Episode 202.

          Betty tells Julie that Steven has proposed.  Schuster is ousted 
          from the mill. 

WA:       Rodney Harrington has been released from jail.  Now he faces 
          another problem, the problem of being Martin Peyton's grandson. 

Intro:    Rodney walks up to the door of the mansion, and knocks. 

Scene 1:  Peyton himself opwns the door and Rodney goes in.  He comments 
          that he is going from one cell to another.  Martin asks Rodney 
          when he is moving in.  Peyton says that today would be fine.  
          Rodney says Martin trapped Leslie.  Rodney resents being trapped 
          by obligation to his father.  Peyton suggests that Rodney go 
          back to college.  Peyton says he wants Rodney exposed to family 
          pride and power.  Rodney says he will live his own life and 
          won't go back to school.  Rodney says that he will be his own 
          man.  Peyton says, "Agreed, Rodney."  Rodney starts to leave. 

          Betty appears and asks Rodney if he is coming back.  She 
          reminds Rodney that he always valued his independence.  Rodney 
          asks what she wants of him. 

          Peyton comes over and tells her to back off. 

Scene 2:  Martin Peyton telephones Schuster and asks if he has time to 
          see him.  Schuster says that he does.  

          At the mill, Schuster discusses the situation with Julie.  He 
          says Peyton is coming over to fire him.  He tells her he will 
          resign.  Schuster refers to Peyton as the high command."  
          Mr. Schuster complains to Julie about the job he was forced to 
          do at the mill with his hands tied behind his back.  Schuster is 
          being ousted by Leslie so Martin can start a new manipulation 
          plan but he doesn't seem to mind.  Schuster decides to dictate a 
          letter-of-resignation to get the jump on Peyton.  It is 
          Schuster's intention to return to New York. 

Scene 3:  Constance and Allison go shopping at Les Femmes, next door to 
          the Book Gallery, for maternity clothes.  Miss Byrd, the new 
          saleslady, introduces herself.  She assumes the clothes are for 
          Allison.  Constance tries on a maternity suit with the skirt 
          backwards.  They laugh.  Constance rotates the skirt. 

Scene 4:  Leslie is helping Rodney check out of the Colonial Post inn.  
          Leslie asks why Rodney didn't wait till after dinner to move.  
          Rodney tells Leslie he's moving in as a peace offering between 
          his father and grandfather.  Schuster walks in and 
          congratulates Rodney on being cleared.  Rodney apologizes for 
          having Schuster's daughter being dragged in as a witness.  
          Schuster says that's okay he is just glad it is over.  Schuster 
          belittles Leslie for allowing himself to be manipulated.  
          Schuster asks Rodney if he would like to move to New York.  He 
          offers to help Rodney find a job to escape the manipulation.  
          He says there is no love, just strangulation, in the Peyton 
          Family and that Rodney should escape.  Rod says he can't he 
          owes his grandfather and father. 

Scene 5:  John Fowler comes in the Clarion and thanks Elliot for not 
          attending Marian's hearing.  Elliot comments that Marian did 
          not receive a long enough time for running over Allison.  She 
          received only a year's probation.  Elliot's editorial in the 
          Clarion demanded John Fowler's resignation.  John says he will 
          not be railroaded.  John says his term is up in two months and 
          he hasn't decided if he will run for re-election.  John says he 
          hopes Elliot takes a good look at himself like he had to take a 
          good look himself, too. 

Scene 6:  Elliot comes home and Allison says she heard about Marian's 
          trial which was today.  Allison says that Marian has been 
          punished enough.  She says Elliot shouldn't assassinate Marian 
          the way he did John Fowler.  Constance comes in and shows off 
          her maternity clothes.  Elliot turns and tells Allison she can 
          write the editorial herself if she wants. 

Scene 7:  Betty tells her mother Julie that Steven has proposed.  Betty 
          speaks well of Steven, she's fond of him she says, but does not 
          say she loves him.  Betty doesn't seem to trust the word "love" 
          because of what happened between her and Rodney.  Julie 
          congratulates Betty.  Betty says she will learn to love Steven.  
          Betty says, "I will learn." 
Preview:  While ironing, Rita talks with Norman.  Peyton talks to Hannah.  
          Julie talks to Betty. 

          RJ:  There's a meanness in Steven deep down.  Some of the 
               things he made me talk about in court. 
          NH:  He saved my brother's life.

          MP:  Ignoring Betty won't make her go away.  You tried that 
               with Catherine.  It didn't work.  Remember?

          JA:  Do you love Steven?  Do you?

USA:      Will Allison and Rodney find true happiness?

Miss Byrd, Les Femmes new saleslady-uncredited.