Episode 189.

          Rodney testifies.  David and Doris reconcile. 

WA:       Charged with the murder of Joe Chernak, this afternoon, Rodney 
          Harrington testified in his own behalf.  The only other witness 
          for the defense is an eight-year-old child, a deaf child, Kim 
          Schuster.  Who, besides Rodney, Kim is the only person who saw 
          Joe die. 
Intro:    Rodney and Steven come out of the front door of the Colonial 
          Post Inn and start down the steps.  David and Doris Schuster 
          and their daughter Kim get out of their car in front of the 
Scene 1:  David says, "You go inside, I'll get the bags."  Doris and Kim 
          start toward the steps of the Inn as Rodney greets them.  Doris 
          greets Rodney and Steven.  He thanks her for bringing Kim back 
          to Peyton Place to testify.  She says she had no choice.  
          [David Schuster is still running the mill but Doris has moved 
          from Peyton Place].  David asks when she should be in court. 
          Steven asks that she be there at 9:45 a.m.  Court convenes
          at 10:00.  
Scene 2:  Rodney and Steven eat dinner and discuss the case.  Rodney asks 
          if his testimony was as bad as he thought it was.  Steven tells 
          Rodney he did well.  Steven says, "No. You used rotten grammar, 
          defective language, you didn't emphasize any of the things I 
          told you to emphasize.  Generally speaking, you made a good 
          impression."  Rodney asks, "A good impression?"  Steven 
          continues, "You sounded honest.  Which was the only reason I 
          put you up there in the first place.  Then, by not having the 
          good sense to say Joe Chernak's death was an accident."  Rodney 
          expresses concern about Kim's testimony.  Steven says that the 
          only reason he is using Kim is that she was the only eye-witness. 
Scene 3:  In the Anderson livingroom, Betty and her mother, Julie are 
          talking.  Betty says she is cold.  Julie is bored.  Betty 
          speaks of Allison.  Betty says she didn't know Allison was 
          coming to court.  Betty wonders aloud why they don't ever have 
          a fire in the fireplace. Betty says it is cold.  She tells her 
          mother that Allison and Rodney have broken up.  Julie says this 
          was Allison's first trip out of the hospital.  Betty says she 
          likes Steven very much.  And she knows how Steven feels about 
          her.  Betty tells her mother she bought a silly gift, a 
          yachting cap for Rodney's birthday.  Julie has decided that 
          Betty is a beautiful young adult and can make her own 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi is talking with Allison in her hospital room.  

          Elliot comes in.  She asks Elliot to sit.  Elliot says that he 
          and Constance want very much for Allison to come home.  Allison 
          says she wants to leave home after she is well.  [The real fact 
          is that Mia Farrow wants to spend more time with "old blue 
          eyes."]  Elliot asks if it is because of the baby.  She says 
          no.  Elliot says he is selfish, he loves her.  Allison is 18 
          years old. 

Scene 5:  David comes in Doris' room at the Inn.  He said he tried to get 
          a room next to hers.  He says that rooms are at a premium 
          because of the trial.  He asks if she is embarassed because of 
          the separation.  [It is inferred that he is still working but 
          she and Kim have moved away].  They talk and then reconcile.  
          [If he had moved out of the mansion, then he would no longer 
          need Anna Chernak]. 
Scene 6:  Rita looks out the window and emotes at seeing that Kim 
          Schuster is back in town.  Norman goes out and throws a 
          snowball at David Schuster and his daughter.  Kim then throws a 
          snowball at her father. Schuster throws a snowball at Kim.  

          Rita invites Schuster into the Pharmacy where it is warmer.  
          Norman offers Kim some hot chocolate.  He talks to Kim about 
          Rodney and Joe's fight.  Schuster asks Rita if Norman has a job 
          yet.  Rita says that Norman is working for Eli Carson.  Mr. 
          Schuster accuses Norman of trying to manipulating Kim's 
Scene 7:  In court, Steven is examining Kim in the witness chair.  He 
          asks her about the block-and-tackle.  He asks Kim how the fight 
Preview:  Elliot comes into the therapy room and speaks to therapist Russ 
          Gehring, then slugs him.  John Fowler addresses the jury. 
          EC:  Get out of here.  
          RG:  Mr. Carson.

          JF:  Rodney Harrington did not go to the wharf that night by 
               accident.  By his own testimony, he went there specifically 
               to find Joe Chernak.  And the state contends that he went 
               there more specifically to kill Joe Chernak. 

David Schuster-William Smithers.
Doris Schuster-Gail Kobe.
Kim Schuster-Kimberly Beck.
John Fowler, Jr.-John Kerr.