place who believe that Rodney Harrington 
          is guilty of the premeditated murder of Joe Chernak.  There are 
          many like Betty Anderson who feel that he is innocent.  Today, 
          Rodney takes the stand in his own defense hoping to convince 
          the jury that Joe Chernak's own angers and resentments caused 
          his accidental death. 
Intro:    The limousine drives by the Pharmacy, turns left and drives by 
          the bank building, turns left and stops in front of the 
          courthouse.  Thomas gets out, walks around, and helps Betty 
          out.  She goes in the courthouse. 

Scene 1:  Steven is examining Rodney in court.  Rodney denies threatening 
          Joe Chernak.  Rodney gives a different version from that given 
          previously in court.  Betty comes in late and sits to the right 
          of the judge.  Allison is sitting on the left of aisle.  Rossi 
          is next to her and Leslie is next to him.  Allison speaks softly 
          to Dr. Rossi.  Rossi says that he thinks that Rodney is pressing 
          too hard. 

Scene 2:  Stella goes into the Pharmacy and demands some attention.  She 
          gets her own black coffee from the coffee pot near the Hamilton 
          Beach single unit malt mixer.  Rita appears and apologizes.  
          She was in the back.  Stella says that the whole town is in 
          court.  [Seems rather unlikely with only 30 spectator seats, 15 
          on each side of the aisle].  Stella asks if it would be gauche 
          if she walked in the courthouse while Rodney was testifying.  
          Stella removes two soda straws and plays with them.  Stella asks 
          Rita why she never married Joe.  Rita says that Joe never asked 
          her.  Stella presses, "If he had asked you, would you have married 
          him?"  Rita says that she doesn't know.  Stella says that if Rita 
          had married Joe, none of this would have happened.  

Scene 3:  Stella, wearing galoshes, walks over to the courthouse in the 
          heavy snow. 

Scene 4:  Spectators, jurors, and principals walking out of Superior 
          Court into the courthouse corridor.  John Fowler fusses at 
          Elliot for allowing Allison to come to court in light of the 
          fact that his wife, Marian was the one who hit Allison.  
          Fowler thinks it's unfair, or a cheap trick or something. 
          They continue to argue.

Scene 5:  Allison talks with Betty.  She says she doesn't think Fowler
          wanted her to be there.  Betty offers Allison a ride but Rossi 
          had offered to take her back to the hospital.  Norman joins them 
          and Betty soon leaves to attend Martin Peyton at the house.  
          Norman asks Allison to join him and Rita for lunch.  Rossi 
          suggests that she go with Norman and take a rain check on the 
          lunch they had planned.  Norman helps Allison negotiate the 

Scene 6:  Norman comes in the apartment tells Rita that he brought Allison 
          home for lunch.  Rita says there isn't anything to eat. Allison 
          still using her metal crutches, comes in and compliments Rita 
          on the curtains and the apartment in general.  Norman and Rita 
          go in the kitchen.  Rita asks what Allison did with her hair.  
          [It was because of "Old Blue Eyes," but a different reason is given].  
          Rita says she will fix some sandwiches.  Norman says he likes her 
          hair.  Allison knows he doesn't mean it and says so.  
          Privately Rita asks what happened to Allison's hair.
          Norman tells Allison he likes her hair.  She contradicts him.

          There is a knock at the door and Dr. Rossi is let in.  Allison 
          prepares to leave and Norman helps her put on her coat.  Norman 
          tells Allison not to forget the Aladdin's lamp.  Coming down the 
          steps, Allison tells Rossi,  I'm frightened."  Rossi says, "Of 
          what?"  She says, "of everything."

Scene 7:  Drinking coffee, in the courtroom, Rodney talks with Steven and 
          Betty about the trial.  Betty wants to play an intellectual 
          game, like twenty questions.  They do.  Ralph, the bailiff, 
          comes in and puts some papers on the Judge Jessup's bench. 
Scene 8:  Court resumes.  Steven introduces into evidence the block-and-tackle.  
          He asks Rodney to explain how the block-and-tackle fit into the picture.  
          Rodney also talks about the gaffing hook.  Steven walks around the 
          courtroom carrying the gaffing hook.  Steven says, "Your witness."  
          John Fowler cross-examines.  Fowler asks, "Mr. Harrington, is it 
          still your honest testimony that Joe Chernak's death was an accident?" 
Preview:  Doris and David Schuster talk.  Elliot talks to his daughter, Allison.  
          Julie talks to her daughter, Betty. 
          Do:  Is loving your child enough to keep a bad marriage together?  
          Da:  I've asked myself.  
          Do:  Why couldn't we ask each other?
          EC:  Your mother and I are going to fight with everything we have 
               to keep you here.  Are you ready to face that kind of a battle? 
          JA:  Betty, I know how you feel.  But, don't you see, I can't help it.  
               It is your decision, now. 

David Schuster-William Smithers.  [Jeremy Wendell, in the TV series "Dallas."]
Julie Anderson-Kasey Rogers.  [Mrs. David Tate, in the TV series "Bewitched."]
Ralph, the bailiff-Gino De Agustino.
Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway.
The Hamilton Beach® malt mixer shown in scene 2 is now a valuable antique.
Thomas, the chauffeur-James Doohan, aka Cmndr. Montgomery Scott, Star Trek.
James Doohan was born 03-03-1920 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  
  He died 07-20-2005 at his home in Redmond, Washington.