Episode 194.
          Allison visits Rodney in his jail cell. 

WA:       Rodney Harrington has been found guilty of murder in the second 
          degree.  A crime that carries a maximum penalty of life in 
          prison.  And now Steven Cord must find new evidence, or some 
          error in the trial proceedings, upon which to base an appeal. 
Intro:    An empty courtroom.  An angry Steven is in his office.  Betty 
          tries to comfort him. 

Scene 1:  Steven yells at Betty.  She tries to be patient.  Steven 
          receives a long distance call from Detective Lawrence.  Jensen 
          is on his way from California.  Steven complains that he has 
          been paying Lawrence $50 a day and that he is just a little bit 
Scene 2:  Eli is having a Grand Auction at the Chandlery.  Rita catches 
          Eli as he is about to fall from the step ladder.  Eli talks 
          about memories.  Rita says she is worried about Norman.  Eli 
          says that Norman has a good head on his shoulders.  Norman is 
          really upset by the verdict.  Eli tells Rita to be patient with 
Scene 3:  Norman visits Rodney in his jail cell.  Norman admits that when 
          they announced the verdict, he ran off.  Rodney talks about 
          stoics.  Norman said it was just a kid fight that got out of 
          control.  Rodney says that the only decent thing to come out of 
          this whole mess is Norman and Rita.  

          Norman is leaving just as Allison is arriving.  Allison, 
          without the help of crutches, has come to visit Rodney.  
          Allison asks Rodney if he is frightened.  He tells her that 
          sentencing is Monday.  Steven will file an appeal, and another 

Scene 4:  In the Peyton mansion, Hannah is tending to Martin.  She turns 
          down his bed.  Hannah talks about the way Peyton turned his 
          back on Steven.  Hannah says that Steven did his best.  Peyton 
          says that he lost the case.  Hannah leaves and shuts the door 
          just as Betty is bringing in a tray holding pills and water.  
          Martin tells her that she is late.  He tells her to leave the 
          pills and get out. 

Scene 5:  Leslie comes in Steven's office and awakens the dozing lawyer.  
          Steven informs his client, Leslie, that Richard Jensen is 
          coming in on an Interstate Bus.  Steven says that he was having 
          a wild dream.  Leslie apologizes for Peyton exploding at him in 
          the courthouse.  Steven suggests an old line barrister. 
Scene 6:  Steven is standing in front of the bank as an Interstate Bus 
          arrives.  A man gets off, but it isn't Richard Jensen.  Steven 
          wanders around the square.  Steven walks over and waits in 
          front of the Inn for a while.  The clock strikes nine.  

          Richard Jensen arrives by taxi and walks up to Steven who is 
          now standing by the bandstand.  He says he took a taxi because 
          he doesn't like crowds.  He asks Steven where Stella Chernak 
Scene 7:  Richard Jensen and Steven Cord drive to the Chernak house and 
          Steven waits outside. 
Preview:  Constance talks with Allison.  Richard Jensen talks with 
          Stella. Rodney tells Betty to marry Steven. 
          CM:  Do you realize what his sentence could be?  
          AM:  I care about him.  
          CM:  Oh, Allison that's not enough.  You can't sentence 
               yourself with Rod.
          RJ:  You want me to spell it out for you, Stell?  Huh?  
          SC:  Why wasn't it enough?  Everything I gave you?
          BA:  What would you like for me to do?
          RH:  Marry Steven and get the kind of life I never gave you. 
Richard Jensen-Don Gordon, guest star.