Episode 197.
          Martin Peyton visits Rodney in jail.

WA:       Steven Cord waits for a long shot to come in.  A long shot 
          named Richard Jensen.  The one person who might be able to 
          break Stella Chernak's determined perjury.  The one person who 
          might free Steven's client, Rodney Harrington, from the 
          verdict, guilty of murder. 

Intro:    People walking on the wharf.  In the Cider Barrel, Steven looks 
          out the steamed up window.  He clears the window with his hand. 

Scene 1:  Steven Cord waits in the Cider Barrel for Richard Jensen.  
          Jensen finally arrives and comes in.  Jensen orders "whatever 
          he's having."  Charlie asks, "with or without a cinnamon 
          stick."  Jensen says, "Surprise me."  Charlie tells Steven 
          he wasn't able to talk to Stella.  Jensen has a mug of cider 
          with a cinnamon stick.  Charlie asks for 25 cents.  Steven 
          pays.  Steven tells Jensen to be at his office at 4:30 and 
          leaves.  Jensen asks about a phone.  Leaving the door open, 
          Jensen walks out and goes to a pay phone and calls Stella.  In 
          his office, Rossi answers and hands the phone to Stella.  She 
          pretends it is Fred Blair.  They chat for a while. 
Scene 2:  Rita rushes out of the Pharmacy and goes in the Chandlery to 
          see Norman, who is assisting Eli Carson.  Rita is uneasy about 
          the upcoming dinner with Martin Peyton.  Rita tells Norman that 
          she is scared.  Rita wants Norman to get them out of it.  Rita 
          says she is not going.  And she means it.  Eli, as is his 
          custom to intercede [intrude], gives Rita a condensed course in 
          etiquette.  He says to watch Peyton out of the corner of her 
          eye.  They practice for the dinner.  Rita says, "I insist that 
          you call me Mrs. Harrington." 

Scene 3:  Martin Peyton and Betty enter the Peyton Place Police 
          Department and Peyton talks with police Sgt. William Wilson 
          Walker.  The Walker asks what is in the package.  Peyton says 
          that he has gunpowder in the package for Rodney to breakout.  
          Walker asks to examine the package, but Peyton refuses.  Walker 
          insists and Peyton complies. 

Scene 4:  Martin Peyton goes to visit Rodney in his cell.  He complains 
          about that meddlesome policeman outside [Walker] inspecting the 
          package.  Peyton has brought Rodney two books,  "Lord 
          Chesterfield's Letters to his Son" and "Pilgrims' 
          Progress."  Rodney asks his grandfather to sit down.  
          Rodney says the jail routine is very dull.  Peyton encourages 
          his grandson not to give up.  Rodney tells his grandfather that 
          there are four days until the sentencing.  Peyton asks Rodney 
          what he wants out of life.  He inquires if Rodney if he would 
          like to run the mill.  Rodney says no, that he wants to be his 
          own man. 

Scene 5:  Leslie Harrington comes into the Police Department and talks to 
          his former daughter-in-law, Betty.  Betty tells him that Peyton 
          is inside talking with Rodney.  When Peyton returns he fusses 
          at Leslie for bothering Betty.  Leslie tells Peyton to stay 
          away from Rodney.  Peyton leaves with Betty. 
Scene 6:  Elliot goes in the Book Gallery to talk with Constance.  While 
          Elliot waits, Constance tells Mrs. Barrows that she found the 
          book that she had wanted and that she will wrap it for her.  He 
          talks about Allison typing away in his newspaper office.  
          Allison says that she doesnt want to show him what she is 
          writing yet.  [The writers are again setting-up the viewers for 
          Allison running away to New York.] 

Scene 7:  In Dr. Rossi's office, Allison has just come to find Rossi 
          reading her book.  He asks her when she wrote it.  She tells 
          him that she wrote it this morning.  He invites her to sit 
          down.  Rossi says that he wants an autographed copy of the 
          first edition when it is published.  She talks about coming out 
          of the coma.  He reads from the book out loud.  He says it is 
          nice.  She wants help writing about the people.  Stella comes 
          in and tells the doctor that she finished the report on the 
          research project.  Rossi and Stella give each other rather 
          strange looks.  She leaves.  Rossi tells Allison that Stella 
          now has no one to love, since Joe and Gus are dead.  No one to 
          need.  [We assume that Anna Chernak is still alive, but Rossi 
          didn't consider or acknowledge her].  He says that if Stella 
          were to read Allison's work it might help her. 
Scene 8:  A brief shot of Stella taking a controlled substance from a 
          drug cabinet.  She closes the cabinet. 
Scene 9:  Steven Cord calls the Colonial Post Inn and asks for Richard 
          Jensen.  Jensen does not answer the phone in his room.  Steven 
          asks for them to tell Jensen that Steven is waiting in his 
Scene 10: Stella locks the cabinet, wipes away any latent prints, and 
          goes back in Dr. Rossi's office.  Out the office window she 
          sees Richard Jensen waiting in the parking lot. 
Preview:  Allison talks to Elliot.  John Fowler talks harshly to Leslie.  
          Richard Jensen yells at Stella as he is being restrained by 
          AM:  If Rodney were free, would you feel differently about him 
               and me, about our future together?
          JF:  If you want to contest the verdict there are channels to 
               accommodate you.  I am not one of them.  You sent a man, 
               you knew was innocent, to prison.  I don't have that on my 

          RJ:  I'll get those two years.  You owe me.  You owe me for 
               those two years.  You owe me, Stella.

Lord Chesterfield's "Letters to his Son" 
Pilgrims Progress.