Episode 199.
          Stella confesses. 
WA:       For many months, Steven Cord has known that Stella Chernak, and 
          Stella Chernak alone, held the answer to the case against his 
          client, Rodney Harrington.  Now, Stella is ready to make a 
          formal confession of perjury.  An admission that she lied under 
          oath when she testified that Rodney threatened to kill her late 
          brother, Joe.  Unexpectedly, Steven finds it a grim victory. 

Intro:    Square.  Steven and Stella drive up in front of the Peyton 
          County courthouse.  They get out of the car. 

Scene 1:  In front of the courthouse, Stella asks Steven if he remembers 
          Billy Chester.  Steven says he doesn't remember him.  Stella 
          relates that in grammar school, the ugly little red-headed kid 
          when she was ten, the ugly red-headed boy had a crush on her.  
          She had beaten him in a spelling bee.  Billy had told Stella 
          that he wanted to kiss her behind the bandstand when she was 
          ten.  Stella laughs.  Steven remembers that Billy had punched 
          him in the nose.  She says that she is sorry that the Chesters 
          had left town.  Steven asks if she would like for Billy to 
          punch him in the nose again.  She muses that Billy Chester 
          would not look so ugly to her right now.  They continue into 
          the courthouse.  

          John Fowler is in the police station as Stella and Stella come 
          in.  Stella greets Fowler.  Fowler tells Stella that a police 
          stenographer will be coming in and that he will explain to her 
          about her legal rights.  Stella is sent into Fowler's office.  
          Steven and Fowler discuss the case.  Steven says that this 
          changes the whole color of the case.  Fowler says that Stella 
          was not the only evidence he had.  The stenographer arrives.  
          Steven requests to sit in.  He is allowed to.  They go in 
          Fowler's office.  Fowler tells Stella to sit down.  Stella 
          tells Fowler that he had better sit down. 
Scene 2:  Norman goes in to visit Rodney in his jail cell.  Rodney is 
          eating with what appears to be a metal fork.  He suggests to 
          Norman that he send out for some hamburgers and they can have a 
          party.  Norman relates to Rodney about his dinner invitation to 
          the Peyton mansion.  Steven comes in and tells Rodney that 
          he is free.  And that the realization will hit him slowly, 
          but that it will hit him. 

Scene 3:  John tells Stella that she will be free until the hearing for 
          her.  Rossi has posted bail for her.  She must not leave town.  
          Dr. Rossi arrives and talks with Stella.  She hugs Rossi.  
          Stella tells him goodbye and prepares to leave.  She hugs him 
          again and tells him that it hurts so much.  He offers her a 
          ride and she declines.  She wants to take another look around.  

          Elliot comes in and speaks to Stella before she leaves.  Rossi 
          tells Elliot that he will be staying up late tonight.  That 
          Stella has confessed to perjury.  

          Elliot goes in and talks with John.  Elliot asks Fowler if he 
          wants to make a statement.  Fowler says that he knows that Elliot
          thinks he hates the Harrington family.  Fowler says that he will 
          have his secretary send him the laws on slander.  Elliot says 
          that Fowler has a defect, a blind spot.  He will do everything 
          he can to get Fowler removed from office.  He asks Fowler if he 
          is guilty or just incompetent. 

Scene 4:  In the livingroom of the Peyton mansion, Steven has come to 
          give the word that Rodney will be free.  Hannah and Betty are 
          there with Peyton.  Peyton says he was afraid that Rodney would 
          have to spend the best years of his life rotting away in a 
          prison.  Steven says that Stella is serving a life sentence 
          already.  Peyton says that he wants Stella punished severly.  
          That Rodney will be released.  Hannah asks Steven how he did 
          it.  Steven says it is a long story.  He will be meeting with 
          Judge Jessup and John Fowler.  Steven says he will call after
          the meeting.  Steven and Betty leave. 

          Hannah tells Peyton that he owes Steven a lot.  Peyton tells 
          Hannah that Steven is very much on his mind. 

          Steven asks Betty if she will be ready at 7:30.  She says she 
          will.  Steven says that Rodney will be free and that things 
          will be different now.  Steven says that when Rodney was in 
          jail, it was reasonable for her to care about him.  Now that he 
          is free, Betty will wait to see if Rodney calls her or Allison 
          first.  Steven leaves.  Betty looks at the phone. 

Scene 5:  Elliot comes in the Clarion.  The posted headline is as 


          Allison asks Elliot if it is true, that Rodney has been 
          cleared.  Elliot tells Allison that Rodney will explain it to 
          her.  Allison leaves to see Rodney.  Elliot tells Constance 
          that Fowler has a defect.  That he has a blind spot.  He is 
          going to write a severe editorial.  Constance disagrees.  She 
          says that Elliot has a blind spot also.  Elliot says that 
          Fowler almost destroyed Rodney's life.  Elliot says that the 
          Clarion is going to have teeth. 

Scene 6:  Evening.  Stella has left Steven's office and walks across the 

Preview:  Peyton talks to Leslie.  Eli talks to Elliot about his 
          editorial.  Steven talks to Betty. 

          MP:  You're ambitious and you're greedy.  You can offer Rodney 
               nothing but hotel rooms.  Accept that bit of truth, Leslie.

          Eli: You are going to have to defend this editorial for a long 
               time, so save your arguments.  They get stale with repeating.

          SC:  I love you.  Don't run away, Betty.  Don't run away. 

Police Stenographer-uncredited.
Last episode for Stella Chernak.