Episode 198.
          Stella confesses her lie to John Fowler.  Rodney is exonerated. 

WA:       Convicted of second degree murder, Rodney Harrington awaits 
          sentencing in Peyton County Jail.  Stella Chernak finds herself 
          in a different prison.  The prison of her past.  Outside 
          Doctors Hospital, Stella's former boyfriend, Richard Jensen, 
          waits for her to deliver the price of her freedom, a 
          handbag filled with stolen narcotics. 
Intro:    Rodney pacing to and fro in his jail cell. 

Scene 1:  In Dr. Rossi's office in Doctors Hospital, Stella is pacing.  
          She looks out the window and sees Richard Jensen in the parking 
          lot. [Repeat of episode 197, scene 10]. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi and Allison come out of the hospital, and talk about 
          Allison's flair for writing.  [A setup to explain her escaping 
          to New York.]  They walk right past Richard Jensen.  Elliot 
          calls to Dr. Rossi and to Allison. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi talks to Richard Jensen addressing him as "Fred 
          Blair."  Rossi tells him he needs to talk with Mr. Larson the 
          hospital purchasing agent. 
Scene 4:  Rossi walks up to his office door and finds it locked.  Stella 
          is inside.  He goes back to the corridor and asks a nurse Carr 
          to find him a "pass" key.  He goes back in his office.  Stella 
          tells Rossi that the keys weren't misplaced.  She opens her 
          purse to show him the narcotics that she has taken.  She says, 
          "What's the matter, you can't believe I'm a thief?"  [This is 
          an improper use of the archaic term "Pass Key."  A pass key is 
          intended for use with warded locks which "passes" by all wards.  
          Wards are what allow the proper key to work, and others to 

Scene 5:  In the Peyton Pharmacy, Elliot reads Allison's manuscript and
          compliments her on her writing.  Elliot tells her that "we are
          all the sum total of our life experiences."  Allison asks him
          what he would have done if Constance had married someone else
          while he was in prison.  He tells her that he would have found 
          someone else. 
Scene 6:  Back in Dr. Rossi's office, Rossi interrogates Stella, "Why, 
          Stella, Why?"  Stella explains that it was because of a man.  
          Stella allows that she was born to stay in the gutter. 
Scene 7:  Outside Richard Jensen waits.  Steven walks up and tells Jensen 
          that he was supposed to be in Steven's law office.  Steven takes 
          Jensen to Doctors Hospital to Rossi's office.  Jensen makes up 
          a lame story.  Steven doesn't even begin to buy it.  Jensen 
          makes a run for it and is restrained by two orderlies near the 
          Information Desk. 

Scene 8:  In his jail cell, Rodney talks with Leslie.  Leslie leaves 
          speaking briefly to the desk clerk. 

Scene 9:  John Fowler checks in with police Sgt. William Wilson Walker, 
          the desk clerk, and is told there has been a disturbance at 
          Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 10: Leslie talks with John Fowler.  Fowler reminds Leslie that he 
          sent an innocent man to prison and that he doesn't have that 
          on his conscience.  He leaves the police station.  The phone 
          rings.  It is Stella calling from Dr. Rossi's office.  She 
          confesses to John Fowler that her testimony was a lie.  Dr. 
          Rossi talks to Steven in the reception area.  Stella comes out 
          of the office and asks Steven for legal advice.  He says, 
          "sure."  [Steven seldom turns down clients.  One exception, 
          however, was Sandy's divorce from Lee, later in the story.] 
Preview:  Steven tells Rodney he has been cleared of the murder charge 
          and conviction.  Peyton talks to Hannah about Steven.  Elliot 
          tells off John Fowler. 
          RH:  I don't believe it.
          SC:  It will hit you slowly, Rod.  But it will hit you. 
          MP:  I haven't forgotten anything, no matter what you may 
               think, Hannah.  Steven is very much on my mind. 

          EC:  I will offer you the same courtesy you offered Rodney 
               Harrington.  How do you plead, Fowler?  Guilty or just 

Richard Jensen, aka Fred Blair-Don Gordon
Nurse Carr-uncredited.