Episode 192.
          The jury eats dinner at the Colonial Post Inn. 

WA:       Rodney Harrington's trial for the murder of Joe Chernak ended 
          this afternoon.  Now the burden of weighing the evidence, the 
          burden of deciding guilt or innocence, rests with the jury.  It 
          weighs heavily upon them, even now, as they interrupt their 
          deliberations for dinner. 
Intro:    The square.  People entering the Colonial Post Inn.  
Scene 1:  Steven and Betty are seated by the Colonial Post Inn hostess.  
          They eat dinner and talk about the trial.  Ralph, the bailiff, 
          and the jurors are also there.  Betty says that Steven has been 
          awfully quiet since they left the Peyton house.  Betty asks 
          Steven about his mother and if he is Martin Peyton's son. 
Scene 2:  Back at the courthouse, Ralph, the bailiff, excorts the jury 
          back to jury room B.  A spectator asks a juror how many votes 
          have been taken.  Ralph admonishes him. 
Scene 3:  Eli and Elliot talk.  Elliot says that all he needs is a 
          reasonable doubt.  Elliot says that Fowler's father was a 
          tougher lawyer. 
Scene 4:  Allison sits in a rocking chair talking to her mother.  [This 
          is very funny in fast forward.]  Constance asks Allison if it 
          is all right with her to turn on the light.  Allison declines.  
          Mother and daughter talk at length.  Allison asks her mother if 
          she likes her hair short.  Allison knows that she doesn't. 

Scene 5:  In the corridor of the courthouse, Betty stands and waits.  
          Leslie and Rodney walk up.  They all speak.  Then Leslie and 
          Rodney talk.  Rodney wants to know what Leslie and Martin had 
          talked about.  Leslie is quite reluctant to tell Rodney about 
          the strange deal he that made with Peyton. 
Scene 6:  Norman and Rita walk on the wharf.  A large block-and-tackle 
          with a large hook are in the foreground.  They smooch and Dr. 
          Rossi sees them smooching, gets out of his car and walks over.  
          He had been delivering a bouncing baby boy.  He asks if there 
          is any news from the jury.  There isn't.  Rossi offers to treat 
          them to a mug of nice warm cider.  They are walking as they 
          notice Stella Chernak in a phone booth.   Norman asks Rita and 
          then Rossi, "Don't the Chernaks have a phone?"  They go into 
          the Cider barrel. 
Scene 7:  Stella is on the wharf, calling the courthouse, from a phone 
          booth to inquire if a verdict has been reached.  She goes 
          into the Cider Barrel and glares at and speaks to Dr. Rossi, 
          Norman and Rita Harrington.  She tells Charlie, "I came in 
          because there were so many friendly and familiar faces."  She 
          speaks to no one in particular about the Harringtons and about 
          the fact that the jury has not reached a verdict.  Norman gets 
          up and tells Stella to get out.  She obliges. 

Scene 8:  At the apartment, Rodney and Norman are wrestling.  Rodney has 
          Norman rolled up in a rug.  Norman gets a leg hold on Rodney.  
          Rodney gets a full nelson on Norman.  Norman gives up.  Steven 
          comes in and breaks it up with news there is a verdict.  They 
          should make themselves presentable.  [Refer to a dictionary for 
          definitions of full nelson and half nelson.  Nelson is not 
Preview:  Betty complains to Dr. Rossi.  John Fowler talks to Elliot.  
          Judge Irwin A. Jessup asks for the verdict. 
          BA:  I'm going to hurt her, doctor.  I'm going to hurt her in 
               some terrible way, the way she hurt Rod. 
          JF:  How about a compaign to get rid of John Fowler, the 
               District Attorney who covered up for his wife.  Go 
               ahead, print it.

          JJ:  Will the defendant please rise.  Mr. Foreman, will you 
               please read the verdict.

Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway
Ralph, bailiff for both Judge Jessup and Judge Chester-Gino de Augustino.