Episode 196.
          Peyton offers to send Steven to Europe. 

WA:       For Steven Cord, the defense of Rodney Harrington was the most 
          important case in his legal career.  But Rodney has been found 
          guilty of murder in the second degree.  And now, summoned by 
          Rodney's grandfather, Martin Peyton, Steven knows that he faces 
          a sentence almost as serious as Rodney's. 
Intro:    Steven drives up to the mansion, gets out and rings the door 
Scene 1:  Betty goes to the front door and lets Steven in.  It is not 
          explained where Mary is.  Peyton welcomes Steven.  As is his 
          custom, he starts many of his greetings with "Ah."  Such as, 
          "Ah, Betty."  Or, "Ah, Rodney."  In this case it is, "Ah, come 
          in, Steven."  Peyton wants to give Steven a consolation 
          present, a tour of the continent, and London.  Peyton tells 
          Steven he is off the case.  The new lawyer is Gordon Ashley.  
          Peyton hands Steven the retainer.  Steven says he's not steping 
          down until he is benched by Harrington.  Steven tells Peyton 
          about Richard Jensen and Stella.  Peyton wants Steven to 
          vacation in France.  He mentions Tom Howard, jurist from Rowe 
Scene 2:  From the Colonial Post Inn, Richard Jensen calls the hospital.  
          He identifies himself as Fred Blair with the North Atlantic 
          Drug Corporation.  He asks for Rossi's schedule.  
Scene 3:  Children throwing snowballs in the square.  One hits Peyton's 
          limousine which has just driven up.  Thomas walks around to 
          help Peyton and Betty out.  Peyton says, "Who threw that snow 
          ball?  You have a good arm."  Peyton heads for the Book 
          Gallery.  Betty heads toward the Pharmacy. 

Scene 4:  Betty comes into the Pharmacy and talks with Rita.  She says 
          that Mr. Peyton would like Rita and Norman to come to dinner 
          tonight.  [In episode 164, 01-04-66, two and one half months 
          ago, Peyton & Hannah planned a dinner for Norman & Rita].  They 
          came to dinner later in the series. 

Scene 5:  Peyton goes into the Book Gallery to talk with Constance.  He 
          asks about Allison.  Peyton orders three books and says that 
          miss Anderson will call for them.  [In the next episode he 
          takes two books to Rodney in his cell].  He leaves. 
Scene 6:  At the Clarion, Elliot tells Allison she can write or she can 
          help Jerry with the setup in the back.  [Although they never 
          showed it, Jerry would have had a Linotype® machine in the 
          back room, referred to as the "composing room"].  ["Linotype"
          is no longer a registered trade mark.]  Allison is still using 
          crutches.  She discovers a scrapbook that Elliot kept of her 
          while he was in prison.  It is labeled: 

Scene 7:  Steven visits Rodney in jail.  Rodney is passing the time 
          playing solitaire.  Steven suggests putting the red 9 on the 
          black 10.  After they are finished, jailer, Bob, lets him out 
          and he leaves.  Rodney thanks Steven for coming to visit. 
Scene 8:  In the hospital waiting area, Dr. Hoyt is paged.  Jensen comes 
          in and asks for Dr. Rossi, identifying himself as Fred Blair.  
          The nurse directs him to Stella.  They go in Rossi's office and 
          Jensen opens Rossi's drawer to get a key.  

          Jensen leaves and Rossi comes in.  He drops his keys on his 
          desk.  He asks about the man who just left.  Stella says a 
          salesman.  Rossi leaves.  Stella opens the drawer of the desk. 
Preview:  Martin Peyton talks to Leslie.  Norman talks to Rita about the 
          upcoming dinner at the Peyton mansion.  Steven talks to Richard 
          MP:  Step aside. 
          LH:  Not yet.  And until I do, you'll stay away from him.
          MP:  Argueing about your son as if he were a piece of meat. 
          NH:  We've set a great record for lying.  Well, that's one 
               family custom that's going to stop.  You're going. 
          RJ:  I am not going and I'm not kidding.
          SC:  We face Stella together or you use that return ticket. 
          RJ:  Don't push, counselor.
          SC:  4:30 in my office.
Bob, the jailer-uncredited.  
Richard Jensen, aka Fred Blair-Don Gordon.
Gordon Ashley, attorney, mentioned.
Dr. Hoyt.