Episode 200.
          Peyton offers, with strings, to let Leslie run the mill.  Steven 
          proposes to Betty. 
WA:       Tonight, Norman Harrington is taking his wife, Rita, to dinner 
          at his grandfather Martin Peyton's house.  This afternoon it 
          became apparent that Norman's brother Rodney will soon be free. 

Intro:    Norman skips down the street past the Clarion to the apartment.  
          In a plastic bag, he is carrying a suit that he has just picked 
          up from the cleaners.  We learn in scene 3, from Rita, that he 
          had it pressed. 

Scene 1:  Norman goes in the apartment and announces that he is home.  
          Rita is drying her hair.  Norman kisses her.  Rita says, "You 
          wrecked my hair and you wrecked my nails."  Norman says, "Well, 
          hurry up.  We have to be there in fifteen minutes.  But I'm in 
          no hurry.  I'm going to leave here in about 10 seconds.  
          Starting right now.  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."  He opens 
          the door and invites Betty in.  She removes her scarf and comes 
          in.  She brings word that the dinner is off.  They talk only 
          very briefly and Betty leaves. 

Scene 2:  Peyton has changed his mind about dining with Norman and Rita.  
          He is talking with Hannah.  She asks Peyton why he decided to 
          dine alone tonight.  Hannah asks Peyton why he chooses this 
          moment to be so silent.  He says he has no reason to discuss it 
          with her. 

Scene 3:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Leslie asks Francis if she has a 
          table for one.  Norman and Rita show up and Norman says, 
          "Correction, make that three."  Norman explains that Peyton 
          cancelled on them at the last moment.  Robert walks up and 
          tells Leslie that he has a phone call at the desk.  Leslie 
          takes the call and then returns to cancel out with Norman and 
          Rita.  He apologizes and tells them to have dinner on him, to 
          sign his name to the check.  He may be able to join them later.  
          Leslie rushes out of the Inn to a waiting Peyton Place Taxi 
          Service cab and tells the driver, "Take me to the Peyton 
          house."  He opens the door and gets in the back seat of the 
          taxi.  They drive off. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi shows up at the Carson house and tells Constance that 
          he had come to see Allison.  He tells Constance that Stella was 
          released on bail.  He had furnished it as a goodby gesture.  
          Michael admits that he really came by to talk to her.  Constance 
          says that it has been a long trial for him too.  He says he needed 
          someone to talk to.  She observes that he cared a great deal for 
          Stella.  Constance says that Stella had fooled a lot of people.  
          Michael says, "Stella is the latest chapter in a long line for me.  
          If there is a girl with a past, or a problem I will find her."  
          Constance says that he pointed her in the right direction.  
          Constance serves the coffee to Dr. Rossi.  

Scene 5:  Elliot and Eli are in the Clarion office.  


          In the Clarion, Eli is critiquing Elliot's editorial.  Eli 

                "Our ostrich-like District Attorney" 

                "Why did Fowler offer miss Chernak as a witness 
                for the people?  Why did he, therefore, cause the 
                trial to extend for months consuming thousands of 
                dollars, expanding an incalculable amount of 
                emotion.  Does the District Attorney wish us, his 
                electorate, to believe he was manipulated by miss 
                Chernak?  Does Fowler ask us to believe that he, 
                a professional, was unable to judge miss Chernak's 
                original statements, and put them in their proper 
                context of family devotion and family anger?" 

          Eli tells Elliot, "Kicking a dead horse won't bring it back to 
          life, or its senses either."  Elliot says, "Fowler has too many 
          strikes against him, to let him come up to bat again." 
Scene 6:  The fireplace in the Anderson house.  Betty comes in slamming the 
          door, and tells her mother that she is having a two-year-old 
          temper tantrum.  Julie encourages Betty to go on the date with 
          Steven.  Betty asks Julie to tell Steven when he arrives, that 
          she is sick.  Betty says that she is waiting for Rodney to call.  
          The door chimes ring and Julie admits Steven.  She congratulates 
          Steven on his court victory and goes upstairs leaving him alone 
          with Betty.  Steven invites Betty for french champagne and other 
          treats.  Betty is still angry.  She says that she had a bad day.   
          Steven says, "Betty, I won."  Steven tells her to go back upstairs, 
          put on something nice, and he will be back in 15 minutes.  Steven 
          kisses Betty.  He tells her again to go change, and leaves. 

Scene 7.  Leslie is in the mansion talking with Peyton.  Peyton says that 
          Leslie is greedy. Peyton says that Rodney is not used to running 
          away.  He tells Leslie to play his hand or fold.  Leslie says, 
          "I'll have to run the mill my way, to have a free hand."  Leslis 
          says it will be difficult to explain it to Rodney.  Peyton says, 
          "You'll find the words, Leslie.  You always have." 

Scene 8.  Steven has returned.  Julie has gone to the movies.  Steven tells 
          Betty that she is beautiful.  Steven and Betty drink.  Steven asks 
          her if she would like to dance.  He turns on the radio, and tunes 
          it.  They dance.  She asks him where he goes from here.  He says, 
          "up."  She asks him what he wants.  Steven says, "To be king of 
          the mountain.  Peyton Place first.  Then the County.  Western 
          hemisphere.  Then the World.  And then you."  Betty says, "I'd 
          love the Taj Mahal."  Steven proposes marriage to Betty. 

Preview:  Steven talks to Elliot.  Betty talks with Hannah.  Rodney talks 
          to Leslie. 

          SC:  Now your own inconsistency ought to point out something to you.  
               If that's going to be the new look of the Clarion, you better 
               take a good clear look at it yourself. 

          BA:  One angry word from Mr. Peyton and you forgot all about Steven. 
          HC:  I can be patient.  So can Steven.

          RH:  You warned me to stay away from him.  You warned me and you warned.  
               And all the time you were just waiting until the price was right?

Mrs. Patterson, former advertizer on the phone-uncredited.
Robert, desk clerk-uncredited.

Scene 8 was used in a flashback in Peyton Place, the Next Generation.