Episode 191.
          The jury retires.  Allison goes home.  Peyton invites Rodney 
          and Leslie to dinner. 

WA:       The long frustrating murder trial of Rodney Harrington reaches 
          its final chapter.  The witnesses have been called, the closing 
          arguements given.  And the judge has instructed the jury on the 
          law of the case.  And now twelve men and women forced to keep 
          silent must make themselves heard. 
Intro:    Steven sitting in the courtroom drawing circles.  Fowler looks 
          at the jury. 
Scene 1:  The judge charges the jury.  Steven walks over to John Fowler.
          Elliot explains to Rodney that it is customary for the Prosecuting  
          attorney to congratulate the defense attorney on a job well done, 
          and the defense attorney congratulates the prosecuting attorney. 
Scene 2:  Leslie is talking to Norman as Thomas, Peyton's chauffeur, comes
          over to invite Leslie and Rodney to dinner that evening.  Leslie
          concurs.  Steven invites Rodney and Norman to dinner at the Inn.  
          Steven says that he will pay.  He invites Norman, also, but Norman 
          says, he's too young to drink and too old to watch. 
Scene 3:  On the street, a newsboy on bicycle tosses a Clarion paper at 
          the bottom on the steps to the apartment.  Rita picks it up and 
          reads the headline: 
                 HARRINGTON JURY OUT  
          Eli walks up and talks to Rita for a moment.  He tells her the 
          world will not end tomorrow.  She goes up the steps to the 
          apartment over the Pharmacy.  [The apartment used to be the home 
          of Calvin Hanley, Elliot's father-in-law.] 
Scene 4:  In the apartment, Norman and Rita talk.  Rita tells Norman that 
          they have pork chops for supper that night.  He says, "Good."  
          They are also having spiced apples.  They hug. [Rita says she 
          hates girls.  See episode 383.] 
Scene 5:  John Fowler is reading the paper as Marian comes in and tells 
          him that dinner is almost ready.  They talk about the trial.  
          [In this scene, John Fowler looks a lot like Prince Charles.  
          But not quite as goofy.] 
Scene 6:  In Rossi's office, Stella asks Rossi how he likes her report.  
          He compliments her.  Rossi asks her why she was so set on 
          destroying herself.  Rossi tells her that her father died of 
          the same sickness that killed her brother.  [hate].  Stella 
          unloads on him.  [Stella has a nameplate at her desk.]
Scene 7:  At the Carson house, Allison and her mother talk.  Constance 
          says, "It's so good to have you home."  Allison says, "I'm so 
          glad you're having this baby.  It will be so much easier when 
          I'm gone." 

Scene 8:  Leslie has come to see Peyton, at the mansion.  Peyton mentions 
          Markham enterprises.  The old man then offers a strange bargain 
          to Leslie.  Peyton offers the mill for Rodney.  Leslie tells 
          him that he is mad.  Peyton wants Rodney to eventually run the 
          mill.  Peyton says that the trial has tested Rodney and made 
          him stronger.  Peyton wants an heir.  Leslie wants the mill.  
          They have a deal. 
Scene 9:  Steven comes for Betty.  Steven says the jury is still out.  
          They go out.  Peyton tells Leslie to make up his mind.  Peyton 
          invites Rodney in. 
Preview:  In a rocking chair, Allison talks with her mother. [Watch this 
          in fast forward.  Real funny.]  Leslie talks with Rodney.  
          Betty talks with Steven Cord. 
          AM:  You should have put me up for adoption.  When I was 
               born.  Nobody has a right to bring up a child the way 
               you brought me up.
          LH:  I have a decision to make, too, Rod.
          RH:  And you can't tell me about it.  Well, congratulations dad, 
               It took some time, but we're back to normal.

          BA:  What about you and your mother?  Steven, Is Martin 
               Peyton your father?

According to IRS rulings, divorce or death do not dis-connect in-laws.  
  If a man continues to support the mother of his ex-wife, he can still 
  claim her as a deduction.  Ergo, Calvin Hanley is still Elliot 
  Carson's father-in-law, not his ex father-in-law.