Episode 190.
          Allison prepares to go home from the hospital.  Gehring quits. 

WA:       To Norman Harrington, the jurors who sit in the courtroom are 
          like wax figures in a museum.  Today, however out of the 
          courtroom they look very much alive and determined.  These wax 
          figures, come to life, soon will decide Rodney's fate.  And as 
          they prepare to spend the night and perhaps many nights at the 
          nearby Colonial Post Inn, they seem to dominate Peyton Place 
          and everyone in it. 
Intro:    People walking in front of the Peyton Place Pharmacy.  Norman 
          looking across the square at the courthouse and the jurors. 
Scene 1:  Norman goes into the Pharmacy and asks Rita for a pink ocelot 
          or a purple platypus.  A juror, Mr. Oldfield, buys a 
          toothbrush.  He wanted a hard bristle.  The Pharmacy does not 
          have what he really wanted.  Norman speaks to him. 
Scene 2:  Outside the courthouse, Stella calls to Fowler and asks how 
          much longer the trial will last.  When she can leave town.  
          Rodney and Steven are seen walking up.  Rodney says to Fowler, 
          "No matter what happens, she lied." 
Scene 3:  At the Book Gallery, Elliot comes in to see Constance.  They 
          plan to go visit their daughter.  Constance has been waiting 
          months for Allison to come home.  Elliot says that Allison is 
          determined to leave Peyton Place. 

Scene 4:  In her hospital room, Allison is packing her things to go home, 
          while Rossi talks.  Rossi wishes her goodbye and good luck.  
          Allison goes in the physical therapy room and sits in the 
          swing.  Russ Gehring is there.  He tells her she shouldn't be 
          there.  She asks Gehring if they fired him.  He says, he quit.  
          He says he's going to Boston, maybe.  She asks him to give her 
          a push.  He doesn't.  Gehring grabs her arms.  Elliot comes in 
          and says, "get out of here."  Elliot comes over and slugs him. 
Scene 5:  Elliot and Constance bring Allison home.  Allison is still on 
          her metal crutches.  Eli welcomes her.  Allison says she thinks 
          she will go up to her room.  Constance asks if she wants her to 
          go up with her.  Allison says she wants to be alone.  Allison 
          goes up to her room.  Eli tells Elliot not to fret.  He says, 
          "Let her be.  Give her a little time, son."  Eli takes 
          Allison's suitcase up to her.  He knocks and asks if she wants 
          company.   Eli asks Allison if she is all right.  She is home 
          now.  Allison says that nothing has changed except her. 
Scene 6:  John Fowler gives his summation.  Fowler tells the jury that it 
          is no easy task to pass judgment on another human being.  
          Fowler notes that the defense has tried to present Joe Chernak 
          as an undesirable.  
Scene 7:  In the corridor, Norman helps a kid, Larry, get a drink.  Betty 
          walks up.  Larry's mother walks up and takes the kid away.  
          Norman and Betty talk about the trial.  Betty says that she was 
          about to scream. 
Scene 8:  Back in the courtroom, Fowler continues his summation.  Fowler 
          reads the definition of accident to the court.  Fowler asks for 
          a verdict of Murder in the first degree.  Steven Cord 
          gives his summation.  Steven talks about a sister who didn't 
          have time to take care of her brother.  [In most states the 
          prosecution would have the last word]. 
Preview:  Leslie Harrington talks with Martin Peyton.  Michael Rossi 
          talks to Stella Chernak.  Norman talks with Rita. 

          LH:  What do you want? 
          MP:  Rodney, a trade, my mill for your son.
          MR:  Stella, go to Fowler now tell him the truth.  Tell him 
               you lied, Admit it now while the jury's out.  It's not 
               too late. 

          NH:  If they find him guilty?
          RH:  For the rest of our lives you can look at me and think 
               she helped put him there.  My wife. 
Larry, thirsty kid-uncredited.    
Mr. Oldfield, juror-uncredited.
Pink ocelot, purple platypus.