Episode 195.
          Richard Jensen goes to see Stella Chernak. 

WA:       Steven Cord has brought Richard Jensen across the country for a 
          meeting with Stella Chernak.  Stella's testimony has caused 
          Rodney Harrington to be convicted of second degree murder.  
          Steven hopes that a confrontation with her past betrayals will 
          force Stella to admit her current one, perjury. 
Intro:    A large black car is driving slowly with Steven Cord and 
          Richard Jensen inside.  They drive past Kent's Marine Engine 
          Repairs on the wharf.  That stop at the Chernak house. 
Scene 1:  Jensen knocks on Stella's door.  Stella is listening to the 
          radio with a piano in the background.  Anna Chernak doesn't 
          seem to be there.  Stella turns off the radio and goes to the 
          door.  She is surprised and terrified to see Richard Jensen.  
          She asks him how he found her.  She says it must have been 
          Steven's idea.  He goes inside and she pours him a drink.  They 
          talk and he tells her what he wants.  Yellow Jackets and Red 
Scene 2:  In his cell, Rodney is writing, with his left hand.  Betty has 
          come to visit.  He tells her that he was writing instructions 
          for what to do with his things.  Rodney tells Betty that she 
          should marry Steven Cord. 
Scene 3:  In Ada Jacks Tavern, Steven is drinking coffee.  Ada comes over 
          and tries to cheer him up.  

          Richard Jensen comes up and tells Steven that Stella isn't 
          cooperative.  Steven tells Jensen that he has a room for him at 
          the Colonial Post Inn, right next to his. 

Scene 4:  After leaving Rodney's cell, Betty runs into Dr. Rossi at the 
          police station.  Betty tells the doctor that she is worried 
          about Rodney.  He is beginning to feel that he is guilty.  
          Rossi asks police Sgt. William Wilson Walker if he can see 
          Rodney Harrington.  
Scene 5:  Jensen, in the square, calls Norman and Rita over and asks them 
          what the Pillory is called, and why it is there. 
Scene 6:  Allison comes home and talks with Constance.  Constance tells 
          her there will be an appeal.  Constance asks Alllison what 
          happened at her meeting with Rodney this afternoon.  She says 
          that Rodney feels it is hopeless. 
Scene 7:  Stella, at home, obviously disturbed, takes a small suitcase 
          out to her car to leave.  The car won't start.  She begins 
          walking toward town and is met by Richard Jensen.  He shows her 
          that he has the distributor rotor.  She runs off, dropping her 
          suitcase on the way. 
Preview:  Betty talks to Rita.  Constance talks to Peyton about Allison.  
          Jensen talks to Stella.  He wants the key tonight. 
          BA:  You are Mrs. Harrington.  Mrs. Norman Harrington, right 
               now.  Don't you let them convince you that you're not.
          CM:  Mr. Peyton, she's my daughter, not my slave.  She been 
               reared to give or not give of her affections freely as she 

          SC:  Dr. Rossi could be back any minute.  
          RJ:  I want that key, Stell.  And I want it tonight.
Richard Jensen-Don Gordon, guest star.
Stella Chernak-Lee Grant, guest star.
Yellow Jackets-
Red Devils-