Episode 193.
          Rodney is found guilty. 
WA:       During the weeks of Rodney Harrington's trial, the people of 
          Peyton Place have talked about his case from every possible 
          point of view.  Today, there is little inclination to talk.  
          The trial is over.  The verdict has been reached, and the only 
          words left are the words that verdict contains.  The words that 
          will determine the future of Rodney Harrington. 
Intro:    With a covering of snow on the ground, Rodney and Steven walk 
          up to and in the courthouse, and down a corridor.   Rodney and 
          Steven are wearing gloves, and Steven is carrying a briefcase. 
Scene 1:  Steven talks with Rodney.  The townfolk file in.  Hannah and 
          Betty help Martin up the steps outside the Peyton County 
          courthouse.  Stella Chernak enters the courtroom and sits to 
          the left of two men on the front row on the right from the 
          Judge's viewpoint.  Martin Peyton sits on the aisle on the next 
          to last row, from the Judges point-of-view.  Hannah sits to his 
          right.   The judge asks the foreman to hand the verdict to the 
          bailiff so that he can see it.  Rodney stands.  He is found 
          guilty of murder in the second degree.  
          The judge says that bail is denied.  Sentencing in five days.  
          Ralph, the bailiff, takes Rodney away.  In victory, Stella 
          speaks to Betty.  Betty spews venom at Stella.  Rossi grabs 
          Betty and tells her to wait.  Betty threatens to hurt Stella.  
          Peyton tells Hannah to get him out of there.  Peyton expresses 
          disappointment in Steven, but Hannah expresses pride.  Hannah 
          says, "You did a good job.  You did your best." 
Scene 2:  Elliot talks with John Fowler.  John says he has a press 
          conference scheduled for this afternoon.  He asks John if he 
          thinks a retrial will be granted.  John says that Elliot has it 
          in for him because of his wife and his father. 
Scene 3:  In bed, Norman and Rita, discuss the trial.  Norman is very 
          angry.  Rita tries to calm him. 
Scene 4:  Elliot walks across the square into the Book Gallery and relays 
          the bad news to Constance that Rodney was found guilty of 
          second degree murder.  Constance is shocked.  Constance says 
          that Stella lied.  Stella's testimony made it look like Rodney 
          was the agressor and that separated it from a lesser verdict.  
          Rodney will pay the price for being Leslie's son. 
Scene 5:  In Rossi's office, he and Stella talk.  Rossi says that he 
          thought Stella would have been gone by now.  She said that she 
          had some odds and ends to do.  She wants to put her papers in 
          order.  She asks if she quit or was fired.  She says she won't 
          ask for references. 

Scene 6:  In the Carson house, Allison, greets her mother as she comes 
          in.  Allison says she wasn't expecting her for lunch.  
          Constance tells Allison the verdict.  Allison tells her mother 
          that Rodney didn't do it.  She asks her mother what she should 
Scene 7:  In his cell, Rodney is talking with Leslie and Steven.  Martin 
          Peyton arrives.  Peyton congratulates Rodney for surviving.  
          Peyton berates Leslie for his handling of the case.  Peyton 
          says that the trial would not have come to fruition if he had 
          been here.  Peyton says he will bring in a powerful lawyer.  
          Peyton then berates Steven.  Rodney defends Steven.  He thinks 
          Steven wants a second chance just as much as Rodney does. 
Preview:  Steven talks to Leslie.  Rita talks to Eli.  Peyton talks to 
          SC:  Fire me.  Get yourself a gray haired distinguished old 
               line barrister.  A gentleman who can cross discretely and 
               force an entire courtroom to turn his way.

          RJ:  He married me just out of pity because of what I had to 
               say about myself on the stand.  Now he realizes, 
               convicted he blames me.
          MP:  You haven't worked me for that long.  And until you do, 
               keep your self-righteous indignation out of what doesn't 
               concern you.

Ralph, the bailiff-Gino De Agustino, uncredited.  
Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway.